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11h16 04  mars
Myanmar coup: ’Everything will be OK’ teenage protester mourned
Kyal Sin, known as Angel, was one of 38 people killed in anti-coup protests on Wednesday.
US Capitol police warn of possible militia plot to breach Congress
A session is cancelled because of potential threats from a militia to storm the Congress building.
Nigeria kidnapped girls: Shots fired at Zamfara reunion ceremony
Parents of girls released by kidnappers had thrown stones at officials during the reunion ceremony.
Brexit: EU negotiating ’with partner it can’t trust’, says Coveney
Ireland’s foreign minister says the EU is being driven towards legal action by the UK, but Boris Johnson says problems are “eminently solvable” .
Hong Kong activists: 15 of 47 granted bail but remain detained pending appeal
Fifteen of 47 charged HK pro-democracy activists are granted bail but stay in custody pending appeal.
Mariah Carey’s brother sues over emotional distress caused by her memoir
The star’s older brother, Morgan Carey, accuses the star of malicious falsehoods in her memoir.
Updated coronavirus vaccines can be fast-tracked like flu jabs
Rapid approval without lengthy tests can happen if new vaccines are needed to fight variants, say regulators.
Louvre reunited with ’exceptional’ armour stolen in 1983
The helmet and breastplate were discovered by an antiquities expert in Bordeaux.
Sweden attack: Seven hurt in Vetlanda stabbing attack
The suspect has been arrested for attempted murder, but police are not ruling out terrorism.
20h14 03  mars
Mississippi storm: Living in a US city with no drinking water
Over 160,000 residents in Mississippi have been without drinkable water for two weeks after storm.
03h27 04  mars
Thai navy rescue four cats from burning ship
The cats were found huddled together on the sinking vessel when the navy was sent to check the site.
Why are QAnon believers obsessed with 4 March?
Believers are using an old, irrelevant law to herald the supposed return to power of Donald Trump.
India Supreme Court: Calls for Justice Sharad Bobde to quit over rape remarks
Calls are growing in India for Chief Justice Sharad Bobde to resign over his atrocious remarks.
Climate change: Will China take a ’great leap’ to a greener economy?
A new five-year plan may signal a switch from fossil fuels, but economic worries could limit change.
Argentina: Can one country’s change of abortion law alter a continent?
Pro-choice activists hope Argentina’s legalisation of abortion will bring about change elsewhere.
After the first cancellation it didn’t go back to normal
The so-called sharing economy has been greatly affected by the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.
Then and now: A ’megadrought’ in California
See how extreme weather has affected an vital reservoir in California.
LeBron James: NBA superstar’s evolution from high school prodigy
This is the story of LeBron James, the high school phenomenon who turned three failing franchises into NBA-winning teams.
SpaceX: Starship lands safely... then explodes
It is the first time Elon Musk’s space exploration company has pulled off this difficult landing.
Myanmar coup: Hundreds attend funeral for 19-year-old protester
The 19-year-old, known as Angel, was killed in the deadliest day since the coup began.
23h23 03  mars
Thousands of asylum seekers cross US-Mexico border after year-long wait
Asylum seekers who have been waiting at the border for over a year have started entering the US.
The ’vaccine hunters’ helping older people get Covid jabs
Americans baffled by the complex system for getting a shot now have help from tech-savvy young people.
00h02 04  mars
Life discovered deep beneath an Antarctic ice sheet ’shouldn’t be there’
Researchers hoping to collect mud samples deep beneath an Antarctic ice sheet were amazed to discover small creatures living in the dark, freezing water.