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12h56 25  février
Emmanuel Macron tried to freeze UK out of 350bn market with ’impractical’ plot
EMMANUEL MACRON tried to freeze UK businesses out of lucrative procurement contracts in the EU as trade disputes between Britain and the bloc’s leaders escalated.
Stop your blah-blah-blah’ Macron’s top ally Beaune shamed as he denies UK vaccine success
EMMANUEL MACRON’s top ally Clement Beaune sparked outrage yesterday when he bluntly denied the UK was ahead of EU countries with its vaccination strategy.
Macron and von der Leyen are risking lives with bitter attacks on Britain COMMENT
WILL French President Emmanuel Macron apologise for spreading misinformation?
Barnier’s thinly-veiled attack on referendums: ’Whether a yes or no, we’ll continue ’
MICHEL BARNIER suggested he did not care about the outcome of referendums in a throwback tweet before Britons voted to leave the EU.
16h03 24  février
EU free movement on brink as France begs Germany to open borders: ’People need to work ’
EMMANUEL MACRON’s top ally Clement Beaune admitted he is fighting for France’s border with Germany to remain open as Angela Merkel threatens more closures.
Macron’s ally admits panic over vaccine rollout as France battles ’worrying’ Covid surge
EMMANUEL Macron’s sidekick Clement Beaune has admitted the EU’s sluggish vaccine rollout is the result of a bloc-wide failure to invest adequately.
French news channel descends into chaos after major technical failure: ’Really sorry ’
A FRENCH news reporter was left red-faced as she explained to viewers that a technical error meant the station had no news to report.
We tried to warn you EU shamed for destroying local fishing industries - MEP lashes out
A FRENCH MEP has launched a ferocious attack on the EU, accusing it of destroying coastal communities with its Common Fisheries Policy , which she said has blocked all prospects for development .
Emmanuel Macron’s ’double-talk’ on vaccines exposed by furious MEP - ’Stop it ’
EMMANUEL MACRON’s double talk on vaccinations was furiously exposed by a French MEP after the President called for EU jabs to be shared across the world.
Emmanuel Macron fury: French lawmakers demanded ’UK can’t be better off’ after Brexit
EMMANUEL MACRON’s tough Brexit stance was followed by French lawmakers, who demanded the UK must not be better off after Brexit.