France Today
01h16 25  février
The Paris Bicycle Boom
Caroline Harrap
While Paris has not been known as a cycle-friendly city, all that is changing, with some 50km of bike lanes added in the past few months alone. Here, Caroline Harrap reports on the new craze that is sweeping the capital It’s rush hour on the rue de Rivoli - the iconic thoroughfare that stretches...
01h32 24  février
Alliance Française in the US Finds Success in Online Learning
Martha Sessums
When schooling changed to online for most of the world due to strategies to contain the coronavirus pandemic, the Alliance Française chapters did the same with their French language classes and events. The result was mostly positive and actually increased participation in adult learning and gave...
01h50 23  février
Travel Notes: Reel Around the Fountain
France Today Editors
Love the sound of trickling water on your French break? Check out these noteworthy fancy fountains ROTONDE, AIX Built in 1860, the Fontaine de la Rotonde features three sculptures representing justice, agriculture and the fine arts, and which face the Cours Mirabeau, Marseille and Avignon,...
01h19 22  février
City Focus: Bayonne, the Capital of French Basque Country
Gillian Thornton
Bayonne is a beguiling blend of Gascon and Basque. Gillian Thornton soaks up the town’s unique atmosphere Bayonne has always been my kind of town - anywhere with a history of delicious cured ham and handmade chocolate instantly puts me in a good mood. But this unique town in the south-west corner...
01h48 19  février
Teen Competition Joins France’s Sustainable Fashion Efforts
Krystal Kenney
As the fashion capital of the world, France has long been known for its clothing and designer styles. But instead of just focusing on couture, France has shifted its focus to sustainable fashion, hoping to become the European leader in sustainable fashion by 2024 to coincide with the Olympic Games....
01h41 18  février
Have You Heard of These French Soups?
France Today Editors
Three French soups you may not have tried& LETTUCE SOUP A great way to use up just about any of your salad greens that are past their perkiest, this soup is poured over a thin, toasted slice of French bread. Try serving it chilled in summer as a sophisticated and unusual starter. GARBURE Garbure,...
01h20 17  février
Top 5 Things to Do in Morbihan
France Today Editors
Nestled in Southern Brittany, Morbihan has it all, from the ocean to verdant valleys, plus historic towns and pretty villages. To help you plan your next holiday, here are our top five attractions& Belle-Île-en-Mer At 85 sq km, the aptly-named Belle-Île-en-Mer is the largest of France’s Atlantic...
01h46 16  février
Winston Churchill’s Brush with the Riviera
Paul Rafferty
Renowned as the man who led Britain to victory in the Second World War, Winston Churchill found solace and joy in his painting expeditions to the French Riviera, as Paul Rafferty discovers August 1948, Aix-en-Provence, late afternoon, the baking heat by now just about bearable. A convoy of artist,...
01h15 15  février
The Travelling Foodie: Four Top Gourmet Trails in France
France Today Editors
Follow your nose to these hubs of flavour and dive head first into the local gastronomy ROUTE DES FRUITS This romantic Normandy trail stretches from Notre-Dame-de-Bliquetuit to Duclair, showing off a roving vista of apple, pear, plum and cherry trees and berry bushes. ROUTE DU CASSOULET Yes, it...
01h30 12  février
Watch Now: Virtual Cinema Programme with COLCOA French Film Festival
Barbara Gerber
COLCOA French Film Festival, ranked among the top three film festivals in Los Angeles, and the most comprehensive annual French cultural event in the United States, has just launched its Virtual Cinema Programme. The programme screens new French films, from recent releases to films that previously...