BBC : Africa
01h22 08  mars
Huge explosions rock Equatorial Guinea’s main city
At least 15 people have died and hundreds more have been injured in the city of Bata.
15h19 07  mars
Senegal protests: The country is ” on the verge of an apocalypse’
A top official gives a stark warning after at least five people die in anti-government protests.
The women of Egypt’s Arab Spring
Ten years ago, Egyptians took to the streets calling for the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak
17h15 06  mars
South African Motsepe’s status as Caf president all but secured
Patrice Motsepe’s status as the next Caf president is all but secured after the final eligible candidate for the role pulled out of the race on Saturday.
07h26 07  mars
UFC 259: Jan Blachowicz beats Israel Adesanya as Amanda Nunes wins again
UFC light-heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz sees off middleweight challenger Israel Adesanya at UFC 259, where Amanda Nunes also wins again.
Ghana sink Uganda to win fourth African Under-20 title
Ghana celebrates independence day by beating Uganda 2-0 in Nouakchott on Saturday to win their first African Under-20 championship title in 10 years.
02h29 06  mars
UK aid cut condemned by charities
History will not judge this nation kindly’, they say, in a letter to Boris Johnson
14h16 05  mars
Loveth Young: Meet Nigeria’s fighting policewoman
Loveth Young - the only female Nigerian competing in elite MMA - fights crime by day.
00h08 08  mars
The woman with HIV helping others have a ’good death’
In the country with the world’s highest prevalence of HIV, Thembi Nkambule doesn’t want people to die of Aids ashamed and alone.
00h15 06  mars
How Kenya’s Malindi morphed into ’Little Italy’
Italian is the lingua franca of Malindi, which can be a culture shock when walking its old Swahili streets.
18h23 04  mars
Nigeria kidnapping: Freed Zamfara schoolgirl keen to return to school
A girl who was kidnapped alongside 278 students speaks to the BBC about her ordeal.
07h09 02  mars
Nigeria’s school abductions: Why children are being targeted
Paying ransoms to kidnappers is fuelling the mass abduction of students in northern Nigeria, analysts say.
00h12 28  février
Cryptocurrencies: Why Nigeria is a global leader in Bitcoin trade
A devaluing currency and hard economic conditions make cryptocurrencies attractive despite the risks.
10h45 01  mars
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala makes history at WTO
The former Nigerian finance minister becomes the first woman, and the first African, head of the WTO.
00h25 27  février
John F Kennedy: When the US president met Africa’s independence heroes
A photo archive reveals John F Kennedy’s efforts to court African leaders in the post-colonial era.
00h41 25  février
Viewpoint: Self-defence not the answer to Nigeria’s kidnap crisis
The defence minister said people should at times provide their own security but it is not that easy.
00h56 24  février
Benjamin Acheampong: ’They can’t treat us like animals,’ says player ’duped’ out of 1m
One of Africa’s biggest clubs - Zamalek - is accused of ’immoral’ and ’merciless’ behaviour as it allegedly ’exploited’ the contract of a player it no longer wanted.
18h28 05  mars
Gorilla Glue girl’ Tesicca Brown will make a full recovery, surgeon say
Dr Michael K Obeng, who operated on Tessica Brown, says she will make a full recovery.
Senegal: Souadou Niang is a former cleaner who became a hotel owner
Souadou Niang used to clean hotel rooms but she rose through the ranks and now owns her own hotel in Senegal.
00h02 04  mars
Fisherman in Kenya swap petrol outboard motors for electric engines
Fishermen on Lake Victoria in Kenya have begun using some of Africa’s first electric fishing boats.
06h23 03  mars
Endangered vultures: A species on the ’brink of extinction’ in Kenya
Out of 11 vulture species found in Africa, 7 are on the verge of extinction.
11h57 28  février
Grenoble: Seven immigrants who saved brothers from fire in La Villeneuve
Seven immigrants re-live the terrifying moment when they saved two boys from a burning flat in Grenoble.
Maids in Lebanon: ’My employer treats me like a slave’
Lucy’s dream of working in the Middle East turned into a nightmare of abuse. She’s not the only one.
00h10 25  février
Kenya: A sustainable solution to locust swarms?
An NGO is training and paying communities in Kenya to catch locusts, so they can be turned into animal feed.