Chess Bot : video
18h14 20  février
NEW Stockfish 13 quick test 1 0 Bullet Lichess No opening book 2-core CPU
New strongest chess engine Stockfish 13 was just released: https: blog chess-engines-download.html Official website: https: ChessBotX website - download your personal chess bot: https: ChessBotX can help you to win on many popular websites, such...
10h41 19  février
WIN versus LEVEL 25 (Maximum) bot
Your OWN chess bot here: https: has new bots. Here is the win against the strongest one. ChessBotX Brainfish Cerebellum still a good choice: https: blog how-to-connect-chess-engine-and-book.html Hardware: old notebook with 2-core CPU, 4gb RAM, Win7 32...
21h03 16  février
Typical 300 chess match (Baka mitai)
Become stronger with the chess bot: https: NANI ? Everyone make Baka mitai (chess meme) videos - so here is my version.
15h30 02  décembre
Strongest Beth Harmon’s bot VS ChessBotX (2 games)
You can get your own chess bot here: https: Configuration Engine: Komodo 12 Opening book: (internal ChessBotX book) Threads: 2 Hash: 128 Calculation method: fixed time 1 second per move About the latest version: https: blog chessbotx158-what-new.html ...
19h15 15  octobre
CHESSBOTX 1.5.8 - What’s new? BIG UPDATE Overview with comments
Get your ChessBotX 1.5.8 The Coach Edition here: https: Learn chess in a fun way ChessBotX 1.5.8 has plenty possibilities to do so. Read more about the update: https: blog chessbotx158-what-new.html ChessBot setup guide: https: blog how-to-setup...
18h18 31  août
Stockfish NNUE and Brainfish Cerebellum compare in ultrabullet 15 sec games ChessBot on Lichess
In short games opening books are most important thing, so Brainfish Cerebellum show better performance. Still Stockfish NNUE is very impressive. Hardware: old weak 2-core CPU notebook. Get your copy of the chessbot here: https: You can make ChessBot much stronger comparing to...
16h04 24  août
Stockfish NNUE is GOOD Testing new chess engine.
Testing new Stockfish NNUE with the chessbot against computer level 10 at 2-core CPU, no opening books - still Stockfish NNUE shows outstanding performance. What is NNUE? Both the NNUE and the classical evaluations are available, and can be used to assign a value to a position that is...
18h56 27  juillet
10 wins versus COMPUTER LEVEL 10 at computer level 10 was crushed 10 times by the chess bot with the Brainfish Klasman.bin opening book. Get your copy of chessbot here: https: Chess bot is a program that capable of recognizing a chessboard and analyzing a position using a chess engine. The main...
12h03 24  juillet
Chess bot - advisor mode next best move calculator
Website: https: Use bot for educational purposes only. Do not cheat or you will get banned.
18h55 06  juillet
CHESS BOT Next chess move calculator Chess coach Advisor
Be strong with the ChessBot: https: You personal chess coach: advisor is a special mode in which bot only show you best moves directly in your game, but you play manually. So you can make your own moves, test some crazy openings, do awesome and unpredictable sacrifices, make...
19h26 28  mars
50 WINS in bullet against Stockfish Level 8 at Lichess BONUS
Download your chess bot: https: 50 games with 1 0 time control versus Stockfish Level 8 at Bonus: 10 ultrabullet games (15 seconds per game) Hardware: old notebook with 2-core CPU, 4GB RAM, without graphic card. It was pretty challenging to record this video with such...
13h36 14  mars
Awesome win against COMPUTER LEVEL 10 (
Download your own chess bot: https: Config: Brainfish Cerebellum opening book Play by time: 2 0 Ponder: on Threads: 2 (old 2-core CPU) Hash: 256 MB Contempt: 24 EGTB: Syzygy 5-men
15h44 11  mars
Playing with advisor at FLYORDIE.COM using oldschool Rybka engine
Rybka still strong. Download chess bot here: https: Chess is a very interesting, yet difficult game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but one day you can reach some limit, which you unable to step over. And it is very important to find help in such situation. If you feel...
10h14 10  mars
Chess bot playing bullet at chessfriends BEST CHESS MOVE
Website: https: ChessBotX - next chess move calculator. Win every game
20h07 25  février
ChessBotX 1.5.7 preview NEXT BEST MOVE CALCULATOR Chess fun
Preview of the new version, which will be released soon. Your next best move: https: Chess bot is the program for chess, which helps you to play on websites like,, and many others. ChessBotX can play in automatic mode by itself or just show you...