Thinkers publishing
09h05 12  août
Ivan Ivanisevic - The Modernized Delayed Benoni
Tido Kruze
The Modernized Delayed Benoni is written by Grandmaster Ivan Ivanisevic, with an important contribution by GM Ivan Sokolov. It is an excellent 240-page book, produced by Thinkers Publishing. There is a lot of detailed analysis here, complimented by plenty of relevant text. The book revives a system...
Alexander Ipatov - Unconventional Approaches to Modern Chess - Volume 2 - Rare Ideas for White
Tido Kruze
A game as complex as chess can be approached in an infinite number of ways. Nowadays, in the era of computer chess, GMs generally tend to focus their preparation on looking for playable ideas rather than outright refutations. In his second volume of work, Alex Ipatov once again shows his expertise...
Christian Bauer - Candidate Moves
Tido Kruze
In his revolutionary opening books, Bauer reveals the secrets of how to play certain unknown variations. He takes an in-depth look not only at the main lines but also more offbeat tries, creating a comprehensive, ready-to-use manual for any player. Beyond any question or doubt, Christian is a top...
Adrien Demuth - The Modernized Reti
Tido Kruze
The focus is on sound, strong and interesting opening ideas and further plans, rather than on giving complete games.I have no hesitation in warmly recommending The Modernized Reti to you; after all, I am already finding it to be really useful myself Blog Post #29: Refreshing Reading; GM Paul...
David Navara - My Chess World
Tido Kruze
In this chunky 600 page book he offers us a collection of 64 (for Navara it could be no other number) games, chosen for their interest rather than the result, so you’ll find draws and losses as well as wins here. His opponents include many of today’s top grandmasters and a wide range of openings ...
Francesco Rambaldi - The Caro-Kann Revisited: A Complete Repertoire for Black
Tido Kruze
In summary, we have roughly 400 pages of quality analysis with in-depth explanations and new ideas for Black. There is a fresh (and not before time) treatment of the Korchnoi Variation and excellent coverage of the Advance, Two Knights, Panov and Exchange Variations. Of course, these are the lines...
David Miedema - The Modernized French Defense
Tido Kruze
The good news for many French exponents is that Miedema doesn’t disappoint, the backbone of his repertoire for Black being highly complex. Coverage is extremely up-to-date, as well as complete and features plenty of unplayed improvements for Black. Chess Magazine May 2019. The Winawer variation...
21h01 01  mars
H. Grooten Understanding before Moving: Part 2
Tido Kruze
I really enjoyed Volume 1 and I found it enlightening and I think that its intended readership of club players will feel exactly the same way and that their understanding of the structures under discussion and chess thinking in general will have increased. I’m looking forward to seeing the next...
10h42 30  octobre
I. Sokolov & I. Salgado Lopez The Chigorin Bible A Classic Defence to the Ruy Lopez
Tido Kruze
Probably not an easy read for he club player, but still an original and high-class exploration of one of the most important opening in chess. It’s a really good book 5 stars quoted by GM Matthew Sadler NIC Magazine 02.2019. Ivan Sokolov was born in Bosnia in 1968. He was and still is & The...
Robert Ris Crucial Chess Skills for the Club Player (Vol. 2)
Tido Kruze
Each topic in Volume 1 is covered in detail and in a highly educational fashion. A careful and patient study of this book will surely be rewarded by a substantial improvement in the readers’ players standard. I can’t wait to see the next volume and what else Ris will be showing us. Again, highly...