Forbes : 5G
14h00 23  février
Qualcomm Accelerates AR With New Smart Viewer
Charlie Fink, Contributor
As opposed to smart glasses, the smart viewer offloads some of its processing to a tethered device like a phone or computer.
New T-Mobile Plan Highlights The 5G Service To Come
Bob O'Donnell, Contributor
Not only does T-Mobile’s new Magenta Max smartphone data plan offer unlimited 5G service, it also portends a time when we’ll have many more high-bandwidth 5G services.
15h49 22  février
Apple Back On Top: iPhone Is The Bestselling Smartphone Globally In Q4 2020
Dwight Silverman, Forbes Staff
Apple reclaims the position as the No. 1 seller of smartphones for the final quarter of 2020, a position it hasn’t held since 2016.
13h00 11  février
Latest Modems From Qualcomm And MediaTek Highlight 5G Progress
Bob O'Donnell, Contributor
The latest 5G modems from Qualcomm and MediaTek share some important elements in common, including support for new capabilities in 3GPP Release 16, and provide an interesting indicator for where 5G networks are headed.
18h08 04  février
How To Win On Mobile In 2021: Driving User Engagement, Embracing 5G, And Serving A Real-Time Experience
Elad Natanson, Contributor
As 2021 gets into full swing, it is a good time to look ahead to what we can expect in the coming months in our industry. What cropped up repeatedly in my interviews was how OEMs and carriers will need to further adapt to drive user engagement and the importance of real-time user experiences.
20h27 01  février
Connectivity Powers Tractor Supply Company’s Success
Will Townsend, Contributor
Analyst Will Townsend looks at how Tractor Supply Company’s connectivity initiatives are fueling its success.
13h20 27  janvier
How The Biden Administration Plans To Expand Broadband
Wayne Rash, Contributor
Large portions of the U. S. are completely without any internet at all, other parts may have a connection to the internet, but not one that’s reliable enough or fast enough to meet the needs of most people.
C-Band Auction Points To Dramatic Shift In 5G
Bob O'Donnell, Contributor
The completion of the C-Band auctions for mid-band 5G spectrum in the US is poised to completely change the technological discussion and the market positioning of major US carriers for 5G service.
12h31 23  janvier
Alphabet Shuts Down Loon
Ilker Koksal, Contributor
Alphabet is shutting down Loon, its division to make high-speed internet more accessible using solar-powered balloons.
14h00 21  janvier
GeForce Now Alliance Growth Shows Opportunity For 5G Gaming
Bob O'Donnell, Contributor
While most 5G-based services have been slow to arrive, the latest version of Nvidia’s GeForce Now is bringing 5G-driven gaming to the mainstream.
Economic Analysis of mmWave 5G Highlights Potential Benefits
Bob O'Donnell, Contributor
Few people have bothered to consider the potential economic impact of 5G services, but a new report from the GSMA provides some interesting perspective on the potential deployment of mmWave-based 5G services.
11h00 18  janvier
China’s Xi Jinping Is Really Going To Miss Donald Trump Despite Four Chaotic Years
William Pesek, Senior Contributor
Beijing may soon realize 2016-2020 was a golden era for getting a leg up on a U.S. shooting its economy in the foot.
15h00 14  janvier
Latest Samsung Phones Highlight Evolution Of 5G
Bob O'Donnell, Contributor
The latest generation Galaxy S21 smartphones offer many of the expected feature enhancements such as better cameras and faster processors, but their integration of a third-generation 5G modem should give them an important speed advantage over competitors like the iPhone 12.
17h40 13  janvier
Qualcomm Acquires NUVIA For 1.4 Billion To Take Apple, Intel And AMD Head-On
Dave Altavilla, Senior Contributor
Heads-up Apple, Intel and AMD. Qualcomm and NUVIA are coming after your core client and embedded computing businesses, and they’re staffing up some serious A-list talent to do it.
Qualcomm Jumps Back Into Custom Arm CPUs With Nuvia Acquisition
Jim McGregor, Contributor
Qualcomm’s ability to take Nuvia’s Arm cores into smartphone SoCs may be a direct challenge to Apple.
13h00 12  janvier
5G Makes Waves At CES 2021
Bob O'Donnell, Contributor
5G is making its presence felt in both big and small ways at this year’s CES, with announcements in smartphones, PCs, cars, drones and more from device makers and network carriers.
21h45 11  janvier
Three Cellular Networking Predictions For 2021
Will Townsend, Contributor
Analyst Will Townsend provides his top three 2021 predictions for the cellular networking space.
17h40 06  janvier
Post-Pandemic Manufacturing Innovation: Full Speed Ahead
Marco Annunziata, Senior Contributor
The pandemic shock of 2020 will spur faster, more focused and efficiency-enhancing innovation across the manufacturing ecosystem. Top industry leaders explain why and how.
02h20 01  janvier
Tirias Research Predicts A Healthy But Cautious Outlook For Tech In 2021
Jim McGregor, Contributor
2021 is shaping up to be an incredibly positive year across the technology industry because of technology innovation, the continuation of COVID-19, especially when coupled with government stimulus and support, and a new U.S. administration.
20h29 31  décembre
Samsung Teases Galaxy S21 With Family Design Lineage, Here’s What We Know So Far
Dave Altavilla, Senior Contributor
In a 30 second sizzle reel highlighting the industrial design chops of its flagship Galaxy S family of over several generations, Samsung underscored that it will be a new year with new ways to express yourself.
18h35 21  décembre
5G Could Worsen Climate Change, Claims French Government Advisor
Dave Keating, Contributor
A massive improvement in speed could drive a surge in internet use that is accompanied by a surge in emissions, according to a report commissioned by the French Senate.
21h31 15  décembre
Yes, 5G Is Great, But WiFi And Bluetooth Really Matter Too
Bob O'Donnell, Contributor
When it comes to wireless technologies, most of the love and attention goes to 5G, but there are important innovations happening in both WiFi and Bluetooth that can actually have even more real-world impact on how we use our devices.
08h16 10  décembre
Qualcomm Hopes To Get Lucky With Snapdragon 888 5G
Kevin Krewell, Contributor
Qualcomm recently held its two-day Snapdragon Tech Summit and while past Qualcomm Snapdragon Summits have been about the promise of 5G, this focused on the introduction to the company’s newest mobile SoC for premium 5G smartphones - the Snapdragon 888.
13h30 08  décembre
Marvell Brings Traditional Network Infrastructure Tools To 5G Open RAN
Bob O'Donnell, Contributor
While 5G Open RAN is a hot topic, its real-world deployments have been limited. With its latest offerings, chipmaker Marvell is hoping to bring some of the stability and reliability of traditional network infrastructure market to O-RAN.
20h38 03  décembre
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 Builds On Leadership In 5G, AI And Gaming Performance
Anshel Sag, Contributor
Analyst Anshel Sag takes a look at Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 888 flagship chip.