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15h30 26  février
Inside The Black Box: Designing Sensors To Decode B2B Buying Signals
Forrester, Contributor
Buying signals convey critical and timely information about the signaling entity the individual, the account, or, more importantly in B2B, the buying group.
How B2B CMOs Can Respond To Their CEOs’ Need For Certainty
Forrester, Contributor
Marketing leaders must avoid the trap of focusing only on near-term efforts; more than ever before, it is critical to create the bandwidth needed to look ahead and drive the longer-term growth agenda of their organizations.
Twitter To Launch Paid ’Super Follows’ Feature
Ilker Koksal, Contributor
Twitter revealed early details on its paid product feature, called Super Follows, which will allow users to earn money from their tweets and other content.
What’s Biohacking? All You Need To Know About The Latest Health Craze
Bernard Marr, Contributor
More and more people are turning to biohacking to improve their health or performance and to extend their lives. In this article, we explore what bio-hacking is and how it is used in practice.
19h32 25  février
The Cambrian AI Landscape: GROQ
Karl Freund, Contributor
GroqGroq, the company founded by Google TPU design engineers, is now sampling to select customers.
Building An Enterprise Software Company: Tips For Founders From Dev Ittycheria, CEO Of MongoDB
Glenn Solomon, Contributor
MongoDB CEO Dev Ittycheria shares insights and lessons learned for building a successful enterprise company, ranging from managing through lean times, leadership and the role of a CEO, and how early customers should inform the company’s go-to-market strategy.
The Economics Of California’s Net Neutrality Law
Roslyn Layton, Senior Contributor
SB-822 claims to treat all data equally, but its price controls favor Netflix and YouTube over public and social uses.
Seagate: High Capacity HDDs Have Better TCO Than SSDs
Tom Coughlin, Contributor
Seagate showed how their HAMR-enabled HDDs will enable 22% annual HDD capacity growth rates, leading to 50TB HDDs by 2026. This will enable high capacity HDDs for enterprise and data center applications to maintain a lower total cost of ownership than SSDs for some time to come.
The Next Boom: Follow The Leader, The Consumer
Joe McKendrick, Contributor
To succeed in the post-Covid era, businesses should have one single priority, and one priority only the customer.
Pure Storage’s Steady Hand: Fiscal Q4 And Product Updates
Steve McDowell, Contributor
Top storage and data analyst Steven McDowell weighs in on Pure Storage’s Q4 and latest product announcements.
Mind Games: How The Internet Might Elevate Women In Chess
Giovanni René Rodriguez, Contributor
As many fans of the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit will attest, this is not a story just about chess, but a story and a powerful one about women and power, or lack of in a testosterone-driven theater of combat.
19h30 24  février
How 3D, Location Intelligence Can Help Drive A Sustainable Ocean Economy
Marianna Kantor, Contributor
The ocean suffers from unchecked overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution, biodiversity loss, and climate change. Fortunately, companies around the world are embracing technologies such as 3D, digital maps, and location intelligence that support a sustainable ocean economy.
The Cambrian AI Landscape: Cerebras Systems
Karl Freund, Contributor
The unique approach has gained the US DOE supercomputing centers’ attention, first at Argonne National Labs, which has purchased at least one of the 2M systems.
Positive Business Outcomes Need Cyber Secure Compliance
Emil Sayegh, Contributor
For businesses around the world, it is critical to take proactive cybersecurity measures and stay one step ahead of threats.
Redefining Traditional Pathways To Tech
Brenda D. Wilkerson, Contributor
The danger of this marginalizing infrastructure pervades just about every business corporation, but the danger of lacking diversity, equity and inclusion in education, no matter how early on in the talent pipeline, is alarming to say the least.
This Startup Raised 45 Million To Connect Healthcare Data In The Cloud
Katie Jennings, Forbes Staff
Redox, which is geared towards software developers and hospital systems, aims to do for healthcare what Plaid did for the financial services industry.
US-China Tech Competition Hinges On This Formerly Obscure Commerce Department Post
Roslyn Layton, Senior Contributor
The question remains whether Biden’s supply chain executive order is more politics as usual or will in fact build back better.
Github Likes And Downloads Are Great, But Do They Make You Money? Best Practices For Cloud-Native Companies To Migrate Users To Monetization
Dharmesh Thakker, Contributor
In this, the last installment in our Cloud-Native Entrepreneur’s Playbook series, we explore how user engagement around a company’s community can lead to a better free-to-paid conversion experience; top-of-funnel lead generation; and a culture of collaborative product feedback.
HP Inc. Acquires HyperX PC Gaming Accessories Maker For 425M
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor
1-ranked tech industry analyst Patrick Moorhead weighs in on HP’s HyperX acquisition.
Why Citi’s 500M Mistake Is Really A Design Debt Interest Payment
Forrester, Contributor
Bad user interface design just cost Citi 500M. This is a design debt interest payment that almost every business is paying day after day, year after year.
Healthcare’s Latest Unicorn: Big Data Startup Innovaccer Raises 105 Million At 1.3 Billion Valuation
Alexandra Wilson, Forbes Staff
On the heels of a year that saw a record amount of venture cash flow into healthcare startups, investor appetite for healthtech does not appear to be waning.
Spotify Plans To Test Paid Podcast Subscriptions
Ilker Koksal, Contributor
Spotify is launching a subscription podcast service to allow creators to publish paid podcast content aimed at dedicated fans.
09h20 23  février
Existing ERP And IT Systems Constrain Collaboration And Productivity
Peter Bendor-Samuel, Contributor
Distributed-ledger technology is essential for the next level of collaboration and productivity that creates new value. Gains are substantial, but there are challenges.
Biden Missing Opportunity To Advance Rosenworcel To FCC Chair Need Not Slow Her Agenda
Roslyn Layton, Senior Contributor
By working with Congress and federal agencies, the Acting Chairwoman will show that she can deliver for America on spectrum and security and not be defined by a man’s mistake.
23h13 22  février
After A Bruising Year, Logistics And Supply Chains Are Ripe For Technology Disruption
Joe McKendrick, Contributor
But most of the change will come from within, aided by an array of technologies