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17h02 08  mars
Ratings: 17 Million Watch Oprah’s Interview With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor
The interview drew the biggest prime time ratings for any entertainment special in the 2020-2021 television season to date"and the biggest audience since the Academy Awards on February 9, 2020.
Megyn Kelly Wants You To Know She Wasn’t Impressed By Meghan Markle Or Oprah Winfrey
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor
Kelly, in an interview with British TV, savaged Meghan Markle--and Oprah. Give me a break. Have you ever seen such privileged people wallowing in their own (perceived) victimhood like this?”
Jury Selection And Beefed Up Security: Here’s What To Expect In The Trial Of The Police Officer Charged With George Floyd’s Death
Robert Hart, Forbes Staff
Derek Chauvin, who was captured on camera kneeling on Floyd’s neck, faces murder and manslaughter charges.
Spotify Launches EQUAL, A New Initiative Dedicated To Women In Music And Audio
Gabby Shacknai, Contributor
In honor of International Women’s Day, Spotify is launching EQUAL, a new campaign highlighting the women creators on its platform and working toward equity for women in the audio industry.
This Is One Of The Hardest Things About Being A Journalist, And People Don’t Talk About It Enough
Andy Meek, Contributor
NBC and MSNBC continue a reporting project this week marking the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic in the US. It includes reporting from NBC News correspondent Hallie Jackson, about her experience as a new mother and a high-profile journalist living through a global health crisis.
BBC Royal Correspondent On Oprah’s Interview: ” This Is Heading Into Worst-Case Scenario For The Palace’
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor
The Times of London concluded “whatever the royal family was expecting from this interview, this was worse.
Meghan Markle Tells Oprah Winfrey ” It’s Nothing Like What It Looks Like’
Dawn Chmielewski, Forbes Staff
The Duchess of Sussex addresses double standards in press coverage of her and Kate Middleton. As an American, Meghan Markle said her views of Royalty were shaped by fairy tales.
16h35 07  mars
Maria Bartiromo Says Coronavirus ” Originated In A Wuhan Lab’
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor
International experts have failed to determine the precise origins of the coronavirus, but do not believe it emerged from a lab in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where Covid-19 first appeared.
14h53 06  mars
Report: CBS Paid At Least 7 Million For Oprah’s Interview With Meghan Markle And Prince Harry
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor
CBS is reportedly charging advertisers 325,000 for 30 seconds of air time during the program--double the typical rate for a 30-second spot in that time period.
17h10 05  mars
More Democrats Than You Probably Realize Are Watching Fox News Regularly
Andy Meek, Contributor
The tribalism in media and politics tends to obscure this relatively minor but important point about Fox News and, in particular, its audience.
Meghan Markle Tells Oprah ” It’s Liberating To Say Yes, I’m Ready To Talk’
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor
In an first look at the CBS interview set to air Sunday, the Duchess of Sussex tells Oprah why she agreed to talk.
This Week In XR: Microsoft Mesh, Telepresence, Crowdfunding Record Set
Charlie Fink, Contributor
Microsoft’s new Mesh and real time telepresence are THE topic this week.
Expecting Shoppers To Return, Retailers Are Increasing Ad Spend
Brad Adgate, Contributor
With vaccinations and the economy rebounding, retailers are increasing their ad spend, including out-out-home ads in anticipation of more in-store traffic this year.
Fox News’ Janice Dean: Andrew Cuomo ” Needs To Go To Jail’
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor
Dean said “we knew that he was covering up the numbers over nursing home deaths in New York State, and now we are getting more and more information and facts that this is true.”
Donald Trump Calls On Fox News To ” Get Rid Of Karl Rove’
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor
ldquo;Rove’s voice on Fox is always negative for those who know how to win. He certainly hasn’t helped Fox in the ratings department, has he?”
22h45 04  mars
Portnoy And VanEck’s Buzz ETF: What You Really Need To Know
Matt Klein, Contributor
Barstool’s Dave Portnoy and VanEck launched an ETF which tracks and invests in positively discussed stocks across social media. With social sentiment as a sole data source and a social media figure driving conversation about stocks, we may be facing a feedback loop.
Oprah Winfrey And CBS Add A Half Hour Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To Their Broadcast, As Salvos Erupt From The London Press Against It
Guy Martin, Senior Contributor
As the countdown to Oprah Winfrey’s Sunday night CBS special with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle intensifies, whether the confessional will work for the couple hangs in the balance. The reporting in London over details of their time in royal service is sharply pointed. Here’s the breakdown.
On Fox, Marsha Blackburn Defends Neanderthals: ” They’re Protectors Of Their Family, They’re Resilient’
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor
Blackburn said “I think Joe Biden needs to re-think what he is saying about the states that are choosing to move away from these mask mandates”
We Really Don’t Know How To Talk With Gen-Z"And It’s A Big Problem
Matt Klein, Contributor
As media blurs with language, we face mass illiteracy online. If we define language fluency as one’s proficiency to read, write and speak, then there’s a new need for the Rosetta Stone of the digital age.
3 Concerns With Moving The Start Of Hurricane Season To May 15th
Marshall Shepherd, Senior Contributor
Here are 3 concerns with changing the start date of hurricane season to May
Chris Harrison Tells ” Good Morning America’ He Hopes To Use ” The Bachelor’ As A ” Beacon Of Change’
Mark Joyella, Senior Contributor
In his first interview since stepping away from the prime time reality show, Harrison told Michael Strahan “I am an imperfect man, I made a mistake and I own that.”
Nielsen’s Agreement With Roku Will Accelerate Adoption Of Addressable TV Advertising
Brad Adgate, Contributor
By acquiring Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising unit along with other agreements, Roku is forging ahead to provide addressable TV advertising to marketers while enhancing Nielsen’s cross platform measurement plans.
20h30 03  mars
What Epic, Zynga Acquisitions Say About Future Of Games, And Entertainment
David Bloom, Senior Contributor
New acquisitions by Epic Games and Zynga point toward a future of play-anywhere titles, and ultimately, toward Epic CEO Tim Sweeney’s vision of the Metaverse.
Investigation Reveals ” Inappropriate Conduct’ And On-Duty Substance Use By Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson As Top White House Medic
Robert Hart, Forbes Staff
A Department of Defense report into Jackson’s time as the White Houses’ top doctor includes numerous witnesses detailing a hostile and aggressive work environment.
Parler Sues Amazon Again In Wake Of Deplatforming
Robert Hart, Forbes Staff
The new lawsuit claims Amazon damaged its reputation and banned it because it did not want Parler to be able to provide a platform for conservative voices like Donald Trump.