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11h30 06  mars
Tesla Stock Price Tanks 30% Since Buying Bitcoin"Could Netflix Or Apple Really Follow?
Billy Bambrough, Contributor
Bitcoin billionaire Tim Draper has suggested both Apple and Netflix could follow Tesla into bitcoin, warning that fears over inflation will push companies toward bitcoin...
Ethereum Rival Polkadot Futures Suffer 99% Flash Crash"Forcing Binance To Enact Fresh Controls
Billy Bambrough, Contributor
Binance polkadot futures contracts briefly dropped to under 1 on Friday before bouncing back to around 33...
18h15 05  mars
John McAfee Indicted On Fraud, Money Laundering Charges In Pump-And-Dump Crypto Scheme
Rachel Sandler, Forbes Staff
McAfee was already indicted last year on separate tax evasion charges.
61% Of Goldman Sachs’ Surveyed Clients Are Bullish On Crypto
Nina Bambysheva, Forbes Staff
New York banking giant has surveyed 280 of its clients to determine their crypto exposure and bitcoin price predictions. The outlook is overwhelmingly positive.
IRS Adds New Guidance But Form 1040 Cryptocurrency Question Is Still Causing Confusion
Amber Gray-Fenner, Contributor
The IRS really wants to know about your cryptocurrency. For tax year 2020 the IRS moved the cryptocurrency question from Schedule 1 of the Form 1040, where it was in 2019, to the much more prominent position of Page 1 of the Form 1040 itself.
20h42 04  mars
Maybe The Square-Tidal Deal Is All About Creating Jay-Z NFTs
Abram Brown, Forbes Staff
Square’s Jack Dorsey and Tidal’s Jay-Z both like crypto, and they both want to get artists paid more. NFTs would present a way to combine those things.
Brave Battles Google Amid Growing Demand For Privacy
Nina Bambysheva, Forbes Staff
With the growing demand for data privacy, Google announced it will stop selling ads based on individual users’ web browsing habits. However, privacy-focused browser Brave advances the ambition with a new search engine.
The Bitcoin Bubble Myth
Pete Rizzo, Contributor
What if the Bitcoin price isn’t random at all? We explore new data that suggests Bitcoin may be cyclical and predictable.
What Is Bitcoin? The Discovery Of The First ” Digital Commodity’
Philipp Sandner, Contributor
Too often, Bitcoin is explained from a technical point of view. Certainly, the technology is important, but other explanations are better suited to illustrate the significance of the invention of Bitcoin. In any case, it is not just hype, not just speculation, but the beginning of something bigger.
As Bitcoin Suddenly Surges Over 50,000, The Price Of These Cryptocurrency Stocks Is Soaring
Billy Bambrough, Contributor
As soaring bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices tempt users to the market, share prices of many crypto businesses have risen too, with some far outpacing recent cryptocurrency rallies...
rdquo; Doge Meme Shield’"Tesla Billionaire Elon Musk Is No Longer Boosting His ” Fav’ Bitcoin Rival Dogecoi
Billy Bambrough, Contributor
The dogecoin price has fallen by half since its early February peak, despite regular dogecoin tweets from Elon Musk...
23h13 03  mars
Bitcoin Volatility Reached A 10-Month High In February As Prices Hit Records
Charles Bovaird, Senior Contributor
A measure of bitcoin volatility climbed to its highest since April 2020 last month. This took place as the cryptocurrency surpassed 57,000 last month. Where will the digital asset’s price go from here?
Why Amazon’s Ethereum Support Funnels Through Northern Virginia
Nina Bambysheva, Forbes Staff
Amazon’s cloud computing subsidiary announced the availability of Ethereum on its own blockchain platform. The service will be operating through Northern Virginia, America’s Internet backbone, where AWS has a large number of data centers.
Largest NFT Sale Ever Came From A Business School Dropout Turned Star DJ
Abram Brown, Forbes Staff
Justin Blau, a.k.a. the artist known as 3LAU, has cemented a place as the leading seller of NFTs, a new type of cryptoasset.
Bitcoin Has Bounced Back, Climbing Above 52,000"What’s Next?
Charles Bovaird, Senior Contributor
Bitcoin surpassed 52,000 this morning. Will it head higher in the short-term, or is it headed for another pullback. Several analysts weigh in.
Non-Fungible Tokens Are Red Hot; Here Are Some Core Characteristics To Understand
Sean Stein Smith, Contributor
What exactly is a non-fungible token, and how might it drive crypto adoption moving forward?
IRS Rules On Reporting Bitcoin And Other Crypto Just Got Even More Confusing
Guinevere Moore, Contributor
IRS FAQ on cryptocurrency muddies the waters on reporting obligations.
Cryptocurrency Purchases Made In USD Are Not Reportable To The IRS
Shehan Chandrasekera, Contributor
Bitcoins purchased in USD are not reportable to the IRS.
21h13 02  mars
How Bitcoin Fits In A Retirement Portfolio
William Baldwin, Senior Contributor
Crypto has a low correlation with stocks. What does that mean?
Third Bitcoin ETF Bid By Largest US Options Exchange Faces Wildly Different Economy
Nina Bambysheva, Forbes Staff
The owner of the largest U. S. options exchange, Cboe Exchange, proposed to list and trade the shares of a bitcoin trust by VanEck, a New York-based investment management firm.
This Utah Startup Just Raised 100 Million To Solve Cryptocurrency’s Looming Tax Problem
Alex Konrad, Forbes Staff
TaxBit’s 100 million Series A from Paradigm and Tiger Global is Utah’s biggest ever as the startup is looking to build the ERP of cryptocurrency.
Roxe Announces A Global CBDC Payment Network Powered By Blockchain
Vipin Bharathan, Contributor
What is the point of digitizing, if the interconnections and intermediaries retain old processes and infrastructure? What is left is an uneasy amalgam of the new and the old, not achieving expected savings of time nor money. Roxe’s audacious global payment network reworks the entire stack.
Bitcoin Still ” Early’ Despite Huge 500% Price Rally" 28 Billion Asset Manager
Billy Bambrough, Contributor
Despite bitcoin racking up gains of almost 500% over the last 12 months, British asset manager Ruffer has predicted bitcoin adoption by traditional financial institutions is just beginning...
21h38 01  mars
Bitcoin Bounces Back After Falling To Lowest In Almost 3 Weeks
Charles Bovaird, Senior Contributor
Bitcoin prices recovered today, approaching 50,000 after their recent pullback. When will the cryptocurrency break through the 50,000 level again?
Would You Buy ” Digital Marijuana’? Blockchain-Based NFTs Arrive In Cannabis
Chris Roberts, Contributor
Lava Coin, on sale now, is believed to be the world’s first digital marijuana strain, a blockchain-based non-fungible token that also comes with real cannabis.