14h33 02  avril
And now for something completely different... MicroPython
What if you could control a little circuitboard with a bunch of IO’s, integrated WiFi and a camera slot on board?
17h45 12  mars
Naughts and Crosses Gets a Little Help
Naughts and Crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe to some audiences) is a popular skill game often played by children. It can also be usefully employed to distract dial up computers, at NORAD for example, rather than allowing the ’playing’ of Global Thermonuclear War. Would you like to play a game?
06h21 06  mars
Are You Working on Your Mindset as Much as Your Technical Skills?
In this post we share our favourite lessons from basketball coach Wooden: enjoy the game (more than the result), many small improvements compound over time, your actions reveal your character, stay humble, and keep emotion and ego in check.
18h52 05  mars
Don’t Blame Yourself at Work
A workplace career thought for you to consider today.
11h32 04  mars
There is NO Competition, Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
The sure way to feel less fulfilled and increase imposter syndrome? Comparing yourself to others ...
14h55 26  février
10 Cool Pytest Tips You Might Not Know About
Here are 10 things we learned writing pytest code that might come in handy.
18h55 25  février
How to Produce More Content
In this article we give you some tips on How to become a content provider, an essential skill to develop in order to succeed in your career.
09h30 20  février
Abstract Syntax Trees in Python
In this article Alessandro provides an overview of Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs), introduces a few use-cases, and showcases the ast module in the Python Standard Library. The content is structured in a top-down fashion, starting from general notion about an AST, and digging deeper up to the point of...
12h25 28  décembre
Python in Everyday Life
In this article Jesse shares how he used Python to leverage his daughter’s homework assignment ...
18h05 14  décembre
Get to Python source code instantly using importlib and inspect
Have you ever wondered how to get Python source code quickly? It turns out the Standard Library can do this pretty effortlessly. Here is some code to read more Python source.
12h22 05  octobre
How to Create an AWS Lambda Layer For Any Python Dependency
I finally managed to get scikit-learn running on the platform. On the way, I learned a lot about AWS Lambda Layers, AWS cli, and AWS cloud infrastructure in general. And now it’s time I share this knowledge with you. In this article you will learn about creating your own AWS Lambda Layer to support...
18h34 30  septembre
Cleaning Text Data With Python
Machine Learning is super powerful if your data is numeric. What do you do, however, if you want to mine text data to discover hidden insights or to predict the sentiment of the text. What, for example, if you wanted to identify a post on a social media site as cyber bullying. In this article we...
16h43 24  septembre
10 Things We Picked Up From Code Reviewing
Here are some things we picked up from code reviews that when addressed can make your code a lot cleaner.
10h05 31  août
How to Deploy Your Open Source Package to PyPI
In this post I share some useful things I learned deploying an open source package to PyPI.
08h37 21  août
There is More Than One Way to Solve a Bite Exercise
According to the Zen of Python, There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it. It’s a good principle for designing a program: the more ways there are of doing something, the more confusing the software becomes, along with a host of other problems. In reality, though, there...
12h40 17  août
How to Run External Python Libraries in AWS Cloud
AWS Lambda is awesome, but sometimes it can be hard to get external libraries working in this serverless environment. No worries, we learned a lesson or two which I will share in this article. Ready to run almost any Python library in the cloud? This should excite you and even trigger your...
17h10 14  août
Freezegun - Real Joy for Fake Dates in Python
Freezegun is a library for mocking Python datetimes. It does one thing, does it well, and lets you get on with your life.
07h13 13  juillet
Analyzing covid-19 data with pandas and matplotlib
One moment I was solving a pandas challenge, next I was analyzing real world covid-19 data with python...
07h14 18  mai
Assertions About Exceptions With pytest.raises()
It’s useful to test for exceptions exceptions in your code. A handy feature of pytest makes that fun and flexible
12h08 06  mai
7 Tips to Improve Your Error Handling in Python
Proper error handling can make your Python code simpler, more readable, and idiomatic. Here are 7 tips to help you.
07h15 04  mai
Rockstar Python Developers Need Great communication Skills Too
Mentoring children is a whole new challenge, and one that served to help me think about my own communication and empathy skills at work too.
10h16 02  mai
My Favorite Career Development Book
If there is one career book we could recommend you it’s So Good They Can’t Ignore You . In this article some of the main takeaways for me.
20h53 27  avril
Mutable vs Immutable Data Types in Python
Knowing the difference between mutable and immutable types in Python is important. In this article I will give you some practical examples of both and show you some of the advantages of using immutable types. We even look at JS React functional programming a bit towards the end.
Exploring the Modern Python Command-Line Interface
Delve into the why and the how of writing command-line tools using Python.
16h30 25  avril
When to Write Classes in Python And Why it Matters
When people come to Python one of the things they struggle with is OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Not so much the syntax of classes, but more when and when not to use them. If that’s you, read on. In this article I will give you some insights that will get you clarity on this.
Building a Stadia Tracker Site Using Django
Building my first Django Site and learning so much more than Django
07h35 21  avril
Dropping Tutorial Paralysis, Building a Django Blog From Scratch
Have you ever wanted to create awesome stuff with Django like making your own blog or any other app but don’t know where to start? Or are you tired of taking lazy tutorials?
20h22 19  avril
Refactoring Opportunities That Will Boost the Quality of Your Code
Refactoring is all about making your code more maintainable. In this article I will provide you with Python and generic software tips to write better code.
Use Github to Manage Your Projects in an Agile Way
In this article you will learn how to setup a project in GitHub and to use boards to organize you issues using agile methods.
12h05 13  avril
Stop obsessing about algorithms
We hear it so often: I need to ace algorithms to land a SW job. To a certain extent yes. You surely need to understand what data structure to use and make efficiency trade-offs.
20h55 10  avril
Introduction to Building Custom Apache Airflow Operators
If you work in data engineering, then the chance are high that you are using or have used Apache Airflow.
Using Python to Check for File Changes in Excel
Finding differences in excel files using Pandas
08h00 06  avril
Effective Developers Leverage Their Toolset
Last week I did a couple of shared screen sessions debugging and teaching. I paused and reflected on the tools I used and how I sharpened my sword over the years.
09h00 23  mars
A Simple yet Effective System
There is just too much stuff out there when it comes to being more productive. I am reading The Ultimate Sales Machine (Chet Holmes) and it offers what is probably the most concise time management system I have seen so far.
11h30 19  mars
4 Common Mistakes When Learning Python and Programming
How are you progressing with your Python? What could be holding you back? I gave it some thought and identified 4 issues we commonly see that hold people back from becoming a proficient Pythonista and programmer.
20h15 18  mars
How to Debug a Hanging Test Using pytest
Today a wanted to share a neat trick that might save you some headache: debugging a hanging test.
22h59 16  mars
Tips from Adam Grant
In this week’s post a quick digest of Adam Grant’s interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast.
21h50 09  mars
Break Fear to Boost Productivity
This week I’m looking at how fear can help you be more productive and, no I don’t mean the fear of not delivering on time... although that is a good motivator right? Actually no, that’s a terrible motivator. This is all about empowering you to break down fear barriers by getting uncomfortable then...
06h40 02  mars
What Can You Do Consistently This Week?
Last week I learned about lagging and leading indicators and why it’s important to focus on the latter.
07h21 26  février
How to Write a Guest Article for PyBites
Hello Everybody In this article I’ll run through the procedure of using git and github to submit a guest article to PyBites.
20h40 24  février
Are You Producing Enough Value? 5 Tips to Boost Your Deep Work
This article is all about getting you closer towards your goals. This weekend I picked up Deep work again. Every time I read it is a revelation. The better you manage your time, the more successful you will become. It all comes down to the amount of value you can produce. And for that deep work is...
Talking to API’s and goodlooking tools
I recently ran into a tool called VTScan that uses the VirusTotal API to scan a file and print the results. I figured I could write the same, and add some functionality
22h00 17  février
5 tips that will boost your performance
The following things are relatively easy to do, but also easy not to do. Do them consistently and they can change your career and life.
12h00 12  février
The Pythonic Fast Lane, Digest of a 30 Min Mentoring Session
The other day I had an awesome mentoring session with a beginner Pythonista, amazing what 30 min of screen sharing can do. Read on to learn more ...
21h13 11  février
Introduction to Python Functions
In this article I’m going to break down what a function is and how you can use them to be a better coder.
10h48 10  février
How to Instantly Save 2-3 Hours a Day
imagine what an extra 2-3 hours a day can give you. Reading consistently for an hour a day in your field can change your career for the better. An hour of Python coding a day can land you a developer job over time. What about spending more time with your family?
09h00 09  février
Exploring the Mutpy Library and How PyBites Uses it to Verify Test Code
A while back we launched our Test Bites. In this follow up article Harrison explains the MutPy mutation testing tool in depth and how we use it to verify test code on our platform. Enter Harrison.
11h02 27  novembre
There’s no Wrong Way... to Eat a Bite of Py
There are many ways to tackle a Bites of Py exercise, try them all
From Webscraper to Wordcloud
After going through the web scraping learning paths, I decided to get my hands dirty and apply my freshly gathered knowledge on a real life project. I explain some difficulties you might encounter while scraping and I also show some libraries that can help you visualizing data you have obtained.
11h21 18  novembre
You can now hone your testing pytest skills on our platform
Writing test code is an essential skill. As PyBites we believe writing code is the only solution to becoming a master (Ninja) at programming. The same applies to test code. For that reason we extended our regular exercises with Test Bites. In this article you will read about the feature showcasing...