Codementor : Python
05h20 08  avril
Online Job Support
Proxy job support provides the best job support for IT related works. We have a good ability and experts personality to complete our customer’s regular task. Our Online Job support team provide support on all the time zone. Our mission is to complete the job support queries from customers on...
21h20 01  avril
Profiling & Visualization Tools in Python - Part 1
Profiling & Visualization Tools in Python using cProfile
12h23 30  mars
Python code review checklist
How to cover all aspects of the code in a review.
09h04 29  mars
How to build - Part 5: Informative Pages
In this part we are going to create a base template and set up the basic front page. Repo linkolearn05 (https: linkolearn linkolearn05): Download, create venv, activate, install Shopyo...
08h11 22  mars
How to build - Part 3: Creating Modules
Part 2 (https: abdurrahmaanj flask-how-to-build-linkolearn-com-part-2-setup-1g5muoosmn) Index: Routes Creating New Modules Sneak peak at what constitutes a module You can see...
04h57 21  mars
How to build - Part 2: Setup
Setting up linkolearn
07h06 20  mars
How to build - Part 1: Overview
I built an OpenSource tool website as a hobby called Linkolearn [ (https:, repo (https: linkolearn linkolearn)]. Motivation Since the internet has a...
13h15 16  mars
Introduction to Web Scraping with Python
This is an article about web scraping with Python. In it we will look at the basics of web scraping using libraries such as requests and beautiful soup.
21h51 15  mars
Quick tip: How I use pip-tools to wrangle dependencies
pip-tools is a Python development tool for helping you ensure you have deterministic and predictable builds. The best way I can think of what that means is by example. Let’s say you clone a project...
13h02 08  mars
Descriptive Statistics for World GDP per Capita with Python
Learn how to produce descriptive statistics for GDP data using Python data science techniques.
05h48 06  mars
Quick tip: Adding pytest CLI options
Quick intro to adding CLI arguments to a pytest test suite in the context of pytest-selenium.
07h57 02  mars
How To Get Page Source In Selenium Using Python?
Ever wondered how to get page source in Selenium WebDriver using Python? In this blog, we explore how to make Selenium WebDriver get page source and demonstrate how Selenium gets XML page source as…
17h58 28  février
Server deployment with Python: From A to Z.
In this tutorial you will learn how to configure a server and deploy a web app from scratch by using only Python.
08h54 23  février
How To Switch Tabs In A Browser Using Selenium Python?
Selenium automation has made life much easier for automation testers, especially with cases like Python Selenium switch tab automation. In this blog, we dig deeper into how to perform Selenium switch…
How and why I built: Web scraping project for machine learning and data visualization
Introduction for beginners - Web Scraping for machine learning BI
20h55 21  février
Lean monitoring of production code
This tutorial shows a simple and lean solution to store logs of a production application.
17h44 20  février
Introduction to Data Science with Python
Learn data science with Python. Explore the Pandas and Matplotlib libraries for analysing and plotting data.
12h05 14  février
Build a Production-Ready API with Rate-Limiter in 15 minutes
This tutorial shows how to build a production-ready RESTful API with a rate-limiter.
17h34 10  février
Common Python security pitfalls, and how to avoid them
Python’s popularity attracts black and white-hat hackers alike. Here’s how static code analysis solutions like Bandit can help us find and fix security flaws in our Python apps.
11h05 09  février
Chatbots? My first machine learning experience
During my final year at university, I decided to take a leap of faith and dive straight into the worl...