18h02 09  avril
NumFOCUS Welcomes Tesco Technology to Corporate Sponsors
Terry Foor
NumFOCUS is pleased to announce our new partnership with Tesco Technology. A long-time PyData event sponsor, Tesco Technology joined NumFOCUS as a Silver Corporate Sponsor in December 2020. “We are very excited to formalize our partnership with Tesco Technology,” said Leah Silen,...
21h14 08  avril
Job Posting | Communications and Marketing Manager
Job Title: Communications and Marketing Manager Position Overview The primary role of the Communications & Marketing Manager is to manage the NumFOCUS brand by overseeing all outgoing communications between NumFOCUS and our stakeholders. You will serve the project communities by playing a key...
19h54 10  février
Job Posting | Events and Digital Marketing Coordinator
Job Title: Events and Digital Marketing Coordinator Position Overview The primary role of the Events and Digital Marketing Coordinator is to support and assist the Events Manager and the Community Communications and Marketing Manager to advance one of NumFOCUS’s primary missions of educating...
21h21 18  décembre
NumFOCUS hires Open Source Developer Advocate
160; NumFOCUS is pleased to announce that Arliss Collins has been hired as our organization’s first Open Source Developer Advocate. Founded in 2012, NumFOCUS has finally grown beyond just providing non-technical needs for our 40 sponsored projects As our first technical hire, Arliss will...
19h37 11  décembre
A Pivotal Time in NumFOCUS’s Project Aimed DEI Efforts
NumFOCUS is pleased to announce the launch of our Contributor Diversification & Retention Research Project funded by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. “We were eager to support NumFOCUS’s diversity initiative because it aims to get to the heart of what is...
14h44 23  novembre
Anaconda Announces Multi-Year Partnership with NumFOCUS
Terry Foor
A key stakeholder in the open source scientific computing ecosystem has further formalized their long-standing partnership with NumFOCUS. Anaconda, the Austin, Texas-based software development and consulting company which provides global distribution of Python and R software packages, last month...
18h36 18  novembre
NumFOCUS Receives Support from Heising-Simons
Terry Foor
NumFOCUS is grateful to announce that we received a grant award of 50,000 in October from the Heising-Simons Foundation. This generous grant funding will provide general support resources to NumFOCUS and will benefit all of our Sponsored and Affiliated Projects as well as our organization’s...
00h10 04  novembre
JupyterCon 2020: Code of Conduct Reports
Following the reports to the NumFOCUS Code-of-Conduct committee on Jeremy Howard’s keynote at JupyterCon 2020, and the controversy that followed, the NumFOCUS Code of Conduct Committee issued a public apology to Jeremy Howard and escalated the case to the board of directors. The context In...
18h51 30  octobre
Public Apology to Jeremy Howard
We, the NumFOCUS Code of Conduct Enforcement Committee, issue a public apology to Jeremy Howard for our handling of the JupyterCon 2020 reports. We should have done better. We thank you for sharing your experience and we will use it to improve our policies going forward. We acknowledge that it was...
18h13 26  octobre
TARDIS Joins NumFOCUS as a Sponsored Project
NumFOCUS is pleased to announce the newest addition to our fiscally sponsored projects: TARDIS TARDIS is an open-source, Monte Carlo based radiation transport simulator for supernovae ejecta. TARDIS simulates photons traveling through the outer layers of an exploded star including relevant physics...
15h25 23  octobre
NumFOCUS Earns Transparency Recognition from GuideStar
Terry Foor
Earlier this week, NumFOCUS earned our first-ever Silver Seal of Transparency from GuideStar, an independent organization which classifies nonprofit organizations based on multiple metrics pertaining to transparency and accountability. Fewer than 5% of US-based nonprofits have received this type of...
17h52 31  juillet
Dask Life Sciences Fellow [Open Job]
Dask is an open-source library for parallel computing in Python that interoperates with existing Python data science libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, and Jupyter. Dask is used today across many different scientific domains. Recently, we’ve observed an increase in use in a few life...