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10h17 07  avril
Presenting our EuroPython 2021 logo
Marc-Andre Lemburg
Over the last couple of weeks, we have worked with our designer Jessica Pe a to come up with a logo which reflects both our desire to come together online during the pandemic and shows how well our community is interconnected around the world.Here’s our brand new logo for EuroPython
13h23 25  mars
20th Anniversary of EuroPython
Marc-Andre Lemburg
This year’s conference will mark the 20th edition of the EuroPython conference.Since we started touring Europe in 2002 in Charleroi, Belgium, we have come a long way. The conference has grown from the initial 240 to around 1200-1400 attendees every year. The organization had started with a small...
14h58 18  février
EuroPython 2021: Volunteering
Marc-Andre Lemburg
The EuroPython 2021 organization is starting and we’re looking for more help with running the conference.
11h20 28  janvier
EuroPython 2021: Getting ready
Marc-Andre Lemburg
We’re happy to announce the pre-launch website for this year’s EuroPython 2021:EuroPython 2021 - https: cThe site comes with an FAQ page, which lists all the information we have for you at the moment. We’re repeating the most important part here:EuroPython 2021 will be held
11h40 07  janvier
EuroPython 2021: Format Poll
Marc-Andre Lemburg
We are currently working out the format for this year’s online EuroPython conference. The conference will be run using online conference tools during the week of July 26 - August 1 and we would like to learn about your preferences regarding the overall structure.For this reason, we’re
12h00 28  novembre
EuroPython videos all on
Marc-Andre Lemburg
Over the last few weeks, Anthon van der Neut, our media work group chair for EP2015 and EP2016, put in a lot of effort into getting all our conference videos on, the Internet Archive. is not meant as an alternative for YouTube to watch the videos,
09h51 16  novembre
EuroPython Ask me Anything - November Edition
Marc-Andre Lemburg
Dear Community,after our first successful “Ask me Anything” (AMA) session in September we want to run another meeting this Thursday to answer any questions you may have, share our knowledge or help you in planning your online event.Some of the topics we can cover:our tools
11h42 18  octobre
EuroPython 2020: Edited videos are online
Marc-Andre Lemburg
We’re happy to announce that all edited videos of this year’s conference are now available on our YouTube channel:EuroPython 2020 PlaylistWe have 131 videos available in total, covering a very broad set of Python topics, so there’s going to be something interesting for everyone.We
15h14 15  octobre
EuroPython 2021 will be run online
Marc-Andre Lemburg
In the last few weeks, we had a close look at the how the situation around COVID-19 is panning out. Unfortunately, things are not moving in a direction where we’d feel confident to hold next year’s conference as an in-person event in Dublin.EuroPython 2022 in Dublin
10h02 22  septembre
EuroPython Ask me Anything
Marc-Andre Lemburg
Dear Community,we want to try a new experiment and run an “Ask me Anything” (AMA) this Thursday to answer questions you may have, share our knowledge or help you in planning your online event.Some of the topics we can cover:our tools research and findingsour
10h53 15  septembre
EuroPython 2020: First batch of edited videos available
Marc-Andre Lemburg
We’re happy to release the first 30 cut videos of EuroPython 2020. You can watch them on our YouTube channel:EuroPython 2020 PlaylistOver the next few days weeks, we’ll keep releasing more videos in batches. We are working on over 130 videos in total, so please stop
08h10 24  août
EuroPython 2020: Merch Shop Discount
Marc-Andre Lemburg
We have setup another 10 day 15% discount period in our merch shop, from today until Sept 1.EuroPython Merch ShopAfter the success of the shop for EuroPython 2020, we intend to keep the merch shop also for future EuroPython conferences. Enjoy,-EuroPython 2020 Teamhttps:
08h34 13  août
EuroPython 2020: Live Stream Recordings available
Marc-Andre Lemburg
We’re happy to announce the public availability of the live stream recordings from EuroPython 2020. They were already available to all conference attendees since the sprint days.EuroPython YouTube ChannelWe have collected the videos in a EuroPython 2020 Live Stream playlist.Unedited...
09h07 22  juillet
EuroPython 2020: Data Science Track
Marc-Andre Lemburg
We are excited to announce a complete two day data science track at EuroPython 2020 Online, happening on Thursday and Friday (July 23 - 24).Yes, that’s starting tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice :-)Data Science EuroPython 2020The data science track is part of EuroPython 2020, so
08h54 21  juillet
EuroPython 2020: Presenting our Conference Booklet
Marc-Andre Lemburg
Our designer Jessica has created a beautiful conference booklet for you to use during the conference and keep as a memory afterwards. It provides all details, schedule, keynotes, sponsor listings, etc. in a single PDF. EuroPython 2020 Conference BookletWe’d normally give out the booklet as...