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19h02 09  avril
How to Build a Fully Functional Serverless App in Under Two Hours
If you want to dive deep into serverless full-stack apps, you’ve come to the right place. This post will guide you through the process of building your own link shortener. We are going to use TypeScript, React, Next.JS, and MongoDB. And to take advantage of serverless processing, we will ...
JavaScript Switch Statement - With JS Switch Case Example Code
Creating conditionals to decide what action to perform is one of the most fundamental parts of programming in JavaScript. This tutorial will help you learn how to create multiple conditionals using the switch keyword. How switch statements work in JavaScriptThe JavaScript switch keyword is used to...
The Complete React Tutorial for 2021 - Learn Major React Concepts by Building a Project
Welcome to the complete React tutorial for 2021. This guide should help you become effective with React as quickly as possible as you build a complete application along the way. Compared to many tutorials you might have gone through before, this one is meant to be thoroughly practical from start ...
Open Source Insights - What We Learned from 860 Million GitHub Event Logs
Open source software has become a cornerstone of our digital world. And open collaboration plays an enormous role in the development of human digital civilization. GitHub, the world’s largest open source collaboration platform, produces a massive amount of developer behavior data. So what can we...
21h25 08  avril
How I Kept Coding While Serving in the Military
In this post, I’ll talk about my experience serving in the military during 2020. It’s a chapter in my developer journey that started way back with freeCodeCamp. I spent 2020 as an (involuntary) military conscript in my country’s armed forces. 14 months if you count training bootcamp. The laws of ...
Improve Your Python Skills by Coding a Snake Game
Snakes like to eat apples. At least in the game you are about to code. We just published a course on the YouTube channel that will teach you how to create a snake game using Python and Pygame. This course was developed by Dhaval Patel from the popular
The Best React Libraries You Should Be Using Today
Let’s take a look at five React libraries that serve as a great addition to any React project you’re looking to build in 2021 and beyond. I chose these libraries because not only do they help us build functional and impressive-looking applications, but they also allow us to do so
How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Developer
What is personal branding? Branding is not just something that companies need to worry about. Individuals can also establish a personal brand. According to Wikipedia, Personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual to ultimately...
Gmail Dark Mode - How to Change the Gmail Background Theme on Desktop, iOS, and Android
If you’re like me, you spend several hours a week in Gmail. Staring at Gmail’s bright white design can strain your eyes - especially at night. Fortunately, Gmail has a built-in dark mode theme. This will make it much easier to read at night. In addition to reducing eye strain, dark
16h58 07  avril
Login Without a Password - How to Go Password-less with .NET Identity
There are tons of new apps launching every day, so you’ll want to make yours stand out. It should have unique features, and it should be easy and convenient to use. One of the major pain points for many apps is that they require a username and a password to