Reuven Lerner
16h48 23  mars
One year of “Python for non-programmers”
In the spring of last year, as the coronavirus pandemic began, it was pretty clear that this would be the major event of our lives, and that a lot of people were going to be affected in big, terrible ways " beyond the issues related to the virus itself, and the injury it created. Schools ...
14h00 19  février
Reminder: Weekly Python Exercise B1 (advanced topics 1) starts on Tuesday
If you’ve been using Python for a year or more, and want to sharpen your skills, then I have good news: A new cohort of Weekly Python Exercise starts this coming Tuesday. The course has a simple formula, but one that works: Every Tuesday, for the 15 weeks of the course, you get a question ...
19h05 28  décembre
You can, but should you? Combining some of Python’s more esoteric features
Note: As usual, readers of my blog (and my students) found a simpler and more elegant solution than I did… I knew that the boolean “or” operator returned the first “True” value it encountered, but I completely forgot that if it only encounters “False”...
13h13 27  novembre
This Black Friday, get 40% off all 25 of my Python, Git, and data science courses
It’s time: My Black Friday sale, with 40% off all 25 products in my online store, is live What am I offering? All of my courses about Python, Git, and data science are 40% off, including the seven ( ) courses I’ve published since this time last year. The new courses are: Advanced...
14h33 11  novembre
Reminder: My “Intro to SQL” course is this Sunday
This is just a reminder that on Sunday, I’ll be teaching a live, 4-hour introductory course on databases and SQL. If you haven’t ever worked with databases before, then this will give you the push that you need to understand how they work, and how to work effectively with them....
02h15 30  octobre
Join the data revolution with my “Intro to SQL” course
Have you heard? Data is “the new oil” " meaning, data is the most valuable and important thing in the modern world. Which means that if you can store, retrieve, and organize your data, then you (and your company) are positioned for greater success. This usually means working with a...
07h28 28  octobre
Now playing on YouTube: Answers to your Python questions
Over the last year, I’ve gotten increasingly active on my YouTube channel, https: reuvenlerner. Each week, I upload 1-2 new videos, typically answering questions that I’ve gotten in my corporate training classes or from people online â via e-mail, or on Twitter (...
15h01 26  octobre
Last chance: Weekly Python Exercise B3 starts tomorrow
Want to improve your Python skills? Looking for a way to practice on a regular basis, backed up by a community of learners? Look no more: A new advanced-level cohort of Weekly Python Exercise is starting tomorrow If you’ve been using Python for at least a year, then this course will open...
15h45 18  octobre
Improve your Python skills in 15 weeks " with Weekly Python Exercise
If you’ve been using Python for a year or so, then you’re no longer confused or surprised by the language’s basics " the core data structures, functions, and even basic object-oriented programming. But you probably don’t quite feel fluent with Python, and aren’t...
14h26 13  octobre
Ask me anything
Later this month, I’ll appear on the “Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla” podcast. As part of that appearance, I’ll be doing an AMA (“ask me anything”) segment " but in order for that to happen, I need questions That’s where you come in: If...