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11h00 24  février
Brands That Engage All 5 Senses Stand Out From The Competition
Carmine Gallo, Senior Contributor
Mastercard CMO, Raja Rajamannar, says brands must appeal to hearts and minds to cut through the clutter.
18h24 23  février
Climate Change Risks Should Be A Priority For U.S. Bank Supervisors
Mayra Rodriguez Valladares, Senior Contributor
Bank regulators globally should develop climate change-related regulations to insure financial stability. Under President Joe Biden, climate change is now also a priority for the United States.
19h53 22  février
Springtime For The American Economy
Frank Sorrentino, Contributor
If these trends continue in the right direction, we may be in store for a vibrant springtime for the American economy.
The Health Insurance Marketplace Has Reopened; Now Is The Time To Get Covered
Deb Gordon, Contributor
Now through May 15, 2021, people in 36 states can sign up for coverage through the federal health insurance marketplace. For millions of uninsured Americans, getting health insurance may be cheaper than they think.
The Google Generation Of Family Offices: How These 40 Banks Are Preparing
Francois Botha, Contributor
Global communities, shifting mindsets and socially-conscious, purpose-driven ideologies in next-generation wealth owners are disrupting traditional private banking and making way for new offerings.
There Are Banks For Black Americans And LGBTQ Consumers: We Need A Bank For Everyone
Ron Shevlin, Senior Contributor
While banks struggle to personalize their sales messages, a new group of fintech are entering the market, personalizing their products and services for Black Americans, LGBT consumers, environmentally-conscious consumers, and even truckers.
17h50 18  février
COVID Sparks Life Insurance Revival
R.J. Shook, Senior Contributor
Insurers rally to meet consumers’ demands
2021: The Mainstreaming Of Climate Finance And Innovation
Rob Kaplan, Contributor
For those of us who have been innovating and investing in sustainable finance for the past decade 2021 may be the watershed moment we’ve been waiting for where climate investing goes mainstream, galvanizing both Wall Street and Main Street to hop on the climate bandwagon.
15h39 17  février
Ariel Investments, America’s First Black-Owned Mutual Fund Giant, Launches Fund To Close The Racial Wealth Gap
Antoine Gara, Forbes Staff
Ariel Investments, the first black-owned mutual fund firm in America, is launching a new vehicle to incubate midsized black-owned businesses with the backing of JPMorgan.
It Is Time To Actively Manage Climate Risk
Steve Culp, Contributor
While both the momentum around and awareness of climate risk are increasing - much remains to be done. Banks need to play a more active role in managing climate risk and move beyond dashboards and reporting.
17h52 16  février
Citi Can’t Get Back 500 Million It Accidentally Wired To Revlon Lenders, Federal Judge Rules
Jonathan Ponciano, Forbes Staff
The judge called it one of the biggest blunders in banking history, but Citigroup plans to appeal the ruling.
How Apple Pay Helps Cheat’ Banks Out Of 250 Billion In Payments
Ron Shevlin, Senior Contributor
Consumers’ use of Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Affirm, Bitcoin, and other mobile apps adds up to 250 billion in lost payment volume for banks.
20h00 08  février
Health Insurance Confusion Continues To Plague Americans, New Data Show
Deb Gordon, Contributor
Confusion about health insurance is costing Americans money and keeping many from getting the care they need. A new survey sheds light on what confuses consumers most about their health insurance.
The Five Best Fintech Books To Get You Started
Nik Milanovic, Contributor
These five reads provide deep context for why financial services exist as they do today, and what fintech has the opportunity to improve.
17h09 04  février
Vaccine Poses The Ultimate Challenge To Supply Chain Resilience
Louis Gritzo, Contributor
Never in history has a pandemic struck a society that is so globally interdependent.
10h00 02  février
A More Balanced Regulatory Framework Is Needed To Achieve A Level Playing Field For Banks, BigTech, And FinTech
Mayra Rodriguez Valladares, Senior Contributor
Better and more balanced regulations are urgently needed to achieve a level playing field for banks, BigTech, and FinTech.
19h03 01  février
Could CDFIs Be One Way To Finance Economic Justice?
Christopher Marquis, Contributor
CNote, an investing platform, partners with federally certified Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) around the nation to deliver investor capital to communities, small businesses and organizations that are advancing economic justice.
Deutsche Bank Says 31 Million Investment Could Save Capital Markets Billions’ Of Dollars, No Blockchain Necessary
Michael del Castillo, Forbes Staff
German bank Deutsche Bank joins JPMorgan, Goldman Sach and others that have invested a total of 90 million in blockchain startup Axoni, potentially saving billions of dollars in global capital markets.
Challenger Bank Chime Reaches The 12 Million Customer Mark
Ron Shevlin, Senior Contributor
In January 2020, just 4% of Gen Zers and Millennials considered a checking account from an online bank their primary account. By December 2020, that percentage had grown to 15%. It came mostly at the expense of Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo.
13h44 29  janvier
The Year-End Relief Bill Revives A Retirement Income Planning Idea
Steve Parrish, Contributor
cash value life insurance can be used not only to provide an income tax-free death benefit at the insured’s death, but it can also potentially be a source of tax-favored retirement income
22h42 28  janvier
With New Executive Order, President Biden Gives Uninsured Americans More Health Insurance Options
Deb Gordon, Contributor
President Biden is making it easier for millions of uninsured Americans to sign up for health insurance with an an executive order to reopen
America’s Best And Worst Banks 2021
Antoine Gara, Forbes Staff
U.S. banks were tested in a major way in 2020 as the Coronavirus pandemic battered the U.S. economy. Here’s our exclusive look at America’s best and worst banks in 2021.
05h00 26  janvier
Of America’s Biggest Cities, New York City Is In The Worst Fiscal Health
Mayra Rodriguez Valladares, Senior Contributor
A report released today by Truth in Accounting, a nonpartisan government accounting watchdog, showed that in America’s most populous cities, New York City ranks 75th in fiscal health for the fifth year in a row.
23h22 25  janvier
Janet Yellen Confirmed As Treasury Secretary, Becomes First Woman In The Powerful Cabinet Post
Jonathan Ponciano, Forbes Staff
Now the most powerful person concerning U.S. economic affairs, Yellen has urged lawmakers to act big on the ne
13h11 22  janvier
Changing Course: Four Reasons Why 2021 Is The Year The U.S. (And Other Countries) Will Lead The Way To Turn Plastic Waste Into A Resource
Rob Kaplan, Contributor
The world is poised to take a step change in the fight against plastic waste and turn it into a recovery driver, creating jobs and economic development at a time when it is needed most.