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03h29 27  février
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Apps
Richard Murphy, Brand Contributor
How low-code app development can take the pressure off skilled developers and help businesses keep pace with the competition.
Leading The Charge For Change In A Stubborn Organization
Melanie Lougee, Brand Contributor
How HR leaders can sell the C-suite on reinventing the employee experience.
How Organizations Can Embrace Citizen Developers
Manisha Arora, Brand Contributor
Low-code capabilities let ordinary people create amazing solutions fueling business success along the way.
23h33 19  février
Impostor (Syndrome) In The C-Suite?
Paul Smith, Brand Contributor
How a culture of inclusion can help everyone from interns to CEOs overcome impostor syndrome.
The Vaccination Connection
Dave Wright, ServiceNow
You need a dynamic solution to manage a dynamic situation here’s how to speed vaccine management with the help of digital workflows.
Digitization, Risk, And The Department Of Not Yet
Barbara Kay, Brand Contributor
When fear dictates the speed of digital transformation, businesses fall behind.
19h52 12  février
Overcoming Vaccination Resistance
Laura LeBleu, ServiceNow
Confidence in the product starts with confidence in the process.
The C-Suite’s New Agile Imperative
Paul Hardy, Brand Contributor
Two decades after the birth of Agile methodology, the top brass is finally catching on.
The Office Is Dead. Long Live The Office
Robert Teed, Brand Contributor
If 2020 was the year of remote work, then 2021 will be the year of the hybrid workplace. Here’s how to create the office of the future.
23h49 05  février
AIOps And The Quest For The Grail
Lisa Wolfe, ServiceNow
The promise of a self-healing IT environment has arrived if your CIO is willing to make the journey.
How Secure Is Your Software Supply Chain?
John Asquith, Brand Contributor
The SolarWinds hack was a wakeup call for business leaders to take control of software security.
Faster Than The Speed Of Covid
Laura LeBleu, ServiceNow
Expert Q&A: How digital workflows can accelerate vaccine delivery.
21h37 29  janvier
The Year Of Infinite Innovation
Paul Smith, Brand Contributor
Business leaders are at a crossroads double down on digitization or wait for the next disruption. Here’s why 2021 should be your most innovative year yet.
22h54 28  janvier
Time To Double Down On Agility
Jessica Constantinidis, Brand Contributor
Change and disruption are everywhere. Is your organization ready to thrive in an uncertain world?
The Power Of Reflection And Self-Assessment
Lara Caimi, ServiceNow
How to create strategic goals that set the scene for enduring success.
23h22 22  janvier
Welcome To Your New Digital HQ
Melanie Lougee, Brand Contributor
How a platform-based intranet can hide complexity and spark productivity.
3 Steps To Ensure Resilience In A Volatile World
Kevin Barnard, Brand Contributor
Chances are your disaster recovery plan doesn’t cover mission-critical business operations. Here’s why and how to fix it.
Two Truths And A Lie About Risk Management
Valerie Spillman, Brand Contributor
How well do you understand your organization’s appetite for risk?
03h00 16  janvier
HR Can’t Wait To Integrate
Pieter Voskamp, Brand Contributor
Why 2021 is the year every employee experience leader will embrace integrated service management.
22h06 15  janvier
Cybersecurity: Same Threats, New Challenges
ServiceNow Contributor, ServiceNow
The pandemic created opportunities for hackers to exploit old vulnerabilities in new ways.
Buckle Up, Business Leaders 2021 Will Be A Bumpy Ride
Dave Wright, ServiceNow
Wondering what’s next? These 4 predictions will help you navigate the new year.
20h43 08  janvier
The Show Must (Safely) Go On
Julia Martensen, Brand Contributor
Digital workflows can help revive live sporting events and the local economies that depend on them for survival.
Can Digital Transformation Create A More Inclusive Workplace?
ServiceNow Contributor, ServiceNow
The data is in: Diverse companies are more successful. Here’s how to make inclusion part of your digital strategy from the get-go.
19h42 04  janvier
The CIO Of The Future Will Need These 5 Skills
ServiceNow Contributor, ServiceNow
CIOs Chris Bedi and Peter Singh share insights into unexpected new areas of expertise IT leaders need to succeed.
17h00 29  décembre
Was 2020 A Business Blessing In Disguise? (video)
Becky Straker, Brand Contributor
When it comes to the future of work, innovation evangelist Paul Hardy is optimistic and impatient. Here’s how the pandemic brought long-overdue innovation to the workplace.