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00h22 27  février
How Bitcoin’s vast energy use could burst its bubble
Could the cryptocurrency’s huge electricity consumption also sink it?
14h22 26  février
Brunt Ice Shelf: Big iceberg calves near UK Antarctic base
The berg covers 1,270 sq km - nearly 490 square miles - but its break-off was expected.
Climate change: Carbon emission promises ’put Earth on red alert’
Nations’ current carbon-cutting plans will not keep global temperature rise below 1.5C, the UN says.
Amazon rainforest plots sold via Facebook Marketplace ads
Protected land reserved for Brazil’s indigenous communities is being traded on the social network.
National Trust to plant blossom trees in cities
The National Trust is planning to plant dozens of blossoming trees to create new green spaces.
17h00 25  février
AI conquers challenge of 1980s platform games
A computer program that can solve 1980s exploration games could help improve robot intelligence.
How 30,000 elephant ’selfies’ will help in conservation
Researchers are developing new technology to help reduce human-elephant conflicts.
00h58 24  février
Most pheasants sold for food ’contain lead shot’
Scientists say a pledge by shooting groups to phase out lead shot has had no detectable effect.
08h03 25  février
Mary Anning: Fossil hunter celebrated with Jurassic 50p coins
The 19th Century fossil hunter’s achievements were often overlooked during her own lifetime.
00h25 23  février
Extinction: Freshwater fish in ’catastrophic’ decline
Numbers are plunging due to pollution, unsustainable fishing and the draining of rivers.
00h06 24  février
Walker Swamp: The mission to restore an Australian wetland
Walker Swamp had been destroyed by 150 years of farming - now it is replenished and welcoming life.
00h02 19  février
Climate Change: How much did it cost US economy in 2020?
Last year saw a record numbers of costly extreme weather events.
US rejoins Paris accord: Biden’s first act sets tone for ambitious approach
Re-joining the Paris climate pact is a symbolic and practical first step for the Biden White House.
00h07 15  février
Bill Gates: Solving Covid easy compared with climate
Solving global warming would be the most amazing thing humanity has done , says the billionaire.
19h40 22  février
Video shows Perseverance rover’s dramatic Mars landing
The Perseverance robot is seen touching down on the Red Planet in a whirl of dust and grit.
15h55 19  février
Yungblud ’honoured’ to have David Bowie cover played on Mars
Nasa told the singer they would play his cover of David Bowie’s Life On Mars as they landed
21h39 22  février
Hayley Arceneaux: Cancer survivor joins first all-civilian space mission
The SpaceX mission will make Hayley Arceneaux the first person with a prosthesis to visit space.
01h22 19  février
Key questions about Nasa’s next Mars rover
We answer some common questions about the American Perseverance rover mission to Mars.
23h18 23  juillet
Nasa Mars rover: How Perseverance will hunt for signs of past life
If there was life on Mars, how will the US space agency’s next robot rover recognise it?
10h05 19  février
Mars landings: How many landings on Mars?
With two missions to land on Mars in 2021, Laura Foster looks back at all the previous attempts.
Foot-and-mouth outbreak’s parallels with Covid pandemic
Twenty years on from the start of the foot-and-mouth crisis, the Covid parallels appear stark.
01h33 13  février
Nasa’s pioneering black women
The mathematicians who worked behind the scenes on the American space programme.
23h44 20  février
Are streaming algorithms really damaging film?
Director Martin Scorsese says streaming algorithms demean cinema and treat viewers as consumers.
10h08 18  février
Smart materials: From tiny robots to colour-swapping clothes
A report examines the potential of materials that can change shape, adapt and repair themselves.
06h24 12  février
Stonehenge: Did the stone circle originally stand in Wales?
Archaeologists now believe the stone circle stood 150 miles from its current location in Wiltshire.
00h06 15  février
Computer says go: Taking orders from an AI boss
As artificial intelligence systems get more prevalent, some of us already have computers as managers.