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08h00 26  février
Ten films to watch in March
Coming to America’s sequel and Zack Snyder’s Justice League
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The illness that cinema gets wrong
How filmmakers have portrayed dementia, from The Notebook to The Father
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The ’Ghost Army’ that helped win WW2
How optical illusions became a weapon
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Gen Z and Millennials’ style battle
How each new generation makes its mark with its own fashion and hair choices
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Pop stars’ most extreme makeovers
From Taylor Swift to The Weeknd: the musicians transforming their appearance
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Inside the world’s most infamous prison
How filmmakers have depicted the experiences of detainees at Guantánamo Bay
00h00 18  février
How the corset made a comeback
It’s popular once again - but is it a weapon of torture, or is it empowering?
00h00 17  février
America’s first black superstars
Why women dominated the blues - then were pushed aside
00h01 16  février
The sci-fi that predicted modern crises
How a 1972 film foreshadowed technological advances today
00h30 15  février
Five stars for ’authentic’ Minari
This drama is filled with warmth and rich detail