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18h12 01  mars
Verizon tells users to disable 5G to preserve battery, then deletes tweet
Jon Brodkin
Verizon’s now-deleted tweet said using 4G only will conserve battery life.
11h50 27  février
Hackers tied to Russia’s GRU targeted the US grid for years
Sandworm-aligned group has breached US critical infrastructure a handful of times.
21h37 26  février
Hard-coded key vulnerability in Logix PLCs has severity score of 10 out of 10
Dan Goodin
Critical authentication bypass flaw affects the entire Logix product line.
22h17 25  février
AT&T announces deal to spin off DirecTV into new company owned by... AT&T
Jon Brodkin
DirecTV to become separate company with AT&T owning 70% and TPG owning 30%.
Code-execution flaw in VMware has a severity rating of 9.8 out of 10
Dan Goodin
Thousands of servers running vCenter server could be in for a nasty surprise.
Verizon and AT&T dominate spectrum auction, spending combined 69 billion
Jon Brodkin
Top two carriers buy licenses nationwide, outspending T-Mobile and US Cellular.
21h15 24  février
Cox’s bad customer service stymies users who don’t want upload speeds cut
Jon Brodkin
Cox told media that customers can keep speed plans but didn’t tell sales reps.
Ukraine says Russia hacked its document portal and planted malicious files
Dan Goodin
Ukraine says Russia also backed massive DDoS attack using never-before-seen methods.
Android users now have an easy way to check the security of their passwords
Dan Goodin
Feature checks user credentials against a list of billions of compromised passwords.
Confirmed: Fry’s Electronics going out of business, shutting down all stores
Sam Machkovech
Former king of build-your-own-PC retailers couldn’t survive COVID, consignment shift.
15h52 23  février
Musk: Starlink will hit 300Mbps and expand to most of Earth this year
Jon Brodkin
SpaceX CEO teases higher speeds, lower latency, and near-global coverage.
The bitcoin blockchain is helping keep a botnet from being taken down
Dan Goodin
Wallet transactions camouflage the IP address of the botnet’s control server.
20h44 22  février
AT&T and Frontier have let phone networks fall apart, Calif. regulator finds
Jon Brodkin
AT&T raised phone prices 153% over a decade as service got steadily worse.
15h10 20  février
New malware found on 30,000 Macs has security pros stumped
Dan Goodin
With no payload, analysts are struggling to learn what this mature malware does.
17h26 19  février
Comcast reluctantly drops data-cap enforcement in 12 states for rest of 2021
Jon Brodkin
ISP grants reprieve in Northeast but still caps users in most of its US territory.
New browser-tracking hack works even when you flush caches or go incognito
Dan Goodin
At least 4 top browsers affected by powerful tracking vector, researchers say.
Microsoft says SolarWinds hackers stole source code for 3 products
Dan Goodin
The company said it found no indication the breach allowed customers to be hacked.
01h26 17  février
France ties Russia’s Sandworm to a multiyear hacking spree
Destructively minded group has exploited an IT monitoring tool from Centreon.
18h08 16  février
North Korea may have hacked into Pfizer servers looking for COVID data
Jim Salter
South Korea’s NIS warned lawmakers of Russian and North Korean hacking activity.
New type of supply-chain attack hit Apple, Microsoft and 33 other companies
Dan Goodin
Researcher who got targets to automatically install his code gets 130,000 payout.