14h32 17  janvier
Michelin unveils Covid-era France picks despite criticism
The Michelin Guide reveals Monday its annual pick of France’s top restaurants despite criticism over its decision to hold the awards while establishments remain closed in the Covid-19 pandemic.
08h49 17  janvier
VIDEO: Why you may struggle to buy a bike in Europe in 2021
Demand for bicycles has soared in Europe during the coronavirus pandemic, but conversely the global supply is at record low levels, with consumers having to wait months or over a year for their bike of choice.
08h46 17  janvier
Macron’s beautiful blue eyes’ - Five things to know about the French finance minister’s new book
The French finance minister has been making a literary stir with his new book describing - among other things - the piercing blue gaze of his boss, Emmanuel Macron.
08h45 17  janvier
EXPLAINED: What are the rules of France’s new 6pm nationwide curfew?
A 6pm-6am nighttime curfew will be imposed across France from Saturday evening. Here’s how it works including the eight reasons that allow you to be outside your home.
15h28 16  janvier
How French TV is going global thanks to streaming
Lupin, Marseille, Call My Agent - French Netflix series are making waves abroad, so is the streaming giant making French TV go global?
12h38 16  janvier
Reader question: Can I get a take away during curfew in France?
With restaurants, bars, cafés, cinemas and theatres all shut the choices for a Saturday night are frankly quite limited in France at present. But can you still order yourself some nice takeout food under the new 6pm curfew?
12h13 16  janvier
IN PICTURES: Paris gets dusting of snow as winter weather hits France
Snow turned Paris into a winter wonderland on Saturday as an icy spell left parts of the centre and north of the country on alert.
11h13 16  janvier
COMPARE: Nine charts to show how European countries are faring in battle against Covid-19 surge
These charts show how the Covid-19 second wave continues to hit countries around Europe as governments try slightly different approaches to deal with the pandemic. Here’s a round up of the latest Covid- 19 rates and restrictions around Europe.
15h28 15  janvier
Snow forecast to hit Paris region over weekend
The French state weather forecaster has issued a warning for snow and ice for the Paris region and the northern Hauts-de-France this weekend.
14h48 15  janvier
Eurostar in ’critical condition’ after collapse in travel between UK and France
Eurostar, the train operator that runs services through the Channel Tunnel, is in ’a very critical’ state after a collapse in travel between Britain and the European continent, a top French rail executive warned on Friday.
14h46 15  janvier
Reader question: Can foreigners in France get the Covid-19 vaccine?
As France rolls out its Covid-19 vaccination campaign, here’s what non-French people need to know about getting the injection.
13h44 15  janvier
French government extends 6pm curfew to whole country as Covid cases rise
French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Thursday that a 6pm to 6am nighttime curfew will be extended throughout mainland France and warned that if epidemic detioriated then a new lockdown would be imposed.
13h08 15  janvier
French word of the day: Cuistot
If you are a food lover, or if you know someone who is, this French expression may come in handy.
12h55 15  janvier
French pharma giant Sanofi in talks to help manufacture extra Covid-19 vaccines
Sanofi, France’s biggest pharmaceutical company, could help produce foreign-developed Covid-19 vaccines pending the launch of its own vaccine, which will not be ready for months, a government minister said on Friday.
11h45 15  janvier
IN PICTURES: North east France blanketed in snow
The north and east of France has seen heavy snowfalls overnight as more snow is forecast for the north of the country over the weekend.
11h25 15  janvier
Moon, loaf and firecracker - 12 French words that actually mean ’butt’
There are a range of ways to talk about the human behind in France. Here’s a list of some of the most common ones.
09h02 15  janvier
French court jails Deliveroo driver who refused to deliver for Jewish restaurants
A French court on Thursday sentenced a 19-year-old Deliveroo courier to four months in prison on discrimination charges after he refused to deliver meals from Jewish restaurants.
08h59 15  janvier
UPDATED: How France plans its Covid-19 vaccine rollout
Who gets it, when, how much will it cost and will it be compulsory? Here’s the latest on France’ plan for the Covid-19 vaccination programme.
08h36 15  janvier
LATEST: UK travel ban - who can come to France and what do they need?
France has moved to tighten restrictions on travel from the UK even further overs fears of the spread of the new Covid-19 variant - here’s who can travel.
19h08 14  janvier
How to book an appointment for the Covid-19 vaccine in France
As France opens up its Covid-19 vaccination programme, here is how to go about registering for the injection.