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10h30 20  janvier
AstraZeneca Vaccine Speeds U.K. Effort to Reach Nursing Homes
The homegrown vaccine, yet to be authorized elsewhere in the West, is playing a critical role in vaccinating the country’s most at-risk people because it is easier to ship, store and administer.
03h39 20  janvier
U.S. Says China Is Committing Genocide Against Uighurs
The State Department cites imprisonment, torture and forced sterilization against the minority group, accusations Beijing has denied.
21h53 19  janvier
Italian Government Survives Senate Confidence Vote
Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte fell short of an outright majority in the vote, weakening his government as it searches for a way to tame the Covid-19 pandemic and revive the economy.
19h53 19  janvier
Iran Sanctions Trump in Parting Shot at Outgoing Administration
The sanctions against President Trump and nine other U.S. officials represent a parting shot against an outgoing administration that has pummeled the country and its top officials with sanctions.
17h28 19  janvier
WHO Criticized for Poor Pandemic Response by International Panel
The World Health Organization was poorly prepared to prevent a disease like Covid-19 from becoming a pandemic and wasn’t adapted for a globalized era of easy travel and extensive trade, an international panel said.
15h21 19  janvier
Europe, Struggling to Exit the Pandemic, Faces Bleak 2021
Covid-19 infections and deaths remain stubbornly high across much of Europe while vaccination efforts are moving so slowly that widespread immunity is unlikely in the region before the fall, raising the prospect of a bleak 2021.