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07h39 16  janvier
Trump administration oversees unprecedented number of executions
The outgoing US president has overseen 13 federal executions since July, more than any president for 120 years.
20h23 15  janvier
Outrage’: Row after pro-Brexit group moves its website back into EU
Neale Richmond, European Affairs spokesperson for a coalition party, Fine Gael, described the move as an outrage .
19h51 15  janvier
Coronavirus: COVID-19 infections and deaths - latest data
The latest data on the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus
19h48 15  janvier
Coronavirus: WHO against vaccine passports as a condition for travel ’for the time being’
The agency’s emergency committee said there were still too many fundamental unknowns about the effectiveness of vaccines.
18h54 15  janvier
YouTube removes video of Austrian MP over ’COVID-19 misinformation’
Herbert Kickl claimed that children would play not the slightest role in spreading the virus.
18h11 15  janvier
COVID vaccines: Six EU countries hit out at ’unacceptable’ delays to deliveries of Pfizer jab
Fewer doses will be available for European countries at the end of January and the beginning of February, said Pfizer.
18h00 15  janvier
Drugs, addicts and dealers: an underworld adapting to a pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has turned logistics and supply-chains upside down for both legal and illicit trade. In this episode of Unreported Europe, we look at how drug addicts are getting their fix and how dealers are bypassing pandemic restrictions.
17h53 15  janvier
After Brexit, musicians fear that it is not just live shows - but a way of life - that is over
For generations of British musicians, Europe has been more than just a place to play - it has been a pilgrimage. With Brexit, that decades-long link could have been finally severed.
17h22 15  janvier
COVID variants: International arrivals to England will have to quarantine for 10 days
All international arrivals to England will have to quarantine for 10 days from Monday amid concerns over the spread of new COVID variants.
16h36 15  janvier
Norway adjusts advice for elderly and frail people after COVID-19 vaccine deaths
The Norwegian Medicines Agency told Euronews it expected to see some deaths linked to vaccinations within nursing homes but noted that fatalities were very, very rare .
16h20 15  janvier
Fareed Zakaria’s ’Post-Pandemic World’
On Agenda Middle East we speak to political commentator and best-selling author, Fareed Zakaria about the takes from his new book: ’Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World’. We also delve into what the future holds for the Middle East.
15h45 15  janvier
Icelandic man has world’s first double arm and shoulder transplant
A hospital in Lyon, France, says it is the first in the world to carry out a double shoulder and arm transplant.
15h09 15  janvier
Swiss to vote in referendum on government’s COVID-19 measures
Campaigners say the measures, which include the closing of bars and restaurants, are disproportionate and demonstrably ineffective .
15h01 15  janvier
North Korea holds huge military parade ahead of Biden inauguration
Analysts say North Korea is using the military display to send the incoming administration in Washington a carefully calibrated message of strength.
13h45 15  janvier
Czech Republic: Ex-president unremorseful after breaking COVID rules by visiting restaurant
Former Czech president Václav Klaus was pictured at a restaurant in Prague without a mask despite a COVID-19 lockdown across the country.
12h52 15  janvier
Deliveroo driver jailed for refusing orders from Jewish restaurants
The Algerian, who was in France illegally, will be deported after he completes his four-month prison sentence.
12h06 15  janvier
Bus left dangling from bridge after crash in New York
The bus plunged 15 metres from a motorway bridge in the Bronx neighbourhood of New York City on Thursday evening.
12h05 15  janvier
Indonesian navy divers find new debris from Sriwijaya Air jet
At least 268 divers were deployed in the search on Thursday.
11h59 15  janvier
Floating islands of rubbish pollute Bulgaria’s rivers after days of heavy rainfall
Recent heavy rainfall and flooding have caused rubbish and debris to be carried into Bulgaria’s waterways.
10h54 15  janvier
Kim Jong-un vows to boost North Korea’s nuclear arsenal
The totalitarian state’s leader says it is attempting to develop nuclear missiles that can be launched from submarines.
09h30 15  janvier
Dutch government resigns amid child welfare benefits scandal
The Dutch government is resigning over its response to a child welfare benefits scandal, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Friday.
08h34 15  janvier
UK bans arrivals from South America and Portugal over new COVID variant
Portugal’s foreign minister called the UK’s decision absurd and without logic after arrivals from the country were included in a ban imposed due to a new variant of coronavirus found in Brazil.
08h14 15  janvier
Spate of high-profile media arrests in Belarus ’tactic to shut down the press’, say activists
Journalistic work is clearly being criminalised, the Eastern Europe head at RSF told Euronews.
06h30 15  janvier
Joe Biden unveils 1.9 trillion coronavirus economic relief package
The incoming US president unveiled the American Rescue Plan, which aims to speed up the vaccination campaign and deliver economic aid in the country with the highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths.
05h42 15  janvier
At least 10 dead as earthquake flattens buildings in Indonesia
A powerful earthquake hit the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes.
19h25 14  janvier
Slovenia resumes funding for national press agency after Brussels pressure
The European Union had previously warned Ljubljana against any attempt to pressure the media.
19h13 14  janvier
Inger St jberg: Denmark’s ex-immigration minister set to face impeachment trial
Inger St jberg issued an order in 2016 to separate asylum-seeking couples where one of the pair was under the age of 18.
18h31 14  janvier
Fire razes hundreds of homes at Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh
Reports say fire services were delayed in arriving at the scene and took two hours to bring the blaze under control.
17h37 14  janvier
Region in Siberia has longest cold spell for 14 years
The mercury is set to plunge to -50â and school children have been released from classes until it warms up again.
17h30 14  janvier
COVID-friendly cuddle room boosts pensioners in southern Italy
The inflatable installation allows retirement home residents to have contact with relatives without fear of picking up the virus.
17h17 14  janvier
France extends 6pm-to-6am curfew to the whole of the country
The curfew will come into force on Saturday and last for at least 15 days.
17h01 14  janvier
Who’s hoping to be the CDU’s new leader and Germany’s next chancellor?
These are the men competing to be the CDU’s next leader. They could also be Angela Merkel’s successor. Here’s what you need to know about each of the hopefuls.
14h23 14  janvier
Curtains of death’: Nets designed to protect swimmers are killing sharks in South Africa
There were 100 attacks by sharks on humans last year. In that time, humans killed 100 million sharks. So didn’t Jaws have the shark-to-human dynamic the wrong way round?
13h49 14  janvier
Tin Tin artwork sells for 2.6m euros at Paris auction
The print shows the famous Belgian journalist being scared senseless by a Chinese dragon.
13h22 14  janvier
Long-COVID sufferer speaks of constant symptoms and struggles since contracting virus 10 months ago
Claire Hastie has had daily symptoms for nearly one year now. Doctors have told her that they have no explanation as to why she is still barely able to walk
12h07 14  janvier
European stocks rise as traders anticipate Biden’s COVID recovery plan ahead of inauguration
Investors appear to have mostly been looking past political turmoil in the US, focusing instead on expectations for a stronger economy ahead.
10h46 14  janvier
Georgia’s parliament passes amnesty law to release 1,500 prisoners
The opposition claims Georgia Dream passed this law as a payback to the criminal world for the help they got during the election. In the past criminals have helped the ruling party by pressuring people during the campaign, claims former minister Thorniké Gordadze.
09h39 14  janvier
Europe’s human rights court finds Ukraine complaint against Russia over Crimea ’partly admissible’
The case concerns Ukraine’s allegations of a pattern of violations of the European Convention on Human Rights by the Russian Federation in Crimea.
09h02 14  janvier
Bulgarian villagers chase away evil with bonfire feast and dancing
Every year on the night of January 13, villagers in Bulgaria gather in a festival to scare away evil and bring good health and bountiful crops.
07h59 14  janvier
Australia to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific from Oregon
A racing pigeon survived an extraordinary 13,000-kilometre Pacific Ocean crossing from the United States but authorities consider the bird a quarantine risk.
06h02 14  janvier
Donald Trump has been impeached for a second time: Now what?
The House of Representatives has voted to impeach the president. Now it is over to the Senate.
05h22 14  janvier
Uganda votes in tense election as crackdown on opposition continues
Many Ugandans have said they are afraid to vote for the opposition leader Bobby Wine - others say that despite the risks they will vote anyway.
05h09 14  janvier
China: WHO inspectors arrive in Wuhan to probe COVID-19 origins
It comes as the country is witnessing a surge in cases of the coronavirus.
22h04 13  janvier
Triple gold for France on final day of Doha Masters
The heavyweights lined up for the final day of the Doha Masters, with 10-time World Champion Teddy Riner happy to be among them.
18h29 13  janvier
TikTok introduces changes aimed at improving privacy for younger users
The changes include making the default privacy setting for accounts with users aged 13 to 15 to private.
17h59 13  janvier
Why are so many Serbian doctors dying of COVID-19?
Serbia’s total death toll from coronavirus is relatively low, around 3,600, but its rate of fatalities in the medical profession is far higher than in other nations.
16h03 13  janvier
Former Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä assaulted outside Parliament
Helsinki police are investigating after Juha Sipilä told national television that he had been attacked with fists by an unknown assailant last week.
16h01 13  janvier
Space-aged wine returning to earth for expert tasting
The twelve bottles of Bordeaux will be examined by scientists to ascertain the effects of space travel on wine.
15h44 13  janvier
Coronavirus: Scotland’s six new rules for a tighter lockdown
Scotland announces a tightening of lockdown rules as th UK continues to struggle in the face of a new variant of COVID-19 that is more transmissible than others.
15h16 13  janvier
COVID-19 tests in northern China administered by robot
According to the developer, the droid can automatically register the subjects’ information, making the whole sampling process traceable and ensuring the authenticity of that sampling.