Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project
19h41 18  janvier
Positive Momentum in 2021
Cara Sands
We need to show up and speak up on behalf of dolphins in need. Ric O’Barry, Founder Director of Dolphin Project If
16h32 17  janvier
The Killing of Hope in Taiji
Helene O'Barry
On Christmas Eve, a young minke whale, whose gender has not been identified, got trapped in a set of fishing nets owned by the
21h43 13  janvier
Humpback Whale Latest Victim of Taiji Fisheries
Cara Sands
13h35 29  décembre
Minke Whale Trapped in Taiji’s Nets
Cara Sands
UPDATED 1 11 21: Dolphin Project can confirm that the minke whale, after being trapped for over two weeks in Taiji’s fishing nets, has
20h14 16  décembre
2020: A Year In Review
Ric OBarry
2020 has been a year like no other. I’m not certain anyone could have predicted what the last ten months have entailed.
17h22 30  novembre
Humpback Whale Freed From Fishing Nets
Cara Sands
Dolphin Project, in collaboration with Life Investigation Agency, continues to report on the ground in Taiji, Japan, documenting the captive selection and
00h41 20  novembre
O’Barry Versus Japan: Deportation Order Revoked
Cara Sands
Almost four years and ten months after Ric O’Barry was deported from Japan, the decision of the Tokyo High Court to revoke
14h52 27  octobre
Dolphin Project: A Voice for all Dolphins
Cara Sands
While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage throughout the world, Dolphin Project continues to maintain a global presence, acting as a voice
11h10 07  octobre
Of Hope and Persistence
Helene O'Barry
Amidst one of the world’s worst pandemics with the emergence of COVID-19, dolphin hunts have resumed in Taiji, Japan. And with it, the
19h15 29  septembre
Finally Dolphin Captivity to be Phased Out in France
Helene O'Barry
Great news out of France On behalf of our colleagues at the French animal rights organization C’est Assez , we are happy to