French Landscapes - Nature and landscape photography
14h21 01  juin
From above
From above Tacon river seen from Rochefort bridge in Saint Claude. French Jura.
09h50 14  mai
Spring in the forest
Spring in the forest 
20h38 09  mai
Spring in the garden
Spring in the garden 
23h02 06  mai
Waiting for the autumn to end
Waiting for the autumn to end Musieges forest in the very last autumn days.
22h02 29  avril
When spring shines
When spring shines 
15h34 21  avril
Annecy, Courier mall by a cold winter dusk
Annecy, Courier mall by a cold winter dusk An image from january, done during a short walk in a modern part of Annecy.
18h07 25  janvier
Morning blue ice
Morning blue ice An image of last friday done during a (very) cold walk along Fornant river.
17h48 18  janvier
Autumn arrival
Autumn arrival In the first days of october i had a drive through the Alps to see à little lake i had heard about.Once arrived, i discovered that the lake had just been emptied out because some work had to be done on the dam. Disapointed, i had a look to the map and saw another lake not too...
20h34 14  janvier
Autumn can be cold
Autumn can be cold Early autumn morning in the first days of december on the banks of lake Genin.
17h37 10  janvier
Fog around Barbennaz
Fog around Barbennaz Barbennaz canyon in the fog by a cold winter morning.
22h03 02  janvier
First winter morning
First winter morning Another view of the rural landscape around my home in the light of the first morning of winter. I wish you all a Beautiful New Year
15h06 09  décembre
Whitened by frost
Whitened by frost The landscape around lake Genin, beautifully whitened by frost in an early autumn morning.It was a very tranquil moment.
18h34 08  décembre
When the water smokes
When the water smokes A cold and misty autumn morning on Genin lake.
19h16 24  novembre
Visitation basilica in autumn light
Visitation basilica in autumn light 
17h50 16  novembre
When the landscape reappears
When the landscape reappears 
18h18 15  novembre
Autumn in the canyon
Autumn in the canyon A one month old image, done in the canyon of Chéran river.
18h30 09  novembre
Last colours before winter
Last colours before winter Last autumn colours in Jura forest, one week before the first snowfall.
16h53 07  novembre
Autumn around Abime river
Autumn around Abime river November 1rst in the forest of Haut Jura Natural Park along Abîme river.
08h47 16  octobre
Ruphy castle on Annecy lake
Ruphy castle on Annecy lake 
18h59 14  octobre
Autumn is still green
Autumn is still green An image from a few weeks ago.I’m very late on updating this blog. If you can’t wait to see my most recent images, have a look here.
11h00 13  septembre
Evening light on Musieges village
Evening light on Musieges village 
09h21 12  septembre
Blue hour on the countryside
Blue hour on the countryside 
10h06 05  septembre
Summer along the river
Summer along the river 
10h11 02  septembre
Yellow and green blown by the wind
Yellow and green blown by the wind 
14h10 22  août
Like a little breath in the forest
Like a little breath in the forest Summer leaves lightly moved by the evening wind.