07h18 17  décembre
Demons of Asteborg (Update December 2020) (WIP) (Genesis Game)
Shahzad Sahaib
Demons of Asteborg is a new original and challenging 2D-platform game mixing action, little puzzles and strategy coming soon for the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis, Windows, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch. This 16-bit game will bring back many memories to the retro-lovers. Quote: As you know, it’s...
07h06 17  décembre
MegaXmas’89 (Genesis Game)
Shahzad Sahaib
MegaXmas’89 by Nekojita is a new Christmas themed skiing game inspired by the Windows game SkiFree and runs on the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive. Dodge obstacles, collect presents, watch out for snowboarders, do tricks and avoid the Krampus To run the ROM, load the MegaXmas89.bin file with a Sega...
20h10 16  décembre
Petris (Commercial) (Game Boy Color Game)
Shahzad Sahaib
Petris is a puzzle game of shapely pets for the Game Boy Color (not compatible with original pocket). Build your favorite pets in all shapes and sizes, keep ahead of dropping pieces and make it to the next level The game is playable online and available through Catskull Electronics as a 32K ROM...
19h57 16  décembre
The Last Super (SNES Game)
Shahzad Sahaib
The Last Super is brand new Super Nintendo (SNES) game created to celebrate the 30th birthday of the console
19h45 16  décembre
rgbds v0.4.2 (Game Boy misc)
Shahzad Sahaib
Rednex Game Boy Development System (rgbds) is an assembly toolchain for the Nintendo Game Boy & Game Boy Color. Changes: We have a website Accordingly, HTML documentation is no longer distributed in the source or in the release artifacts below. All old documentation links now redirect to the...
19h39 16  décembre
Project Blue FC Regular Edition (NES Famicom Game)
Shahzad Sahaib
Project Blue is now ready for pre-order for Famicom Not cheap, but possibly very much worth it
19h02 16  décembre
PVSnesLib v3.1.0 (SNES misc)
Shahzad Sahaib
PVSnesLib is a small, open and free development kit for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System by alekmaul. PVSnesLib is a library to develop programs for Nintendo SNES in C langage. It contains snes-sdk compiler linker and a library (sources included) which offer facilities to use backgrounds ...
18h24 16  décembre
Alwa’s Awakening (WIP) (NES Game)
Shahzad Sahaib
Nintendolife claims that Alwa’s Awakening is getting an official NES port 2021 Let’s wait and drink tea
18h13 16  décembre
Phantom Gear (WIP) (Commercial) (Genesis Game)
Shahzad Sahaib
Phantom Gear mixes elements from a variety of classic action platformers for a unique and exciting package, and allows players to approach the game how they see fit. Lock n’ load to power through levels, or use your skills and abilities to search for Gears and Orbs. Watch this video on YouTube....
18h02 16  décembre
How to Quickly Generate C Prototype Functions in VSCode (Genesis misc)
Shahzad Sahaib
How to Quickly Generate C Prototype Functions in VSCode: One of the cool things that VSCode offers is the support for extensions. And there are a ton of them. There’s pretty much one for every occasion, and if there isn’t, there probably will be soon. And since we use C, an absolute classic of a...