Commodore 128
02h15 10  juillet
Pacific Commodore Expo NW 2020 - postponed
Forums: Commodore and RetroDue to the on-going pandemic and the unavailability of our venue, the Living Computers: Museum Labs, this year's Pacific Commodore Expo 2020 has been postponed. :( Watch the PaCommEx website at http: pacommex for any further updates....
16h29 18  juin
Extended Color Mode from basic
ECM, short for extended color mode, is a display mode of the VIC-II (C128 and C64) and of the TED (Plus 4 and C16). Display modes are controlled by two registers of VIC-II and TED: VIC2 TED Bt7 Bt6 Bt5 Bt4 Bt3 Bt2 Bt1 Bt0 Function ---- ---- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --------------...
19h16 11  mars
Forums: Commodore and RetroOf all the retro systems, the Commodore 64 had the best video system. The VIC-II chip in the C64 was the best example of why Commodore was the best, but in terms of video output, the C64 was still a consumer device: the only output was S-video, or composite video, or...
19h15 11  mars
Of all the retro systems, the Commodore 64 had the best video system. The VIC-II chip in the C64 was the best example of why Commodore was the best, but in terms of video output, the C64 was still a consumer device: the only output was S-video, or composite video, or something like it. Read more...
19h23 09  mars
C128 assembly and VDC Programming
Don Szydlowski
Forums: Commodore and RetroHey there’s another great channel showing us how to do 128 Assembly Language programming Look for Aaron Baugher’s YouTube channel ALSO he has a FANTASTIC video here https: watch?v p7DH7Ayl1W0 explaining how the VDC (80-column chip) works and how...
16h53 08  mars
Commodore 128D: Episode 3: Hardware Sprites
Tags: Nybbles and BytesC128DCategories: ElectronicsCommodoreComputersVideo
16h30 08  mars
Website moved
Forums: General DiscussionGreetings all, I just migrated the c128 website from one virtual server to another, everything should be okay but if any issues are noticed kindly email me at bherd -Bil
14h56 08  mars
Crashes in 40 columns but none in 80
Forums: Commodore and RetroI found a rather peculiar issue when it comes with dealing with BBS Telnet software. In 40 column mode I am often seeing RS-232 breaks in teh telnet window long but these do not appear in 80 column mode. Is there something about 40 column mode that impacts the user...
00h37 08  mars
Help figuring out day of week for BBS software
Forums: Commodore and RetroThis day of week code was written following the Gaussian method but it seems to be off each month. I believe it wasn’t factoring in Y2K. Any help would be appreciated. Assume p 03 07 2019 the expected result should be Thu , which it is. However it does not...
07h43 04  mars
Commodore Vegas Expo v15 2019 - August 10-11
Forums: Commodore and RetroIndescribable Indestructible Amazing Spectacular adventure beyond space and time Thundering out of the unknown, it's the... August 10-11 Commodore Vegas Expo http: commvex Thrills Shock Suspense Commodores Amigas Plaza Hotel 3rd...
20h16 26  février
Commodore 64 Emulator on Teensy 3.6 Microcontroller
Forums: Commodore and RetroCommodore 64 Emulator on Teensy 3.6 Microcontroller https: commodore-c64-emulator Github page: https: FrankBoesing Teensy64 https: watch?v CjijgL0VC6k It supports the original joysticks, USB keyboard and wireless keyboard,...
17h52 25  février
Nybbles and Bytes Episode 3
Forums: General DiscussionHey folks FYI, Episode 3 is up and running here: Commodore 128D: Episode 3: Hardware Sprites
14h15 21  février
C64 Game Programming: Keeping Score With Binary Coded Decimal
Forums: Commodore and RetroNew 8 bit video by Robin Harbron: https: vnhyGt6URYc C64 Game Programming: Keeping Score With Binary Coded Decimal
13h30 21  février
C64 Game Programming: Keeping Score With Binary Coded Decimal
New episode of 8-Bit Show and Tell going live now: https: watch?v vnhyGt6URYc I go through two methods of displaying game scores on the C64: using the KERNAL routine at BDCD, and using Binary Coded Decimal. Tags: C64programmingCommodore6502 c128dCategories...
03h41 20  février
LADS128 Archive Commodore 128 Label Assembler
Forums: General DiscussionI have a disk and the disk label says: LADS128 ARCHIVE Commodore 128 Label Assembler Program and source code (Unmodified version) There is also a piece of paper with the disk, part of it says: LADS128 ArCHIVE FILENAME: MLX128 VERS2.0 LADS LADS.BAK DEFS128 EVAL...
13h20 19  février
C 128 BBS random freezing
Forums: Commodore and RetroHi all, I have set up a BBS on Supra 128 with some modifications for telnet. The software behaves fine in local mode and when doing anything within it from the console . However when someone is connected it randomly freezes. Of course the softwre has been abandoned...
17h12 15  février
Eprom - Changing C128 Boot colors
Forums: Commodore and RetroHi all, I would like to edit my C128’s boot ROM, especially my 80 column mode colors & text. I’ve done a few Eproms on my Commodore 64s, changing colors & text, and was wondering if you could help with my 128. So far, i have I have written an edited...
16h21 13  février
Alternate Timelines: The C128 and Jack Tremiel
Don Szydlowski
Forums: Commodore and RetroEveryone remembers Back To The Future Part II, right? Remember Doc Brown explaining the alternate 1985 to Marty? Maybe, just maybe we’re living in an alternate timeline where Woz steals a time machine in a future where Commodore, and not Apple, is king, goes back...
10h02 13  février
TED Video
Forums: Commodore and RetroTesting whether I can imbed a CBM video: ON TODAY’S MENU: I’ve always been intrigued by the Commodore Plus 4 - not to mention the C16, C116, 264 and V364 - but I didn’t know much about them. Come with me on a fun journey as we explore the Plus 4 Plus some Mercenary...
09h53 13  février
Let’s Explore The Commodore Plus 4 ( Mercenary & Pets Rescue)
ON TODAY’S MENU: I’ve always been intrigued by the Commodore Plus 4 - not to mention the C16, C116, 264 and V364 - but I didn’t know much about them. Come with me on a fun journey as we explore the Plus 4 Plus some Mercenary Easter Eggs including some Essential Pepsifractic, Pets Rescue, Auf ...
21h07 12  février
Commodore 128
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23h32 11  février
Commodore 16 motherboard question
Forums: Commodore and RetroOn a Commodore 16 motherboard above u11 (74ls125) There are 2 boxes which says D2 , D1 They have 2 pads in each box, the pad on the right side is closed, the pad on the left side is open. Does anyone know what these are for. I could not find this in the schematic....
22h46 10  février
More 6510 Programming With Turbo Macro Pro
More 6510 programming on the C128 (in C64 mode) with Turbo Macro Pro. We’ll write a slightly longer program that uses the raster counter at D012, talk about Non-Maskable Interrupts and a few other things. Categories: CommodoreComputers
01h22 10  février
Games for PET, Vic-20, C128 computers (Gamebase) (fwd)
Forums: Commodore and Retro---------- Original message ---------- From: milasoft Date: Thu Jan 31, 2019 5:13 pm I am pleased to announce a new website online for Commodore PET Vic-20 enthusiasts. Commodore Gamebase is an online search tool to search any PET or VIC game that is known to exist....
19h03 08  février
Restoration of a 1983 vintage Commodore VIC20
It is rather difficult to realise that there has been a time where computers were not part of the life of most people. At the beginning of 1980’s, it was however clear that things are changing and that computers were becoming more and more important even for non-specialists. My mother, who at that...
17h30 08  février
Plus 4 CPU and TED temperatures and heatsinks
Forums: Commodore and RetroHi, I am a longtime Commodore user and I started with a VIC-20 many years ago and I recently acquired a Plus 4. I am wondering about chip temperatures. By the way, I have long being attracted by the Plus 4: I thought it’s a neat little computer, but now it’s the...
20h02 05  février
Commodore Plus 4 inductor
Forums: Commodore and RetroL4 is an axial inductor (3 bands short standard) Brown Red Gold http: online-calculators inductor-color-code-calculator.html RESULT: Value and tolerance: 1.2 H, 20% Some of my Plus 4 motherboards have this version of the inductor. In the service manual...
02h10 05  février
Pics video of Jan. 5-6 Retro City Festival 2019
Forums: Commodore and RetroOn-line for your viewing enjoyment are pictures and a short video taken at the January Retro City Festival which was in Pomona (Los Angeles area), California. The pictures are at http: 2019 01 retro-city-festival-2019-photos.html and the video...
17h19 04  février
To Bill - Messages
Forums: General Discussion
17h11 04  février
Forum Replies not received
Forums: General DiscussionFor some reason I am not receiving an email to say that there has been a reply to a forum post. Is this an issue at end? or with my isp.
16h58 04  février
Putting High Speed PCB Design to the Test
Designing circuit boards for high speed applications requires special considerations. This you already know, but what exactly do you need to do differently from common board layout? Building on where I left off discussing impedance in 2 layer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designs, I wanted to start...
16h53 04  février
Nybbles and Byte C128 Episode 2
Tags: Nybbles and BytesC128C128Dc128 metalprogrammincviciiCategories: ElectronicsCommodoreComputersVideo
03h19 04  février
Episode 2 is up
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18h01 02  février
Pi 1541 and SD2EC
Forums: General DiscussionI was wondering if someone can help me find the most economical Pi 1541 Drive and SD2EC drive for the Commodore 64 128. Case options and accessories would be helpful. I am also at a loss on all of the steps to build an SX64: https: 2019 01 25...
22h57 31  janvier
Q directly for Bil Herd - how was 8563 changed since C900 was canceled?
Forums: Commodore and Retro
16h30 31  janvier
LumaFix 128
Forums: General DiscussionLooks like the LumaFix 128 is out, and i’ve seen a few screenshots of the results. My original ’86 C128 has the bars, but not terrible. Has anyone here seen one in person? https: 2018 11 lumafix-128-has-now-entered-mass.html
12h03 30  janvier
Are there better ways to learn 6502 Code?
Forums: General DiscussionAre there better ways for Machine Language Learning? Jim Butterfield’s book Machine Language For the Commodore 64 was a good book to learn machine language but are there other books to help people learn 6502 code better?
22h08 28  janvier
C128 Screen Colors
Don Szydlowski
Forums: General DiscussionI was wondering if there was a story about choosing the screen colors on the C128: Of course we know the C64 mode has the lt blue on blue w lt blue border. I’m sure no decisions had to be made about that, but in the 128 mode there were two default screen colors...
18h48 26  janvier
Commodore 128 DCR keyboard cable length
Don Szydlowski
Forums: General DiscussionI saw a comment from NybblesAndBytes saying that she felt that the Commodore 128 DCR’s cable was too short for her liking, so I thought I would respond here (I don’t have, nor want, a YouTube account) since that user had registered earlier (hoping N&B returns )...
18h25 26  janvier
1902 and horizontal collapse :(
Don Szydlowski
Forums: General DiscussionI have a 1902 (not A) monitor. It was beautiful: it displayed nice bright crisp, sharp images. Then one day I heard a SNAP and then nothing but a bright vertical line. Now I’ve seen many topics from various sources about how to fix vertical collapse (where you...
18h08 26  janvier
Nybbles and Bytes - Episode 1: Meet the Commodore 128D
Nybbles and Bytes starts off a new video channel exploring the metal case C128D, some details about the 6502 6510 and assembly code. Tags: Nybbles and BytesCommodore128DCategories: ElectronicsCommodoreComputers
18h05 26  janvier
Commodore History Part 5 - The C128
8 Bit Guy does a good walkthrough of teh C128 and it’s history. Categories: ElectronicsCommodoreComputersVideo
18h00 26  janvier
Guru Guys get Jumped by Greg Berlin
The Guru Meditation guys were talking about fixing the Amiga 4000 not realizing I had the designer of the 4000, Greg Berlin, with me. Jump to 0:55 for the me interrupting Anthony with the news. Categories: ElectronicsCommodoreComputersVideo
17h42 26  janvier
Website issues
Forums: General Discussion
08h48 26  janvier
New C128 Youtube Channel
Don Szydlowski
Forums: General DiscussionHey I found a new YouTube channel that’s Commodore 128 mode specific NICE It’s called Nybbles and Bytes. Its host is a software engineer and she goes into explaining the 8502 processor’s archetecture and does a simple assembly language program with full...
02h17 25  janvier
About the Commodore Max
Forums: General Discussionhttps: watch?v 57E05tY3 ag
04h24 24  janvier
Pacific Commodore Expo NW 2019 - June 8-9
Forums: Commodore and RetroToo much Commodore and Amiga goodness With the April 27-28 Commodore Los Angeles Super Show being announced yesterday comes the formal announcement of the June 8-9 Pacific Commodore Expo NW (PaCommEx) at The Living Computers: Museum Labs 2245 1st Avenue South...
01h12 23  janvier
Commodore Los Angeles Super Show - April 27-28
Forums: Commodore and RetroFirst came the Commodore Vegas Expo (CommVEx), then the Pacific Commodore Expo NW (PaCommEx), and now for the third Commodore Amiga show in the triumvirate -- the Commodore Los Angeles Super Show (CLASS) We expand our Commodore Amiga shows to the second largest city...
16h59 21  janvier
Best C128D Model?
Forums: Commodore and Retro
05h49 21  janvier
Supra 128 BBS in 2019: need help with modem routines (I think)
Forums: Commodore and RetroIf you read this at Lemon64 I apologize for cross-posting but I figured there would be a different braintrust on a 128-centric board than a 64-centric one. I am working to get Supra 128 BBS back online. I have been playing with the stock version posted at Bo...