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09h41 16  avril
Retro Gamer 206 is on sale now
Nick Thorpe
Read on for details of how to get the magazine while the shops are closed
17h04 21  août
We’ve Got Space To Chat About Lunar Lander
Nick Thorpe
Sure, the pun’s bad, but this arcade classic is not
09h49 11  juillet
Jump Into The Forum For A Chat About Donkey Kong
Nick Thorpe
Mario’s debut is the subject of this week’s Retro Spotlight
17h00 04  juillet
Discuss Missile Command’s Explosive Impact On Our Forum
Nick Thorpe
This week’s spotlight focuses on Atari’s apocalyptic arcade hit.
16h51 27  juin
Feeling Froggy? Hop Over To The Forum
Nick Thorpe
Konami’s classic avoid-’em-up Frogger is the subject of this week’s Retro Gaming Spotlight
13h54 27  juin
Jumping Flash
Nick Thorpe
Find out how the Official UK PlayStation Magazine rated this innovative 3D platform game back in 1995
16h15 22  mars
Retro Gamer Issue 192 Is On Shelves Now
Nick Thorpe
Our latest fantastic issue comes looks at the making of Yoshi’s Island, and comes with a special Rob Hubbard remix CD
17h55 14  novembre
The Voice Of Movies Games And Videos Returns
Nick Thorpe
Steve Priestley narrates the Funtenga Radical Previews video
12h41 05  novembre
SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash
Nick Thorpe
This crossover card-slinging caper is one of the most popular Neo Geo Pocket Color games, and Arcade magazine felt that popularity was richly deserved
12h23 01  novembre
The King Of Fighters 95
Nick Thorpe
It might have lengthy loading times, but this Neo Geo CD fighter certainly impressed the reviewers at Computer & Video Games.
12h30 31  octobre
Fatal Fury Special
Nick Thorpe
The legendary UK magazine was impressed with SNK’s Neo Geo fighter - but you’ll have to read on to find out just how impressed it was...
13h00 30  octobre
No One Can Stop Mr Domino
Nick Thorpe
Play magazine said if this game had a middle name, it’d be originality’ - but was that enough to earn this PlayStation cult classic a top score?
10h30 29  octobre
Celebrate SNK’s 40th Anniversary With Retro Gamer 187
Nick Thorpe
Special issue comes with gifts including The Mini SNK Companion and a cool sticker sheet
13h48 26  octobre
Rocket Knight Adventures
Nick Thorpe
Were Sparkster’s charms able to win over a platformer-fatigued Sega Power in 1993? Find out here...
11h43 25  octobre
Metal Slug
Nick Thorpe
The Metal Slug series is now firmly established as one of gaming’s greatest run-and-gun franchises - but what did Edge magazine make of the original in 1996?
17h12 24  octobre
Sonic R
Nick Thorpe
Sonic fans are often divided by their opinions on this racing spin-off - what did Saturn Power magazine make of it in January 1998?
15h08 07  septembre
Yasuyuki Oda talks SNK Heroines
Nick Thorpe
SNK’s producer explains the company’s new all-women tag team fighter
09h06 02  août
Pre-order the Arcade 1Up (advertorial)
Darran Jones
What makes a videogame feel great
17h02 28  juin
ToeJam & Earl: Back In The Groove Set For Autumn
Nick Thorpe
Crowdfunded sequel also parts ways with Adult Swim Games
16h31 14  juin
Don’t Miss Retro Gamer Issue 182
Nick Thorpe
Mega gifts accompany our Mega Drive feature in our Sega special - and it’s out today