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21h06 22  janvier
5 Technologies Massively Disrupting Hotel Customer Service in the Age of Big Data
Annie Qureshi
Big data is changing the future of the hospitality sector in immeasurable ways. Although many facets of this industry are impacted by new advances in data technology, customer service is arguably the most important. Any business that relies on customer service must learn to adapt to developing...
19h38 22  janvier
Big Data Plays Key Role in Helping Satellites Get Launched into Orbit
Ryan Kh
Big data is changing the space race in ways that original founders at NASA and other global space exploration organizations never foresaw decades ago. Miriam Kramer, an author with Axios, talked about the growing number of space companies that are finding new ways to utilize big data. They hope new...
22h41 21  janvier
Why Your Business Needs a Data Backup Strategy
Sean Mallon
While protecting your data is a matter of paramount importance for ordinary users, there are also considerations for business owners. Every viable enterprise has myriads of crucial data that must be protected at all costs, not just by virus protection software but also in a more complex way....
22h32 21  janvier
Top 5 Big Data Trends Influencing Education in 2021
Diana Hope
Technologies change the way we teach and learn. Big data is one of the most important technological advances that is shaping the education sector in the 21st Century. New big data tools help to reimagine and improve our strategies. They are especially relevant in the context of distance learning....
22h25 21  janvier
Big Data Helps Solar Energy Become Major Cost Saver for Businesses
Sean Parker
Many people donít realize the countless benefits that big data has provided for the solar energy sector. A growing number of solar energy companies are using new advances in data analytics and machine learning to increase the value of their products. A little over a year ago,
21h13 20  janvier
Customer Data Analytics is Critical to the Future of Account-Based Marketing
Annie Qureshi
We have talked at length about the importance of data analytics in the field of marketing. Data analytics offers many useful insights for companies striving to boost their market share. One of the best applications of data analytics is through enhanced account-based marketing. There are a lot of...
21h39 19  janvier
Blockchain: The Fall of Traditional Centralized Systems in Business & Finance
Ryan Kh
Blockchain is one of the most important technologies to shape the world. One of the biggest industries that has been affected has been finance. The market for blockchain technology in the financial sector is expected to reach over 3 billion by 2024. The question many experts are asking is: what...
19h14 19  janvier
AI-Driven Employee Monitoring Software Solves the Most Pressing Organizational Challenges
Sean Parker
Artificial intelligence is helping solve a number of problems that modern businesses encounter. They spent 39.9 billion last year. We typically think about the merits of AI in the context of marketing, manufacturing, financial reporting and customer service management. Although AI technology is...
22h04 18  janvier
Leveraging Data Analytics for YouTube SEO for Maximum Visibility
Sean Mallon
Big data is at the core of any competent marketing strategy. We have talked before about the importance of merging big data with SEO. However, we mostly talked about using data-driven SEO to drive traffic to your money site. Big data SEO strategies can also be very effective with YouTube marketing....
20h45 18  janvier
C and C Are Surprisingly Useful for Data Science Applications
Sean Parker
We recently heard from a number of C and C experts talk about its merits with data science. Cristiano L. Fontana of talked about some of these benefits in a recent article. Here is an excerpt from this post: While languages like Python and R are increasingly popular for data...