15h00 25  janvier
An Introduction to the Rollup.js JavaScript Bundler
Craig Buckler
Rollup.js is a next-generation JavaScript module bundler from Rich Harris, the author of Svelte. It compiles multiple source files into a single bundle. The benefits include: development is easier to manage when using smaller, self-contained source files the source can be linted, prettified, and...
14h00 24  janvier
Meet Svelte 3, a Powerful, Even Radical JavaScript Framework
Jack Franklin
In this article, we’ll explore Svelte 3, a front-end JavaScript framework that takes a slightly different approach to frameworks. Whereas frameworks like React ship a large bundle of JavaScript, Svelte applications are compiled by the Svelte compiler into JavaScript that claims to be much smaller...
14h00 20  janvier
How to Design Your Video Player with UX in Mind
Michiel Mulders
This article explores different video player controls, their purpose, and which controls to pick for specific use cases such as learning platforms, social media platforms, power users, or mobile users. Did you know how many cool power-user controls YouTube has? Read on An engaging video player can...
14h00 19  janvier
Getting Started with Laravel Livewire
Wern Ancheta
As developers, we’re always looking for tools, libraries, and frameworks that will make our lives easier. It’s no different for Laravel developers. That’s the reason why we love this framework to begin with, as everything is made easy for us allowing us to focus on building awesome applications...
14h00 18  janvier
How to Set Up VS Code for React Development
Michael Wanyoike
React developers need a code editor that enables them to write React code productively. There are thousands of free extensions in VS Code’s marketplace that can help supercharge your development workflow. In this article, I’ll highlight a selection of extensions and settings that will drive your...
14h00 17  janvier
An Introduction to the JavaScript Temporal API
Craig Buckler
Whatever your opinion of JavaScript, everyone thinks date handling is a mess. The Date() object implementation was copied directly from Java in 1995. Java scrapped it two years later but it remained in JavaScript for backward compatibility. These are the problems we face with Date(): it only...
14h00 14  janvier
Extending Flarum: Adding a Web3 Address to a User’s Profile
Bruno Skvorc
Flarum is incredibly fast, extensible, free and open-source forum software. In our first Flarum tutorial Writing a Flarum Extension: Building a Custom Field we covered how to add a new custom field to a user’s profile in a blazing fast and extremely extensible open-source forum software...
21h00 13  janvier
How to Improve User Experience with Accurate User Feedback
Michiel Mulders
For every action on the Web, there should be a reaction. Feedback might tell a user if the action was successful or not, but ideally it will tell them more, such as what to do next or why an action is taking so long. You’ve probably experienced a situation where you’ve submitted a form. After...
21h00 12  janvier
High-output Project Management in Notion
Khe Hy
When it comes to Notion, less can truly be more. With just three tables, you can create a unified and customized system that tracks and organizes all the information your team needs to succeed. Gone are the days of pulling out tasks from Asana and then searching for a corresponding standard...
06h30 12  janvier
JavaScript’s New Immutable Data Types: Records and Tuples
Craig Buckler
Records and tuples are new JavaScript immutable data types currently at stage 2 in the TC39 standards approval process. They are subject to change and not currently available in any browser or runtime, but working implementations should arrive within the next year. They help solve a couple of...
17h00 10  janvier
5 JavaScript Tools to Look Out For in 2021
Craig Buckler
The JavaScript ecosystem evolves at a rapid pace, and you know your toolset will be superseded the moment you choose it It’s impossible to keep up with all libraries, frameworks, and techniques, but you can observe trends and directions of movement within the industry. React.js, Vue.js, Svelte,...
21h00 23  décembre
How to Test React Components Using Jest
Jack Franklin
This article is by guest author Jack Franklin. SitePoint guest posts aim to bring you engaging content from prominent writers and speakers of the JavaScript community. In this article, we’ll take a look at using Jest a testing framework maintained by Facebook to test our React components. We’ll...
21h00 22  décembre
Cut, Copy and Paste in JavaScript with the Clipboard API
Craig Buckler
Accessing the OS clipboard using browser JavaScript has been possible for several years using document.execCommand(). Unfortunately, there are some problems: clipboard access is synchronous, which has performance and security implications support is patchy, especially on older versions of Safari...
21h10 21  décembre
A Beginner’s Guide to the Micro Frontend Architecture
Chris Laughlin
Gone are the days of a single web page for your cat or dog. Modern web development delivers rich user experiences that span the gambit of user flows and interactions. Building, maintaining, deploying, and delivering these experiences requires large-scale developer teams and complex deployment...
21h00 20  décembre
A Beginner’s Guide to Webpack
Ivaylo Gerchev
ArticleCopy img border: solid 1px gray important; Nowadays, we’re forced to use many accessory tools to facilitate, speed up and optimize our web development workflow. Often, though, such tools add an extra layer of complexity into the stack. As a result, we need to utilize additional time...
21h00 17  décembre
Writing a Flarum Extension: Building a Custom Field
Bruno Skvorc
Flarum is incredibly fast, extensible, free and open-source forum software. It has been in development since 2014 and is nearing the end of its beta phase. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the process of adding a custom field to a user account. This custom field will be settable from a user’s...
21h00 16  décembre
Meet Redwood, a Full-stack, Serverless Jamstack Framework
Camilo Reyes
Imagine a React app, delivered by CDN, that sends GraphQL queries to a back end running AWS Lambdas around the world, all accessible via a git push. This is Redwood an opinionated, full-stack framework that embraces the Jamstack. The ideas behind the Redwood framework are embodied in the name...
21h00 15  décembre
Recreate the Cyberpunk 2077 Button Glitch Effect in CSS
Jhey Tompkins
If you’re interested in video games in the slightest, you’re no doubt aware of Cyberpunk 2077. It’s one of the most anticipated games of 2020. The world it paints has a certain style to it. The game’s website does a brilliant job of portraying that aesthetic. Its design does a great job of...
21h44 14  décembre
Rust Tutorial: An Introduction to Rust for JavaScript Devs
Jakob Meier
Rust is a programming language that originated at Mozilla Research in 2010. Today, it’s used by all the big companies. Both Amazon and Microsoft endorsed it as the best alternative to C C for their systems. But Rust doesn’t stop there. Companies like Figma and Discord are now leading the way by...
04h12 14  décembre
A Guide to Serverless Deployment with Express and MongoDB
Erik Kückelheim
In this tutorial, I’ll show you my favorite workflow for deploying database-driven web apps. It’s meant for developers who want to go full-stack on their side projects without having to set up and maintain a complex multi-service infrastructure. We’ll deploy a very rudimentary web app written in...
23h14 08  décembre
The Best Free Monospace Fonts for Developers, Compared
Daniel Schwarz
Whether or not you know the name, you know what a monospace font is. The distinctive text you expect in an editor like Visual Studio Code is set in a monospace font, and they’ve become synonymous with code itself. They’re distinguished from other fonts by having fixed-width characters which all...
22h00 07  décembre
How to Draw Cubic Bézier Curves on HTML5 SVGs
Craig Buckler
The article How to Create Complex Paths in SVGs examined the element and showed how to draw a series of lines and arcs to create any shape. (It’s often used to replicate fonts without requiring a full font download.) The d attribute offers a couple of extra tricks to draw smooth curves. In this...
23h20 06  décembre
How to Draw Quadratic Bézier Curves on HTML5 SVGs
Craig Buckler
The article How to Create Complex Paths in SVGs examined the element and showed how to draw a series of lines and arcs to create any shape. (It’s often used to replicate fonts without requiring a full font download.) The d attribute offers a couple of extra tricks to draw smooth curves. In this...
23h00 01  décembre
How to Translate from DOM to SVG Coordinates and Back Again
Craig Buckler
Using SVGs is relatively straight forward until you want to mix DOM and vector interactions. In this series of SVG articles, we’ve looked at what SVGs are, why you should consider them and how you can embed them in your web pages. We’ve also looked at basic drawing elements and how more complex...
22h00 30  novembre
CSS with SVG: Real World Usage
Craig Buckler
SVG is a lightweight vector image format that’s used to display a variety of graphics on the Web and other environments with support for interactivity and animation. In this article, we’ll explore the various ways to use CSS with SVG, and ways to include SVGs in a web page and manipulate them. The...
23h00 29  novembre
How to Create Complex Paths in SVGs
Craig Buckler
In this series of SVG articles, you’ve discovered what SVGs are, why you should consider them and how you can embed them in your web pages. You’ve also seen basic drawing elements, but most images move beyond simple lines, rectangles, and ellipses. The SVG path element is far more advanced. It...
00h38 25  novembre
A Guide to Positive Reinforcement in UX Design
Michiel Mulders
We love to point out others’ mistakes. However, what about providing positive feedback when a user completes a critical action? Often, applications lack positive feedback mechanisms that contribute to a more positive user experience. Positive reinforcement focuses on rewarding or strengthening...
15h59 24  novembre
Scalable Vector Graphics: Drawing Basics
Craig Buckler
In this article, you’ll discover the basic concepts, document structure, and drawing elements used in SVG images. If you’re completely new to SVGs, it may help to read the following articles first: Scalable Vector Graphics: an Overview 7 Reasons to Consider SVGs Instead of Canvas SVG Co-ordinate...
21h16 18  novembre
5 Tips for Writing Better Microcopy
Michiel Mulders
When you see an application for the first time, the microcopy can give away many clues about the app’s purpose, how the app can help us, and how we can interact with the app. Still, many organizations develop great applications but don’t write an effective microcopy. Microcopy refers to the...
11h39 17  novembre
5 Ways to Improve User Experience with Machine Learning
Michiel Mulders
Hollywood filmmakers love to present artificial intelligence as an intelligent agent who’s more capable than humans. Luckily, we haven’t reached this state yet. We still need engineers to develop innovative algorithms and tools to improve human interactions with software and systems. Machine...
19h00 11  novembre
Create React App: Get React Projects Ready Fast
Pavels Jelisejevs
Starting a new React project isn’t that simple. Instead of diving straight into code and bringing your application to life, you have to spend time configuring the right build tools to set up a local development environment, unit testing, and a production build. Luckily, help is at hand in the form...
08h20 09  novembre
Getting Started with React Native
Wern Ancheta
With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, developers are looking into solutions for building mobile applications. For developers with a web background, frameworks such as Cordova and Ionic, React Native, NativeScript, and Flutter allow us to create mobile apps with languages we’re already...
20h17 04  novembre
How to Find & Fix Common Website Accessibility Issues
Kilian Valkhof
It’s the 2020s, so we shouldn’t any longer have to make the case for accessibility. An accessible site means you reach more people, the people you reach (even abled ones) all have an easier time using your site, and you won’t get sued. And with the tools and resources available to developers and...
20h00 01  novembre
How to Organize a Large React Application and Make It Scale
Jack Franklin
This article is by guest author Jack Franklin. SitePoint guest posts aim to bring you engaging content from prominent writers and speakers of the Web community. In this article, I’ll discuss the approach I take when building and structuring large React applications. One of the best features of...
08h00 28  octobre
Higher-order Components: A React Application Design Pattern
Jack Franklin
In this article, we’ll discuss how to use higher-order components to keep your React applications tidy, well-structured and easy to maintain. We’ll discuss how pure functions keep code clean and how these same principles can be applied to React components. Pure Functions A function is considered...
21h00 27  octobre
Working with Forms in React
Nilson Jacques
Almost every application needs to accept user input at some point, and this is usually achieved with the venerable HTML form and its collection of input controls. If you’ve recently started learning React, you’ve probably arrived at the point where you’re now thinking, So how do I work with forms?...
09h00 27  octobre
20 Essential React Tools
Camilo Reyes
The React ecosystem has evolved into a growing list of dev tools and libraries. The plethora of tools is a true testament to React’s popularity. For devs, it can be a dizzying exercise to navigate this maze that changes at neck-breaking speed. To help navigate your course, below is a list of...
05h20 27  octobre
React Router v5: The Complete Guide
Manjunath M
React Router is the de facto standard routing library for React. When you need to navigate through a React application with multiple views, you’ll need a router to manage the URLs. React Router takes care of that, keeping your application UI and the URL in sync. This tutorial introduces you to...
18h50 21  octobre
Learnability in Web Design: 5 Best Practices
Michiel Mulders
Have you ever considered improving the learnability of your product or website? Perhaps it’s your first time reading about the concept of learnability. It’s not an easy task to build a learnable website, as it requires some experimentation and A B testing. Learnability’s goal is to design a clear...
18h00 21  octobre
How to Bundle a Simple Static Site Using Webpack
James Hibbard
Webpack has established itself as an indispensable part of the JavaScript toolchain. It has over 55,000 stars on GitHub and is used by many of the big players in the JavaScript world, such as React and Angular. However, you don’t need to be using a front-end framework, or be working on a large...
22h00 19  octobre
How to Create a Reddit Clone Using React and Firebase
Nirmalya Ghosh
React is a fantastic front-end library for building user interfaces. When picking a back end to use alongside it, you can’t go far wrong with Firebase, a Backend-as-a-Service (Baas) that makes it easy to add data persistence (and much more besides) to your React app. In this tutorial, we’ll be...
20h21 18  octobre
How to Create Your First REST API with Fastify
Michiel Mulders
Fastify is a framework designed for back-end web development. It offers a more lightweight alternative to heavier Node.js API frameworks, such as Hapi and Express. From July 2020, Fastify has released its third version of the framework. This third version comes with improved validation abilities to...
21h58 14  octobre
Core Web Vitals: A Guide to Google’s Web Performance Metrics
Craig Buckler
Google wants people to have a good web experience, so it ranks fast sites higher in search results. Of course, that’s a gross simplification but, presuming you’re comparing two sites with similar content and audiences, the faster one should appear higher in results. But how Google measures this has...
20h00 14  octobre
How to Test Responsive Web Design Cross-Browser Compatibility
Craig Buckler
HTML is an inherently fluid medium. Text and containers expand horizontally and vertically to use the available space. That fluidity made complex designs more difficult, so by the turn of the millennium, many sites adopted a fixed-width based on popular screen sizes. The process remained viable as...
04h00 14  octobre
How to Create an Ecommerce Site with React
Deven Rathore
In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to build a very simple ecommerce web application with React. It won’t be the next Shopify, but hopefully it will serve as a fun way to demonstrate how well suited React is to building dynamic and engaging user interfaces. The app will demonstrate a basic cart...
18h00 12  octobre
An Introduction to JSX
Matt Burnett
When React was first introduced, one of the features that caught most people’s attention (and drew the most criticism) was JSX. If you’re learning React, or have ever seen any code examples, you probably did a double-take at the syntax. What is this strange amalgamation of HTML and JavaScript? Is...
21h39 08  octobre
React Hooks: How to Get Started & Build Your Own
Michael Wanyoike
Hooks have been taking the React world by storm. In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at what hooks are and how you use them. I’ll introduce you to some common hooks that ship with React, as well as showing you how to write your own. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll be able to use hooks in your...
21h30 07  octobre
Getting Started with React: A Beginner’s Guide
Michael Wanyoike
React is a remarkable JavaScript library that’s taken the development community by storm. In a nutshell, it’s made it easier for developers to build interactive user interfaces for web, mobile and desktop platforms. Today, thousands of companies worldwide are using React, including big names such...
23h00 05  octobre
Build a Node.js CRUD App Using React and FeathersJS
Michael Wanyoike
Building a modern project requires splitting the logic into front-end and back-end code. The reason behind this move is to promote code re-usability. For example, we may need to build a native mobile application that accesses the back-end API. Or we may be developing a module that will be part of a...
19h27 05  octobre
A Guide to HTML & CSS Forms (No Hacks )
Daniel Schwarz
Historically, HTML forms have been quite tricky firstly, because at least a little bit of JavaScript was required, and secondly, because no amount of CSS could ever make them behave. However, this isn’t necessarily true in the case of the modern web, so let’s learn how to mark up forms using only...