Starforce pi
15h02 20  novembre
SFP goes VAPORware
Well, at least for the foreseeable future& After years of exhaustive research, prototyping, hyping and working on my lonesome Iíve come to the conclusion that there isnít a realistic way for me to bring the StarForce Pi into a production line. The landscape has changed drastically since I first...
17h27 02  septembre
The Atari Lynx 1-UP
Whatís the greatest handheld of the 1980s and 1990s? Why, the 16-bit arcade juggernaut named Atari Lynx, of course I was a kid when the original Lynx 1 came out for us here in the old country in 1990, and was blown away. The Game Boy was a monochrome moron in comparison, and the Game & Continue...
17h33 17  aoŻt
SEGAís Fatal 30 on the Nintendo Snack Pack
Here comes SEGA Kidd I grew up with the Master System, Mega Drive, and Game Gear, which put me thoroughly entrenched with Team SEGA, in direct opposition of the dull mouth-breathers than inhabit the swamps of Team Nintendo. Thankfully, Iíve matured since then; if I can live with seeing Sonic on a...
16h04 15  aoŻt
The Nintendo Snack Pack
After rebuilding every major classic system from the console wars era, I finally brought the remaining two powerhouses of the late-80s early-90s into one easy-to-carry little console. A light-weight version of the Sega Omega Drive, if you will, featuring a carefully hand-picked list of games for...
21h16 06  aoŻt
Building the Nintendo Snack Pack
Iíve built previous systems with an eye for authenticity and to revitalize excitement for classic consoles. The Starforce NEO was building an actual MVS into the smallest possible form-factor, keeping the arcade vibe intact without requiring a forklift to move. The Sega Omega Drive was creating a...
13h21 04  janvier
Whatís the best backlight color for Game Boy DMG & Pocket?
Iíve been modding systems for a while now, and so far the easiest and most fun one has been backlight modding classic Game Boys and Game Boy Pockets. If you want to try modding but never done it before, start with this itís easy, cheap, cool, effective and satisfying. There are plenty of...
11h29 04  janvier
Whereís my STARFORCE PI?
Itís that time again to share where weíre at with the STARFORCE PI and my other projects Most of you have come to know this by now: I go through a spree of updates, shares of my latest builds, communications and then itís radio silence for months. It really is purely a lack of time; & Continue...
20h59 14  mai
Gaming on the Sega Omega Drive & the PC Engine SD
Just a few shots of the Sega Omega Drive playing the very excellent Contra: Hard Corps I played with an Everdrive as the game has reached a rediculous price-tag, but I gotta say Itís almost worth a slapped wallet. The video output is a 640 480 VGA signal from an SLG-in-a-Box by Arcade Forge...
14h57 01  mai
The Sega Omega Drive
After building a few all-in-one systems like the STARFORCE PI and STARFORCE NEO I realized that I wanted to do something really special with the console that I grew up with and had the fondest childhood memories: The Sega Mega Drive. Additionally, I wanted to be able to connect other oldschool...
11h56 19  avril
The PC Engine SD
Building a gaming console to commercial standard production is tough work. It comes with lots of trial and error and a dependence on outside help, expertise and collaboration. With little money, this process is glacial, but with dedication and tenacity, at least some of you will enjoy portable...