Chasing Amazing Spider-Man
07h00 15  octobre
Reunited With Comics Past
Mark Ginocchio
Itís been more than 7 years since I first wrote my story about Amazing Spider-Man #300 a comic that most who have followed my exploits in comic book writing and podcasting over the years will quickly note is an incredibly important piece of my childhood. The original story for ASM #300 was that I...
07h00 23  mai
Remembrance of Comics Past (Super Blog Team-Up Edition): Amazing Spider-Man #393
Mark Ginocchio
As we enter this period Reign of the Super Blog Team-Up, Iíve found myself pondering over all of the fits and starts my quest to collect every issue of Amazing Spider-Man experienced. Collecting nearly 800 issues of one comic book series was never a truly linear quest. It probably would have...
10h00 22  juin
Remembrance of Comics Past: Amazing Spider-Man #223
Mark Ginocchio
To most observers and Spider-Man fans, Amazing Spider-Man #223 is the quintessential forgettable issue. It marks the final installment of the lame duck Denny OíNeil-era on the book and OíNeil didnít even script his plot, instead leaving it to a fill-in writer, J.M. DeMatteis (who was still a few...
23h38 31  mai
Remembrance of Comics Past: Amazing Spider-Man #43
Mark Ginocchio
The world of negotiating is filled with so many pearls of wisdom that even the biggest cynic would readily admit some are tried and true and impossible to argue with. But sounding good and right on paper versus actually following through and adhering to that advice can sometimes be a slippery slope...
10h00 26  avril
Remembrance of Comics Past: Amazing Spider-Man #225
Mark Ginocchio
In the world of internet writing, the currency we operate in is clichťs. How about this one, Donít cry over spilt milk. I mean, seriously, is there anything more tragic than spilling milk or crying over it? Or how about Selling like Hotcakes. If memory serves, I spent an entire podcast...
10h05 10  avril
Remembrance of Comics Past: Amazing Spider-Man #154
Mark Ginocchio
For me, Amazing Spider-Man #154 stinks. No, thatís not a critique about the quality of the Len Wein Sal Buscema story (though seriously, that costume they picked out for Sandman during the 1970s was absolutely hideous). Nor is it really a comment on the overall condition of the comic (though no one...
00h03 24  mars
Remembrance of Comics Past: Amazing Spider-Man #64
Mark Ginocchio
Going all the way back to some of the posts Iíve written about the very first Spider-Man comic I ever purchased (Amazing Spider-Man #296), Iíve alluded to the fact that one of the things that fascinated me as a kid about comics was the sequential numbering system of each series. Itís totally...
01h49 08  mars
Remembrance of Comics Past: Amazing Spider-Man #201
Mark Ginocchio
First, some ramblings from the author. Oh Hi there If youíre someone who subscribes to this site, youíre probably surprised to see Iím posting here with some original content for the first time, in, oh, a good two years or so. If youíre someone stumbling across this blog for the first time, or...
10h36 04  janvier
Check Out My Last Few Spider-Man Lost Gems
Mark Ginocchio
In typical Chasing Amazing fashion, Iíve neglected to update all of you of my writing on over the past few weeks. I recently wrapped-up my Lost Gems feature that looked back on underrated Spider-Man stories. Here are some of those posts: Thin Air (The Pulse #1-5) Keemia...
16h33 03  janvier
Check Out My Carnage #3 Review
Mark Ginocchio
In addition to talking Amazing Spider-Man over at these days, Iím also reviewing the new Carnage series by Gerry Conway and Mike Perkins. Check out the review of the bookís latest issue and then do yourself a favor and read the book for yourself