Diversions Of The Groovy Kind
05h02 18  décembre
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, 2020
nbsp; Like the title says, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Groove-ophiles 2020 has been some year, but we’ve made it to the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, so let’s celebrate And how better to celebrate here in Groove City than to look back at the wonderfulness of yesteryear? Remember Ivan...
14h30 11  décembre
R.I.P. Richard Corben
nbsp;There was no artist like Richard Corben, who passed December 2. While much of his output was too mature for Young Groove back in the Groovy Age, I have always admired his singular, savagely spectacular style. And THAT Meatloaf album cover.Corben colors EisnerKen Kelly fooling Ol’...
05h02 04  décembre
Ol’ Groove’s Still Making Comics With a Groovy (and Golden) Age Vibe
Happy Holidays, Groove-ophiles Ol’ Groove is happier than an elf with a brand-new set of toymaking tools Why? ’Cause...Diversions #3 is finally available in print and digital from IndyPlanet and in digital format from DriveThru Comics The issue kicks off with the conclusion of an exciting NIGHT...