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09h26 19  janvier
Bad Idea: We’ve Tried, But Just Can’t Stop Ourselves from Publishing ENIAC #2 in April
Richard Boom
The publisher made sure everyone knows about the following: After ENIAC #1 arrives on stands on March 3, 2021, you’ll never guess what happens next: THE NEXT ISSUE Yes, you’re reading that right In a move that is as sequential as it is audacious, Bad Idea will be following up its momentously...
09h17 19  janvier
Previews: Myths & Legends Quarterly: Gretel Witch Hunter and Van Helsing: Hellfire
Richard Boom
Zenescope Entertainment has provided C4s with a preview to Myths & Legends Quarterly: Gretel Witch Hunter and Van Helsing: Hellfire, coming to stores Jan 27, 2021. Myths & Legends Quarterly: Gretel Witch Hunter Writer: Dave FranchiniArtwork: Alessio Mariani, Guillermo Fajardo,Babisu Kourtis, &...
09h08 19  janvier
Spider-Woman Goes Back To Basic in #11
Richard Boom
After ten explosive issues, Jessica Drew’s hit solo series continues this April. Throughout this thrilling run, Spider-Woman has overcome HYDRA, confronted her nefarious mother in a wild family reunion, and learned more about her past then she’s ever wanted to. And writer Karla Pacheco and artist...
08h46 19  janvier
Preview: Belle: Dead of Winter & The Courier: Liberty and Death #1
Richard Boom
Zenescope Entertainment has provided C4s with a preview to Belle: Dead of Winter & The Courier: Liberty and Death #1, coming to stores Jan 20, 2021. Belle: Dead of Winter Writer: Dave FranchiniArtwork: Julius Abrera A sinister winter storm is descending upon Philadelphia. Will Belle be ready to...
11h06 13  janvier
Preview: The Mighty Valkyries #1
Richard Boom
After their cataclysmic showdown with Knull in KING IN BLACK: RETURN OF THE VALKYRIES, Asgard’s greatest warriors will embark on another glorious quest in a brand-new series. Launching in April, THE MIGHTY VALKYRIES will be crafted by the returning all-star creative team of writers Jason Aaron and...
15h33 12  janvier
Shi: Haikyo, the 64-page sequel to Return of the Warrior is on FIRE
Richard Boom
Shi: Haikyo, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Shi: Return of the Warrior’s first week on Kickstarter has already garnered over 21,000 while continued momentum on Indiegogo has propelled Haikyo’s Indemand page near 128,000.00. The incredible success of Haikyo’s Exclusive Kickstarter launch...
15h29 12  janvier
Preview: Red Sonja: The Superpowers #1
Richard Boom
Dynamite Entertainment has provided C4S with a preview to Red Sonja: The Superpowers #1, coming to stores worldwide, (and online& support those shops folks ) on Jan 13, 2021 Red Sonja: The Superpowers #1 writer: Dan Abnett artist: Jonathan Lau covers: Lucio Parrillo (A), Joseph Michael Linsner ...
13h10 12  janvier
Review: Jungle Captive #1
Richard Boom
Gary Parkin is the writer artist behind Kickstarter’s sleeper hit Vampocalypse #1, and he’s now alternating issues between Vampocalypse and this beautiful new title, Jungle Captive. Gary -Parkin -according to his project page- has had a long career in advertising, publishing and commission work,...
12h53 11  janvier
In memoriam: Julie Strain RIP
Richard Boom
The comic book world now misses an angel, as word comes out that Queen of the B-movies Julie Strain a Playboy model-turned comic book star passed away yesterday. Bleeding Cool back in 2018 already mentioned her mental health, her being in hospice in the last stage of dementia, and the...
14h50 08  janvier
Inkwell Awards Adds New Special Ambassadors: Mark Sinnott and Joe Prado
Richard Boom
The Inkwell Awards, a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocacy group, elected artists Mark Sinnott and Joe Prado as new Special Ambassadors to help further the group’s mission of public promotion, education and recognition of the art form of inking and ink artists in the US comic book industry. Mark Sinnott...
08h48 06  janvier
Preview: SCOUT’S HONOR #1
Richard Boom
Aftershock Comics has provided C4S with a preview to Scout’s Honor #1, in stores Jan 6, 2021. Preview pages were previously exclusive to MvsR. SCOUT’S HONOR #1 New Series Writer: David PeposeArtist: Luca Casalanguida Years after a nuclear apocalypse, a new society has risen from the ashes&and...
22h38 29  décembre
Preview: Van Helsing #50
Richard Boom
Zenescope Entertaiment has provided C4S with a preview to the Van Helsing #50, coming to stores 13 Jan, 2021. Van Helsing #50 Writer: Joe BrushaArtwork: Allan Otero, Julius Abrera, Babisu Kourtis, & Daniel Mainé Synopsis: Liesel Van Helsing has taken on Dracula and his league of undead allies on...
22h33 29  décembre
Preview: Vampirella (Vol. 5) #16
Richard Boom
Dynamite Entertaiment has provided C4S with a preview to the Vampirella (Vol. 5) #16, coming to stores 30 Dec, 2020. Vampirella (Vol. 5) #16 writer: Christopher Priestartist: Ergün Gündüzcovers: Lucio Parrillo (A), Peach Momoko (B), Fay Dalton (C), Ergün Gündüz (D), Holly Ophelia Cosplay Variant (E...
22h28 29  décembre
Merry X-Mas and Happy 2021 from Dogwitch and Dan Schaffer
Richard Boom
22h25 29  décembre
Merry X-Mas and Happy 2021 from Coffin Comics
Richard Boom
22h21 29  décembre
Preview: MADI: Once Upon a Time in the Future
Richard Boom
Z2 Comics presented C4S with a preview to the MADI: Once Upon a Time in the Future , in stores December 15, 2020. MADI: Once Upon a Time in the Future (W) Duncan Jones, Alex de Campi (A) VariousMADI is a 260-page road trip graphic novel set in the near future, by film director Duncan Jones (MOON,...
21h56 29  décembre
Preview: Gorillaz Almanac
Richard Boom
Z2 Comics presented C4S with a preview to the Gorillaz Almanac , in stores December 15, 2020. Gorillaz Almanac (W) Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz (A) Jamie HewlettStop the presses Twenty years in the making, the Gorillaz ALMANACis the very first annual by Gorillaz, published this October in partnership...
21h38 29  décembre
Red Sonja #25 Celebrates the Character’s Past & Future
Richard Boom
Following up the critically acclaimed two year tenure of the Eisner-nominated Mark Russell, Red Sonja #25 is an oversized anniversary celebration honoring the road taken and the road ahead for the She-Devil With a Sword The double-sized special start of a new story arc is written by Sonja all-star...
11h50 28  décembre
Vampiric Vixens Clash in Vampirella vs. Purgatori
Richard Boom
When Vampirella and Purgatori cross paths, which vampiress will come out on top and will anyone around them survive? Dynamite reveals the legend in a new series debuting in March.Writer Ray Fawkes (Constantine, Justice League Dark) brings his talents for the creepy side of things to these two...
11h40 28  décembre
Breakthrough artist Peach Momoko Writes&Draws X-Men Demon Days
Richard Boom
Artist Peach Momoko has taken the comic world by storm with her mega-popular variant covers. Now, Marvel Comics announces this elite artist will be making her Marvel Comics writing and interior art debut this March with DEMON DAYS: X-MEN DEMON DAYS: X-MEN will be the start of a five-part prestige...