Straitened Circumstances
15h48 26  décembre
Wonder Woman 1984 Review: A Baffling, Discordant Sequel
Tim Hanley
I’m going to avoid spoilers here, but it’s going to be really hard. Spoilers are terrible of course, and I can discuss my feelings about the film without them. I’m not wrapped up in the specifics of the movie here, so much as the general confoundingness of it all. But there is one thing,...
19h33 23  décembre
The Best Wonder Woman Comics of All Time on Polygon
Tim Hanley
I’m back on Polygon today, and this time things are a little more controversial I was asked to assemble a list of the best Wonder Woman comics of all time, and this is the result. First, know that I suffered for this. Enjoyably so, though. It was really fun to put this together But soContinue...
18h54 18  décembre
A Brief History of Wonder Woman in the 1980s on Polygon
Tim Hanley
With Wonder Woman 1984 set to hit theaters (and streaming in some countries) on Christmas Day, I had the pleasure of writing an article for Polygon on the state of Wonder Woman in the 1980s. The issue that would’ve been available in comics shops in December 1984 was Wonder Woman #323, and...
17h23 30  septembre
Women & NB Creators at Marvel Comics, October 2020 Solicits 17 Creators on 16 Books
Tim Hanley
Marvel’s post-lockdown ramp up continues to be surprisingly slow. They were cranking out nearly a hundred books a month before the virus shut everything down, and they’re just a little over half that currently, with fewer books this month than last. Female and non-binary creator representation has...
17h21 29  septembre
Women & NB Creators at DC Comics, October 2020 Solicits 22 Creators on 17 Books
Tim Hanley
DC’s post-lockdown roll out (I almost called it a post-pandemic roll out, but no, we’re still firmly in the middle of all of that) got off to a slow start in terms of female and non-binary creator representation, but the numbers are finally trending upward. The only question is, for how long? This...
18h47 27  août
Women & NB Creators at Marvel Comics, September 2020 Solicits, 21 Creators on 12 Books
Tim Hanley
Marvel will continue to ease back into publishing this September, increasing their slate slightly while still remaining well below their regular output. It’s an understandable strategy given the state of the world, but one that resulted in terrible numbers for female and non-binary creators in...
18h20 26  août
Women & NB Creators at DC Comics, September 2020 Solicits, 14 Creators on 11 Books
Tim Hanley
Well. Well, well, well. So DC’s first post-COVID hiatus solicits for August weren’t great for female and non-binary creators. The numbers were down noticeably, even accounting for the reduced slate as things slowly ramped up again. But, as I pointed out last time, these are unique circumstances,...
18h05 10  août
Get Your Copy of Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale Signed By Me The Author
Tim Hanley
So, given the state of the world right now, there’s not really a whole lot going on in terms of in-person author events. No comic conventions, no book festivals, so signings at shops. We’re avoiding crowds and we’re staying safe, which is one million percent the right course of action. But I miss...
19h16 16  juillet
Get 30% Off Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale
Tim Hanley
The headline and the picture say it all, really, but I’ll elaborate. Rowman & Littlefield, the fine folks publishing Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale, are offering 30% off the book on their online store It’s a great deal that will let you get the hardcover listed for 32.00 at...
18h25 06  juillet
Women & NB Creators at Marvel Comics, August 2020 Solicits, 9 Creators on 10 Books
Tim Hanley
DC’s not exactly jumping straight into the pool this August with their limited slate of books, but they’re certainly wading in. Marvel, on the other hand, is just dipping a toe. The August solicits have them at half capacity and they’re shedding titles left and right, shifting a big chunk of their...