Kevin Eastman Studios
22h07 11  décembre
24 More Vintage Signed Action Figures Available Now
Kevin E.
24 Vintage Signed Toys have just been added to the Toy Department Cowabunga I often get asked about my personal TMNT toy collection. I love all these Radically, Goofy, Whacky, Rock’n Rollin’, Mutated, Kick-Action, Pizza Powered figures AND I love making some of them available for you. These...
18h53 11  décembre
TMNT Movie Film Strip Presentations and more specials &
Kevin E.
we have soooooooo many Specials and New Items and Back in stock items available now Buy any one of the popular Signed Film Strips Presentations that we offer and now we are including a FREE copy of the 1990 Mirage Studios movie parody, Green-Grey Sponge-Suit Sushi Turtles too. COWABUNGA ...
17h39 11  décembre
New Titles and Collectibles are available now
Kevin E.
Some new to the website and some back in stock titles and collectibles are available now. Cowabunga Visit the Stuff and Comics Departments for details.
17h13 11  décembre
Great Holiday Gifts for yourself or a TMNT Fan
Kevin E.
We have so many wonderful gift ideas for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan on your list. We’ve recently added over 50 newly signed books, games and collectibles to the Kevin Eastman Studios store AND there are always fun collectibles available on our Auction pages too. Here’s a small sampling of...
19h38 10  décembre
Eastman Studios Arty Zen Line
Kevin E.
The Kevin Eastman Studios Artisan Line, ARTY ZEN, of handmade and customizable works of art based on Kevin’s Original Artwork was launched recently and due to incredible popularity we are already sold out of some items, rest assured we are making more. TMNT manhole covers designed by Kevin...
16h31 07  décembre
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Auction Spotlights 36 years of Turtle Power’
Kevin E.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Auction Spotlights 36 years of Turtle Power’ Heritage Auctions dedicated to pop culture icons Auction ends on December 10 It’s a rare child who doesn’t have a fond memory of perhaps the strangest gang of superheroes ever to grace the pages of comic books, cartoon...
14h53 07  décembre
The First Ever Last Ronin Sketch Cover October 2020 Original at Auction NOW
Kevin E.
This is the very first TMNT The Last Ronin sketch cover drawn by Kevin Eastman. This work was created during a LIVE social media event entitled #KevinCONline on the afternoon of October 31, 2020. Footage of Kevin drawing this can be seen here, beginning at about 1 hour and 40 minutes into the live...
20h01 17  novembre
TMNT Auctions hosted on the Eastman Studios website
Kevin E.
We updated the Auctions pages on the K.E.Studios website again with several VERY RARE collectibles and ephemera including Original Art sketches, Archie comics production art from 1990, Several Signed Collectible Toys, Trading Cards and Licensing prototypes. An incurable collector, Kevin needs more...
19h51 17  novembre
Heroes In a Half Shell Monthlong Auction at Heritage Auctions
Kevin E.
We are thrilled to have a few select items in a monthlong TMNT Auction now live with Heritage Auctions. Among the more than 100 lots in this auction we are offering a few original works of art and Signature Series CGC books directly from my personal collection. The auction includes, books,...
20h54 15  novembre
New Cowabundles and New Signatures
Kevin E.
We are thrilled to be offering a bunch of new and revamped CowaBundles to this popular series of Vintage collected books. PLUS we recently teamed up with Mirage Studios artists Dan Berger, Michael Dooney, Jim Lawson and Steve Lavigne to add new Bundles to the series AND they have each signed the...