Marvel noise podcast
20h48 15  janvier
Marvel Noise Episode 360
Steve Raker
It’s the very first Marvel Noise Cool-O-Meter, followed by a Recent Reads Roundtable that includes King-Size Conan, S.W.O.R.D., Runaways, Marvel, and Stan Lee: A Life in Comics before Steve, Andrew and Kevin finish up the back nine with a Bronze Age Binge on Ghost Rider 35, Amazing Spider-Man 141...
00h27 31  décembre
Marvel Noise Episode 359
Steve Raker
For our last episode of 2020, Steve, Andrew & Kevin’s Bronze-Age Binge features Moon Knight alongside The Defenders in issues #46-51 (which includes the first appearances of The Zodiac and The Ringer) and the Happy Iron Man of Iron Man #82-83 John Byrne’s X-Men Elsewhen, final thoughts on the X...
22h58 19  décembre
Marvel Noise Episode 358
Steve Raker
It’s our 8th foray into New Warriors history, this time with issues #22-25 Then Kevin & Steve wrap up with some recent reads, including Conan, Web of Venom Wraith, Web of Venom Empyre’s End, the Marvel Monograph art books&and Steve dives into the X of Swords’ X-Men event #MN358 marvelnoise
16h39 10  décembre
Marvel Noise Episode 357
Steve Raker
After an unintended sabbatical since Halloween, Steve, Kevin & Andrew are back with the first of 3 weekly episodes to finish out 2020. It’s a Bronze Age Binge with Marvel Two-In-One #50, 100, & 52, followed by a Recent Reads Roundtable of current comics that includes first thoughts on the X of...
04h50 31  octobre
Marvel Noise Episode 356
Steve Raker
For our Halloween episode Steve, Kevin and Andrew discuss the new Werewolf By Night #1 and The Son of Satan’s origin from Marvel Spotlight #13, then Steve and Gerry finish up 6 years of Tomb of Dracula Halloween coverage with finale issues #61-70, and a special bonus: Dracula’s appearances in X-Men...
01h12 21  octobre
Marvel Noise Episode 355
Steve Raker
Steve’s been thoroughly digging Phillip Kennedy Johnson & Leonard Kirk’s Marvel Zombies: Resurrection&and Gerry McDade is back for a 7th installment in our coverage of the Tomb of Dracula series from the 1970’s with issues 51-60 #MN355 marvelnoise Tomb of Dracula issues 1-10 http: www...
23h58 02  octobre
Marvel Noise Episode 354
Steve Raker
1st Nova segment (episode 347): http: 2020 05 30 marvel-noise-episode-347 ?utm source feedburner&utm medium feed&utm campaign Feed%3A MarvelNoise %28Marvel Noise%29 2nd Nova segment (episode 349): http: 2020 07 05 marvel-noise-episode-349 ?utm source...
01h06 17  septembre
Marvel Noise Episode 353
Steve Raker
This episode Steve covers almost everything Empyre then is joined by Kevin and Andrew for the 2008 sequel arc to Moon Knight #25, God & Country’ #MN353 marvelnoise
17h20 16  août
Marvel Noise Episode 352
Steve Raker
Recent Reads Galore : West Coast Avengers, Thor, King Thor, Jane Foster: Valkyrie, Black Cat, the Spider-Man Venom & X-Men Iron Man 2020 FCBD issues, Wolverine Vs Blade Special, Giant-Size X-Men: Fantomex, Ant-Man, a classic issue of Strange Tales, and the broadcast finale of Agents of SHIELD ...
16h46 30  juillet
Marvel Noise Episode 351
Steve Raker
Steve catches up on the Immortal Hulk series, then Andrew & Kevin join in to cover Moon Knight #25 before Gary Arkell is added to the mix for our 7th installment featuring the New Warriors with issues #18-21 Kevin & Steve end by sharing some recent reads, including Fantastic Four, The Avengers,...