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23h44 19  janvier
Is a Godzilla vs Kong Trailer Right Around the Corner?
Matt Damon reportedly cast in Thor Love and Thunder, Paramount launch date revealed, and Hitman 3 reviews are in So settle in with Chris Killian for the need-to-known news on the Daily Distraction
15h00 17  janvier
Marvel’s Kevin Feige Talks WandaVision, Black Widow, Nova, and Phase 4
20h00 16  janvier
WandaVision Premiere: Spider-Man, Avengers, and Marvel Ties Explained
WandaVision had a Spider-Man: Homecoming tie, plus other Marvel (and X-Men?) connections in the premiere episode.
16h00 16  janvier
Chris Evans And Charlie Cox Back To MCU? - Second Printing
Chris Evans and Charlie Cox returning to the MCU? #WandaVision is out now? And there’s MORE Marvel news? 2021 getting back on track
00h56 16  janvier
Charlie Cox wraps Filming in Spider-Man 3? ? Plus
First look and a ton of details for The Mortal Kombat Movie, including who Lewis Tan is playing, Ethan Hawke cast as Moon Knight villain, Anthony Mackie says Falcon isn’t Captain America yet, and is Chris Evans coming back or not? Final show from Chris Killian for the week Daily Distraction
20h49 15  janvier
2020 ComicBook Golden Issue Awards
The 2020 Golden Issue Awards are here and we’re listing off the winners Tune in to see if your favorites won in Movies, TV, Anime, Comics, Gaming and Wrestling
19h00 15  janvier
Did Paul Bettany Spoil WandaVision? Avengers: Infinity War Death Explained
Did Paul Bettany share a little too much data from Vision’s disk drive? A new #WandaVision theory just gained a lot of credibility
23h58 14  janvier
Chris Evans is Returning as Captain America? ?
Plus, the Cherry trailer drops, Kevin Feige discusses the possibility of Charlie Cox returning as Daredevil, and the Wandavision reviews are in Crazy news with Chris Killian so watch today’s Daily Distraction
17h00 14  janvier
WandaVision Premiere Review: Bold, Weird, Fun New Marvel TV Show
WandaVision is a brave new world for Marvel to enter Phase 4. It doesn’t move the story too quickly but a mysterious and super fun step back into the MCU. Spoiler-free review https: marvel news wandavision-premiere-review-bold-start-mcu-elizabeth-olsen-paul-bettany
01h09 14  janvier
Will the Ahsoka Series Pick Up Where Star Wars Rebels Left Off?
Ubisoft to develop an open world Star Wars game, Kevin Feige comments on bringing mutants to the MCU, and Martian Manhunter confirmed for Zack Snyder’s Justice League And a bunch more with Chris Killian so watch today’s Daily Distraction
13h48 13  janvier
Vision’s MCU Journey Before WandaVision
Vision has had an interesting history in the MCU already. Before #WandaVision, check out his journey so far...
00h00 13  janvier
Tom Holland Teases a Release Date for a New Trailer - but Which Movie?
Kevin Feige confirms we’ll get more Avengers movies, Bethesda announces an Indiana Jones game, GTA 6 reportedly has a female protagonist, Rise of the TMNT Movie synopsis. And even more from Chris Killian for a packed Daily Distraction
19h00 12  janvier
Wanda Maximoff: Scarlet Witch’s MCU Journey So Far (Before WandaVision)
Wanda Maximoff as a tragic history in the MCU already. Before #WandaVision, this is the Scarlet Witch’s journey so far.
15h00 12  janvier
WandaVision Director Matt Shakman on Marvel Comics, Avengers Fan Theories, More
00h00 12  janvier
Kevin Feige confirms SO. MUCH. STUFF.
Such as: Deadpool will be Rated R and in the MCU, Spider-Man 3 temporary title and online speculation, details on Black Panther 2 and Secret Invasion, and if Marvel will bring back the Netflix characters. Plus a bonus DC rumor about a BIG possible return in The Flash so join Chris Killian for the...