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12h00 14  janvier
Deadpool 3: 9 MCU characters Deadpool must cross paths with
Mark Lynch
Here are 9 MCU characters that Deadpool has to meet ahead of Deadpool 3. It looked like the only Deadpool 3 news we were going to get for a while was the confrimation that Bobís Burgers writers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin would be writing the movie that is still a while off. Then,...
16h00 12  janvier
Clone Saga: Miles Morales to star in brand new Spider-Man spin-off
Mark Lynch
Miles Morales: Spider-Man will be seeing double in his Clone Saga event. There are certain things that are staples when youíre Spider-Man. Among them are the spider-bite, the quips, and losing a loved one. Something else that always seems to come up are clones. Peter Parker always find himself...
13h00 11  janvier
Way of X: Nightcrawler to star in thought-provoking X-Men spin-off
Mark Lynch
Way of X will be the newest addition to the X-Menís comic book series. Over the last two years, the X-Men have dominated Marvel Comics. Writer Jonathan Hickman started this trend with House of X and Powers of X two stories that told alternate pasts and futures for Earthís mutants and both tales...
14h00 10  janvier
DC Future State introduces Gotham Cityís biggest threat yet
Mark Lynch
How have The Magistrate affected the world of DC Comics in Future State? DC Comics newest event Future State shows us how some of our favorite heroes and villains will fare when their world changes. Some of these tales take place in the near-future while others will happen when almost everyone we...
12h00 09  janvier
Marvel Comics: Breaking down 8 of the Incredible Hulkís personalities
Mark Lynch
What are the different personalities of Marvel Comicsí Incredible Hulk? The Incredible Hulk is one of Marvel Comicsí most popular characters. Before he was smashing Loki on Tony Starkís floor, he was one of the original Avengers. Whether heís on his own or teaming up with Earthís Mightiest Heroes,...
13h00 08  janvier
Deadpool 3 is the perfect place to introduce Elsa Bloodstone in the MCU
Mark Lynch
Introducing Elsa Bloodstone to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Deadpool 3 is a great idea. Both Deadpool movies were record-breaking successes and their R ratings gave the writers the freedom to give the audience the Deadpool movies we deserved. They also helped introduce Marvel characters to the...
12h00 07  janvier
12 Marvel Comics characters who will have a big year in 2021
Mark Lynch
These Marvel Comics characters will have big moments in 2021. In comic books, certain characters get a boost in terms of story attention during certain years. Sometimes itís because of the release of a coinciding movie to feature the character and other times itís to prepare for a major event. This...
12h00 04  janvier
Marvel: 10 heroes that could become the next generation of X-Men
Mark Lynch
Marvel Comics is electing the next team of X-Men but who will Krakoa vote into the team? The X-Men are doing something that hasnít been done in Marvel Comics. Instead of Cyclops, Professor Xavier, or one of the many past leaders picking the roster of the classic team, there will now be an election...
12h00 03  janvier
Doctor Aphra should get her own Star Wars TV show on Disney Plus
Mark Lynch
Doctor Aphra should headline her own Star Wars show on Disney Plus. Disney has been making a lot of noise this month. During Disney Investor Day, the mysterious Secret Invasion Marvel TV show was announced for Disney Plus, Christian Baleís Gorr the God Butcher was confirmed to be the main villain...
12h00 01  janvier
Marvel Comics: 11 major moments comic book fans should know about (December)
Mark Lynch
These comic book moments will shake up the future of Marvel as we head into the new year. This year has seen a huge number of jaw-dropping comic book moments. Last month, for example, X of Swords ended with Apocalypse leaving Krakoa and the Quiet Council, Red Hood being back on his own and Killer...