17h27 14  janvier
BREAKING: Chris Evans Eyeing Return as Captain America’ In New MCU Appearance
Charles Villanueva
Just when we all thought Old Rogers was hanging the shield up. Deadline is reporting that Chris Evans is in talks with Marvel Studios to reprise his iconic Captain America role in a future appearance. Deadline notes that it likely won’t be a fourth Captain America film but an appearance as a...
18h56 13  janvier
Kevin Feige Confirms Episode Counts for She-Hulk’, Moon Knight’, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier’
Charles Villanueva
Episode counts get tricky for any series. The quality of some of the Marvel-Netflix shows was undeniably affected by the ironclad 13-episode length so it’s cool to see that Marvel Studios is avoiding that with their first venture into streaming television by keeping them concise and short. Kevin...
15h33 13  janvier
Frank Grillo to Return as Crossbones in What If?’
Blaze Walker
Marvel Studios cannot get enough of Frank Grillo. While sitting down with Collider this week, Grillo confirmed that he will be reprising his role as the supervillain nio-terrorist Crossbones through voice acting in Marvel Studios upcoming ’What If&?’. In the same interview, Grillo also dropped the...
19h19 11  janvier
RUMOR: Krysten Ritter to Return as Jessica Jones in She-Hulk’ Series
Blaze Walker
Alias Investigations is back in business? It sure seems like it. Following weeks of almost non-stop news and speculation, notable scooper Daniel RPK shared a rumor last night saying that Marvel Studios may once be again pulling from the Netflix side of production. According to him, we may be on the...
16h07 11  janvier
Kevin Feige Confirms Deadpool 3’ As the First R-Rated MCU Film
Charles Villanueva
This should put all the worry to rest. Kevin Feige confirmed to Collider in an interview that the highly anticipated third film of Deadpool is indeed going to be in the MCU and will retain the R-rating that made the film such a hit among crowds. It will be rated R and we are working & The post...
17h19 09  janvier
The First Reactions to Wandavision’ Are Here
Charles Villanueva
We’re less than a week from the first MCU property in a year, Wandavision, and the first reactions to it are here Looks like Marvel Studios accomplished the huge task of making this superhero sitcom story work. Here’s what the lucky few who saw the first three episodes are saying. #WandaVision IS...
14h51 08  janvier
Loki’ Season 2 is Happening
Charles Villanueva
Seems like official confirmation for the second season of Loki is all that’s remaining. A report from Deadline is saying that Loki showrunner Michael Waldron is currently working on the second season of the God of Mischief’s adventures, in addition to being hired to write Kevin Feige s Star Wars...
14h38 05  janvier
Wandavision’ Confirmed to Have Nine Episodes
Charles Villanueva
Happy New Year, folks. We’re back to a year where fans of the MCU will get spoiled by a treasure trove of content. Content that was glaringly absent last year. In a little over a week, we’ll finally get to watch Wandavision. Last night, it was reported that the said series is confirmed to have & ...
14h48 15  décembre
Marvel Studios Announces New Legends’ Disney Series
Charles Villanueva
Marvel ain’t done announcing shit. Just mere days after their massive Investors Day presentation, Marvel Studios has announced a brand new series called Legends, a series in which they revisit some of the greatest moments in the MCU, one character at a time. The show premieres its first two...
14h10 12  décembre
Jaimie Alexander Back as Sif in Thor: Love and Thunder’ and May Appear in Loki’
Charles Villanueva
After being absent from the MCU for several years, Jamie Alexander is set to reprise her role as Sif in Thor: Love and Thunder, this according to Deadline. In addition to that, it looks like Alexander may appear first in the Loki series. Fans have longed to see another Sif appearance since we last...