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22h31 09  septembre
Batman: Black and White Anthology Series Returns in December
Jim Dandy
Batman: Black and White is an almost 25-year-old anthology series that gave titans of the industry, brilliant artists and writers, a chance to go wild and show off what they could do with the Dark Knight and his world. While the series has been around since 1996, Batman: Black and White has been on...
21h45 09  septembre
Atlanta Season 3 and 4 Delayed, FX Eyes Late 2021 Premiere
Chris Longo
Stop me if youíve heard this one before: Youíll have to wait a little longer for the next season of Atlanta. The Emmy-winning series was initially pegged to return for a third season in January 2021. That date is now in flux due to production delays stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. During a...
21h41 09  septembre
Marvelís Avengers Post Credit Scene Explained
John Saavedra
This Marvelís Avengers article contains spoilers. Post-credits scenes are a staple of the MCU, so itís only natural that Marvelís Avengers caps off itís campaign with a teaser of its own. Following the Avengersí epic battle with MODOK, his Adaptoid army, and his awakened Kree Sentry over the San...
20h38 09  septembre
Oscars Reveal Standards for Inclusion and Diversity for Best Picture Nominees
David Crow
Five years. Thatís how long itís been since the social media hashtag #OscarsSoWhite was created. Coined by April Reign in response to all 20 of the slots available to actors and actresses going to white performers, the phrase encapsulated a basic question about our culture that has come to...
20h03 09  septembre
Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date Delay Expected (Report)
Don Kaye
Wonder Woman 1984 is slated to open in theaters on October 2, less than four weeks from now, but according to a new report from Deadline, itís looking very likely that the Princess of Themyscira will fly to a new arrival date. With theaters in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco still not...
19h28 09  septembre
Marvelís Avengers Ending Explained
John Saavedra
This Marvelís Avengers article contains spoilers. Marvelís Avengers is a two-pronged game: thereís the gameís narrative-driven campaign and its post-game, online component. Both are informed to its story, which stars none other than the stretchy, spirited Kamala Khan and mostly unfolds over the...
19h22 09  septembre
RoboCop TV Prequel Series in the Works at MGM
Chris Longo
A RoboCop prequel focusing on the life of a young Dick Jones is in the works at MGM, according to MovieHole. In a recent interview, original screenwriter Ed Neumeier had a special message for all the kids watching at home, and it wasnít stay out of trouble. RoboCop is coming to TV. Iím working...
19h12 09  septembre
Zendaya Says Acting in Dune Was Like Being On Another World
Don Kaye
In the very first images that we see in the incredible new trailer for Dune, protagonist Paul Atreides (Timothťe Chalamet) has a vision in which he sees a young woman and hears her calling his name. That young woman is Chani, a member of the Fremen, the native people of the planet known as Arrakis....
19h10 09  septembre
Raised by Wolves: Exclusive Clip Highlights Dangerous Deception
Michael Ahr
Some of the pitfalls awaiting the Kepler-22b colonists in Raised by Wolves are literal holes in the ground, but other dangers are more understated. In the following exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, viewers are reminded of the precarious position Marcus and Sue are in as atheists having...
18h45 09  septembre
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Features Cross-Generation Warzone and Battle Pass Progress
Matthew Byrd
A post on the Activision blog confirms that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will feature shared progression between generations and platforms as well as additional cross-gen and cross-generation multiplayer support features. For the first time in franchise history, all fans will experience the...