21h45 13  janvier
Breaking Down Star Wars: The High Republic Old Jedi, New Tech, and Fascinating Connections
James Whitbrook
The first wave of Star Wars: The High Republic stories is upon us, painting the broad strokes of what we can expect to see in this era, centuries before the Skywalker saga. After checking in with the new books and comics that hit shelves last week, we’re already getting a picture of some intriguing...
15h30 13  janvier
In This Cleopatra in Space Season 3 Clip, the Kids Make a Daring, Fiery Escape
Cheryl Eddy
Based on the graphic novels by Mike Maihack, Peacock’s animated Cleopatra in Space series follows a teenaged Cleo as she time-travels to a futuristic, Egyptian-themed plane, where she trains to fulfill her duty as the world’s long-awaited savior while also dealing with high school stuff. Season...
18h30 11  janvier
Netflix Grabs Cube for Pivotal Cube-Based Umbrella Academy Season 3 Role
Cheryl Eddy
The alt-reality Sparrow Academy is coming to Netflix’s Umbrella Academy, and we now know who will be playing its members including our new favorite performer: EXISTENTIAL DREAD INDUCING PSYKRONIUM CUBE, who was perhaps slightly typecast in the role of Christopher, a telekinetic cube.Read more...
18h30 04  janvier
WandaVision’s Sitcom Theme Song Is Just the Bee’s Knees
Charles Pulliam-Moore
Though it’s likely that many of Marvel’s upcoming Disney streaming series are going to end up feeling like multi-hour movie epics, WandaVision’s unique in that the show very knowingly leans into the fact that its episodic mode of storytelling’s modeled after American sitcoms. That’s all well and...
17h00 04  janvier
Patty Jenkins Says Warner Bros. Wanted Her Seen But Not Heard on the Original Wonder Woman
Charles Pulliam-Moore
It’s no secret that director Patty Jenkins had to fight tooth and nail to realize her vision for the DCEU’s first Wonder Woman movie. One of the more compelling ideas to come out of Wonder Woman 1984’s discourse is that, even though Jenkins’ first foray into Themysciran heroics was a resounding...
22h00 29  décembre
The Lasso of Truth Is Wonder Woman 1984’s Real Star
Charles Pulliam-Moore
In Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman 1984, princess Diana of Themyscira whips out a bevy of new, magical tricks to aid in her fight to save the world. She does battle with both Max Lord and Cheetah, two villains meant to embody all wanton greed and consumption that defined the decade. Though both her foes...
22h00 17  décembre
The High Republic’s Writers on Why They Wanted to Make Star Wars Without a War
James Whitbrook
Conflict is at the very heart of Star Wars. Light vs. Dark. Good vs. Evil. Empire vs. Rebellion. So many of the stories we have seen woven throughout its world are rooted in the very idea of combat and war. It’s in the name So in order to do something radically different for The High Republic, its...
21h45 16  décembre
The High Republic’s Writers on Bringing New Voices and Fresh Perspectives to the Star Wars Galaxy
James Whitbrook
The High Republic is one of the biggest gambles the publishing branch of the Star Wars galaxy has taken since Lucasfilm was sold to Disney and its entire canon was rebooted. As Star Wars begins to explore the pathways of streaming and lies waiting at the box office for a few years, it’s...
19h30 16  décembre
Our Favorite Comic Moments of 2020
Charles Pulliam-Moore and James Whitbrook
While 2020 posed more than its fair share of significant challenges for virtually everyone working within the entertainment industry, comics in particular stood as an example of creative teams adapting on the fly and doing their damndest to keep telling compelling stories at a time when people...
22h15 15  décembre
Star Wars: The High Republic’s Team on The Acolyte’s Reveal
James Whitbrook
In just a few weeks, The High Republic ushers in a bright new era of Star Wars storytelling but last week, we learned that one of Lucasfilm’s big new Disney projects will show us a glimpse of its twilight in the form of The Acolyte, the new series being worked on by Leslye Headland. For the...
16h33 15  décembre
In Black Mask’s Destiny NY, Being the Chosen One Kinda Blows
Charles Pulliam-Moore
Into every generation, no fewer than 10 tales about chosen ones fated to save the world or some such are borne. But in Pat Shand and Manuel Preitano’s Black Mask Studios comic Destiny NY, the story’s a little different than you may be accustomed to. io9 is excited to debut a first look at it today...
18h15 14  décembre
Star Wars: The High Republic Is as Refreshing as It Is Familiar
James Whitbrook
Adding something truly new to the canon of Star Wars media has to strike a delicate, daunting balance. Anything so vastly removed from what we know about the franchise particularly the Skywalker saga has to balance feeling worthy of being called new, while paradoxically still delivering that vague,...
21h00 10  décembre
The Best Pop Culture We Caught Up On in 2020
io9 Staff
It has been a year of weirdness, especially when it comes to wrangling the kinds of media we’ve been watching. Though there’s been new things to read, watch, listen to, and play, 2020 has seen many of us revisit familiar favorites as well as things we missed when they first came out. Here’s the...
15h45 30  novembre
The Walking Dead’s Zombie Apocalypse Origin May Never Be Revealed
Beth Elderkin
For folks living in the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead, only three things matter: How do I survive, how can we fix this...and why is this happening? The last question might seem like the easiest one to answer, but it’s something TWD’s chief content officer Scott Gimple says we may never know.Read...
01h30 21  novembre
We Need to Talk About Franklin
Charles Pulliam-Moore
Way back at the very beginning of Marvel’s Dawn of X, the Fantastic Four and members of the newly founded mutant nation of Krakoa crossed paths in a fateful, chance encounter that underlined just what it is about this new mutant age that scares the rest of the world so much. That subsequent tension...
00h30 13  novembre
Show io9 Your Most Comic Book-y Miles Morales Pics
Charles Pulliam-Moore
Like Insomniac’s first Spider-Man game, Miles Morales features a slew of unlockable suits that give Miles a variety of new looks and special abilities that make his fight to save Harlem and the rest of New York City that much more dynamic. Miles’ Into the Spider-Verse suit is particularly notable,...
14h45 29  octobre
Y: The Last Man Is Back With a New Agent 355 and Hero
Germain Lussier
Y: The Last Man has had a long, long, long journey to a screen near you and now, finally, it’s actually happening. FX announced that the newly reimagined Y: The Last Man TV series has begun production in Toronto, and a few new cast members are along for the ride.Read more...
21h15 27  octobre
Comics Personifications of Death Ranked in Order of How Overused They Are
Charles Pulliam-Moore
As often as comic book publishers bring characters back from the dead, you would think comics themselves wouldn’t feature personifications of death as major players just a rule. It’s one thing to resurrect a person in order to make any particular series or story feel impactful, but when you bring...
20h20 14  octobre
In This Rick and Morty: Worlds Apart Exclusive Preview, Old People Are the Worst
Charles Pulliam-Moore
In their many dimension-hopping adventures, Rick and Morty have encountered all sorts of messed up weirdos who, for one reason or another, end up either trying to befriend the science genius and his grandson, or trying to murder them. In Oni Press’ upcoming comic, Rick and Morty: Worlds Apart, you...
19h00 12  octobre
The Boys’ Karen Fukuhara on Beating the Shit Out of Nazis and Hopes for Season 3
Beth Elderkin
The Boys’s second season ended with a bang or should we say a barrage of fists. Now, actor Karen Fukuhara is looking back on her time beating up a fictional Nazi and how giving Kimiko a voice in season two addressed a problem she said she hadn’t noticed before. Read more...
23h15 08  octobre
How Star Wars’ High Republic Is Exploring New Interpretations of the Force
James Whitbrook
As Star Wars fans, we love to evoke Han Solo and rigorously cry that’s not how it works whenever something weird happens with the Force. But that’s kind of been what the Star Wars franchise in movies, books, comics, and more has always been fascinated by. The High Republic, it seems, will be...
21h15 07  octobre
10 Jedi Facilities That Survived Star Wars’ Order 66
James Whitbrook
Order 66 may have massacred most of the Jedi, but it wasn’t just people that survived Palpatine’s purge. The Jedi existed for eons before the twilight of the Republic, building grand temples of their Order teeming with knowledge and insight that outlived much of the Sith’s wrath, providing hope to...
16h30 29  septembre
The Boys Whipped It Out When Nobody Asked
Charles Pulliam-Moore
The Boys’ second season has poked fun at Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s blockbuster comic book movies and has been gaming out what it might be like if the most popular superhero team in the world invited a whole ass Nazi with a suspect undercut to join its ranks. That’s all quite on-brand, but the...
21h15 15  septembre
Manga Legend Junji Ito Talks Making Horror, Adapting It, and Cats
James Whitbrook
Uzumaki. Tomie. The Enigma of Amigara Fault. Gyo. You may not recognize the names immediately, but no doubt you’ve seen the haunting works of Junji Ito plastered all over the internet. His incredible, detailed ability to capture the psychological trauma and graphic body horror in his work has made...
18h30 11  septembre
DC’s New VP Wants Its Comics to Reflect a Diverse Readership But It’ll Take Some Work
Charles Pulliam-Moore
In John Ridley’s upcoming DC Black Label series The Other History of the DC Universe, a number of key moments from throughout DC’s comics canon are set to be reexamined from the perspectives of the non-white characters who, traditionally, have taken the back seat to white characters that the...