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00h06 13  janvier
My Hero Academia: Could One For Allís Users Take Over Izukuís Body?
Kofi Outlaw
21h05 12  janvier
The Weekly Pull: Future State, Birds of Prey, Haha, and More
Jenna Anderson
19h15 12  janvier
Matt Shakman Reveals Which Marvel Comics Inspired WandaVision
Brandon Davis
00h03 12  janvier
Have The X-Men Become Worse Than The Sentinels?
Kofi Outlaw
23h18 11  janvier
Marvel Teases Miles Morales Spider-Man Clone Saga
Nicole Drum
14h40 11  janvier
Star Wars Reveals A New Power That Almost Helped The Empire Win
Kofi Outlaw
01h01 11  janvier
The Walking Dead Creator Considered Killing Rick Grimes After Six Issues
Cameron Bonomolo
18h06 10  janvier
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition Is Getting a Physical Release
Rollin Bishop
19h00 10  janvier
Overwatch Reveals London Calling #4 Cover, Preview Pages, and More
Rollin Bishop
21h50 09  janvier
The X-Men Join the Battle in King in Black: Marauders Preview
Matthew Aguilar
17h43 09  janvier
DC Reveals New Legion of Doom in Justice League: Future State Preview
Matthew Aguilar
15h59 09  janvier
DC Reveals Green Lantern Jessica Cruz Future State Design
Matthew Aguilar
15h28 09  janvier
Star Wars Officially Introduces Young Yoda
Kofi Outlaw
15h00 11  janvier
The Empty Man Movie Prequel Comic Released by BOOM Studios (Exclusive)
Spencer Perry
22h53 08  janvier
Steel Co-Creator Jon Bogdanove Wants Ta-Nehisi Coates To Write the Character
Russ Burlingame
22h34 08  janvier
ComicBook Nation: Star Wars: The High Republic & DC Future State Review
Kofi Outlaw
22h24 08  janvier
Man-Bat #1 Preview Released by DC Comics After COVID Delay
Spencer Perry
21h08 08  janvier
Star Wars Reveals The First Major Jedi Death of The High Republic
Kofi Outlaw
19h56 08  janvier
Marvel Announces New X-Menís Nightcrawler Series
Russ Burlingame
19h46 08  janvier
Black Panther: The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda Trailer Released
Charlie Ridgely
17h54 08  janvier
MCM Comic Con Releases Statement On Upcoming Events, London And Birmingham Planned For Late 2021
Russ Burlingame
05h59 08  janvier
Future State: The Next Batman Features Debut of New Villain Gang
Jenna Anderson
01h53 08  janvier
This My Hero Academia Sketch of Kurogiriís True Self is Heartbreaking
Kofi Outlaw
00h04 08  janvier
DC Future State: The Next Batman, Wonder Woman, & More to Get Second Printings
Jenna Anderson
23h01 07  janvier
ComicBook Nation Comics Pull List: Future State Launch
Matthew Aguilar
19h57 07  janvier
Star Wars Fans Can Now See What The Force Feels Like To A Jedi
Kofi Outlaw
14h11 07  janvier
DC Future State Reveals Lucha Libre Themed Time Villains
Matthew Aguilar
14h01 07  janvier
Venom Features the Return of a Marvel Favorite
Charlie Ridgely
13h38 07  janvier
Arkham Knight Returns in Future State
Matthew Aguilar
13h36 07  janvier
Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 1 6 2021
Chase Magnett
05h02 07  janvier
DC Reveals Major Change to Black Lightning in Future State
Jenna Anderson
04h43 07  janvier
DCís Katana Gets an Epic New Costume in Future State
Jenna Anderson
03h55 07  janvier
Sensational Wonder Woman #1: Take a Look Inside Todayís Digital-First Anthology
Russ Burlingame
02h22 07  janvier
Marvel May Have Just Killed Off Several Heroes
Jenna Anderson
01h01 07  janvier
DC Reveals Harley Quinnís Surprising New Boss
Jenna Anderson
00h38 07  janvier
Did DC Just Reinvent One of Their Most Obscure Superhero Teams?
Russ Burlingame
21h10 06  janvier
My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Promises a Prison Break and All For One Comeback
Kofi Outlaw
19h48 06  janvier
Dark Nights: Death Metal: What Happens To The Batman Who Laughs?
Matthew Aguilar
19h25 06  janvier
Louise and Walter Simonson Return To X-Factor
Jamie Lovett
14h54 06  janvier
Dark Nights: Death Metal: Wonder Womanís Fate Explained
Matthew Aguilar
04h45 06  janvier
DC Future State: Wonder Womanís Golden Lasso Gets an Upgrade
Jenna Anderson
04h20 06  janvier
Generations: Shattered Introduces A Strange New World to DCís Multiverse
Russ Burlingame
03h55 06  janvier
DC Creates a Shocking New Team in Dark Nights: Death Metal Finale
Jenna Anderson
03h27 06  janvier
Hereís Every Booster Gold That Currently Exists in DCís Main Continuity
Russ Burlingame
02h44 06  janvier
Dark Nights: Death Metal Finale Makes Huge Change to DCís Multiverse
Jenna Anderson
02h31 06  janvier
Thje Weekly Pull: DCís Future State, Star Wars: The High Republic, Eternals, and More
Jamie Lovett
23h15 05  janvier
The Next Batmanís John Ridley Reveals Why He Chose Tim Fox and What Future State Brings to the Batman Franchise
Matthew Aguilar
23h03 05  janvier
Black Hammerís Jeff Lemire Chats Upcoming Visions Anthology
Adam Barnhardt
17h27 05  janvier
Hereís How Dark Nights: Death Metal Leads to DCís Future State
Matthew Aguilar
16h53 05  janvier
Star Wars: The High Republic: Here Is Every Project Revealed So Far
Jamie Lovett