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02h19 16  janvier
Netflix Top 10 For This Week: Killers, Queens, and Cobra Kai
Eric Frederiksen
We rung in the Netflix New Year with Cobra Kai Season 3, and weíre still basking in the glow of the Christmas Sweater Karate Invasion. Netflix has lots of other shows to watch, though, even if weíd kind of rather just wait for Cobra Kai Season 4.Speaking of 4, thatís where the continuing adventures...
22h25 15  janvier
Who Is That In This WandaVision Behind The Scenes Feature?
Mason Downey
The first two episodes of Marvelís WandaVision have landed on Disney and Phase 4 has officially begun--but itís really, really weird. The show has pulled no punches in terms of its vintage sitcom aesthetics and flavor, but asked more questions than itís answered. How did Wanda and Vision get here?...
21h59 15  janvier
Ben Affleck Calls Marvel Boss Kevin Feige The Greatest Producer
David Wolinsky
Ben Affleck, who these days seems to be equally well known for once playing Batman and a man unable to hold his Dunkiní Donuts, wants it to be known that he has nothing but the most enthusiastic praise for Marvel Boss Kevin Feige. Speaking on The Hollywood Reporterís Awards Chatter podcast, the...
21h56 15  janvier
HBOís The Last Of Us TV Adaptation Gets A New Director
Chris E. Hayner
The Last of Us TV show adaptation being undertaken by HBO lost its original director, Chernobylís Johan Renck, back in November. Now, though, the series has found someone new to helm the episodes.According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kantemir Balagov has been hired to direct the series. This will be...
21h47 15  janvier
Ethan Hawke Lands A Role On Marvelís Moon Knight
Mat Elfring
Marvelís Moon Knight TV series on Disney is becoming a star-studded affair. Oscar Isaac and May Calamawy were recently announced for the series, and now, Ethan Hawke will join the cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And Hawke will be in a dubious role for the upcoming show.The actor has...
21h21 15  janvier
COVID-Related Delays Didnít Change MCUís Phase 4 Creative Plans
Chris E. Hayner
Itís a strange time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At long last, the first entry of Phase 4 has arrived, but itís certainly not what was planned. By now, we should have seen the movies Black Widow and Eternals, along with the first season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. However, those...
21h20 15  janvier
Royal Rumble 2021: Match Card, How To Watch, And Start Time For The WWE PPV
Mat Elfring
The first WWE PPV of 2021 is one of the best annual events of the year. Itís almost time for the Royal Rumble, where weíll see two bouts featuring 30 superstars all trying to throw each other over the top rope. There will for sure be a few surprises, but itís definitely going to be a different...
20h20 15  janvier
Galaxy Quest 2: Tim Allen Gives An Update On The Script
Eddie Makuch
1999ís sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest, which is a spoof of Star Trek and sci-fi tropes in general, is a cult classic and fans want to see a sequel. Actor Tim Allen, who starred in the movie as ship captain Peter Quincy Taggart, has now provided an update on how itís coming along.Speaking to EW, Allen...
19h27 15  janvier
The Mandalorian: Bill Burr Discusses His Star Wars Characterís Boston Accent
Eddie Makuch
Comedian and actor Bill Burr has a role on the Star War TV show The Mandalorian as Mayfeld, a character who--like Burr himself--speaks with a Boston accent. Some part of the Star Wars community has raised some concerns about this.Burr defended this characterís Boston accent in an interview with...
18h47 15  janvier
WandaVisionís Director Turned Down A Full House Cameo
Lan Pitts
The highly-anticipated Marvel show WandaVision premiered on Disney on Friday morning, winning over plenty of new fans--including us at GameSpot. And while the new series is a love letter to classic sitcoms, thereís one thing fans wonít find: famous sitcom cameos.Despite Scarlet Witch herself,...
17h36 15  janvier
Gal Gadot To Star In New Netflix Thriller Heart of Stone
Dan Auty
Earlier this week Netflix revealed its extensive line-up of upcoming movies in 2021, which showed the company is sparing little expense when it comes to making new films. Itís now been announced that it will be producing a big-budget thriller titled Heart of Stone, starring Wonder Womanís Gal Gadot...
17h00 15  janvier
Crunchyroll Anime Awards Nominees Announced, Voting Now Open
Jordan Ramée
Crunchyroll has announced the nominees for this yearís Anime Awards. 2021ís event is composed of 18 different categories, ranging from Anime of the Year to Best Animation.Voting for each category is now open and will remain so until Friday, January 22. Youíre allowed to vote in each category once...
16h49 15  janvier
NBA Jam Documentary In The Works, Will Bring The Boomshakalaka
David Wolinsky
Legendary video and arcade game NBA Jam will be the focus of a new documentary, according to Variety. BestCrosses Studio, the production arm of the basketball-themed social media platform of the same name, has optioned author Reyan Aliís 2019 book NBA Jam from publisher Boss Fight Books.Documentary...
16h34 15  janvier
WandaVision Was Filmed Before A Live Studio Audience
Mat Elfring
Disney ís first Marvel Cinematic Universe series has arrived, WandaVision. The first two episodes of the series were released on January 15, and the MCU show leans heavily into every aspect from classic sitcoms. So much so that WandaVision was filmed before a live studio audience.In a recently...
16h15 15  janvier
Captain Americaís Creatorís Son Isnít Happy About Capitol Mobís Use Of Star-Spangled Hero
Lan Pitts
Captain America has always been the standard in Marvel Comics as a cornerstone of leadership and morality; someone to look for and up to when things seem lost. Recently, some of the insurrectionists were wearing Captain America merch that was altered with Trumpís face and slogans.Neal Kirby, son of...