JH Williams III
21h10 07  juin
Art Against Bigotry & Fascism
A lot of dark things have been going on. My wife and I have been trying to help dealing with it in various ways. Hereís a graphic we designed together for people to use. And in a range of color options. We chose bigotry purposefully because it encompasses all forms of prejudice that lead to &
19h51 03  avril
Where We Live: The Contributors
WHERE WE LIVE creator teams are listed below. Thank you to every single one of them for generously donating their time and talent to this project. And to keen eye Editor Will Dennis, and tireless Assistant Michael Perlman. On Twitter please follow WhereWeLive LV Michael Allred & Laura Allred Henry...
23h14 24  mars
This is now
02h51 01  mars
Things Part Three: Where We Live
This next update (Three in one afternoon) is about a much more serious subject. Iíll let what is below speak to this...
02h36 01  mars
Things Part Two: Echolands
Echolands In the past this has been referred to as Secret Project Number 1. There isnít much to report just yet, other than it actually exists. Iíll be teasing out images from this for the next while. This is going to come out from Image Comics. No release date has been selected yet, because this ...
02h08 01  mars
Things Part One: Dracula
Well, itís been about forever since I last updated this blog. And I imagine many of you have gotten bored with checking in. This has happened partly due to just not enough time. While also considering the site needs a sprucing up anyway, so why bother with new content for awhile. That was kinda...
20h51 07  avril
More Secret Project Number 2
Hereís another group shot of teaser art for Secret Project Number 2. The grouping looks cool to me, reminds of a comics page narrative. I did that on the first group teaser as well, and liked it so much I thought Iíd keep doing that after every 7 or so pieces. All of these panel &
19h41 03  avril
Art Rant About A Misguided Marvel
I read some controversial stuff from the Marvel EIC today about artists not moving the needle on comics. I donít think that is true whatsoever, my own being an artist bias aside, quite often artists are mentioned when I pop into the local shop, when discussing whatever some readers are into. And in...
01h37 20  janvier
Americaís Best Comics Artist Edition
Hello All Released this February 1st 2017 is the Americaís Best Comics Artist Edition, published by IDW. Put together by Scott Dunbier. It features an array of original art reproductions of numerous Americaís Best Comics stories, including the infamous Promethea #10 unedited. Which has my work in...
20h00 07  janvier
Secret Project Number 2
Iíve been working on new art for quite a while now, for a variety of projects. None of the projects are announced yet. Was working on Project Number 1, then got seriously ill for a long time, then resumed Project Number 1, then had to set it aside for Project Number 2 which had been &
23h46 01  dťcembre
The Sandman: Overture Signed
There is now a very limited number of signed copies of the Hugo Award winning The Sandman: Overture softcover tpb available in the retail items section of the store. All copies signed by yours truly.
08h07 28  novembre
Things To Maybe Wear
My wife Wendy and I are thinking about creating a line of t-shirts. The idea is she comes up with the concepts and I do my best to illustrate them, then put them on fabric for those who feel like walking around with such things on their clothing. Our first time doing that was successful, &
06h17 12  novembre
Post Election Chaos Blues part 2
I should be happy this week because The Sandman: Overture tpb came out this week with a pleasant round Hugo Award tag, but& Still spinning a bit from this weekís chaos, the upheaval many are feeling from such a large idealistic change the country is going through. Itís been highly emotional,...
19h13 09  novembre
Post Election Chaos Blues
It feels like a strange haze has set in. Like a psychic hangover that weakens the blood. Itís been forever since posting a blog, but my mind just hasnít been into it. Maybe that will change, I hope. Not that many probably care much what I write about on here. But itís like talking to &
19h10 31  mai
To appear, then disappear
Doing a signing thing
20h18 24  mai
Finally The last Sandman Overture thing: Issues 5 and 6 Original Art
The final round of select original art of Sandman Overture being made available can now happen. It had to get very postponed due to being very ill for over a month. So life got sacked for a bit. But with things are looking up, we thought it best to get this scheduled. Mark your calendars: &
19h45 14  mai
Darwyn Cooke, there wasnít enough time&
I woke up late today (still recovering from illness), to the news of Darwyn Cookeís passing away. It came in the form of a text from our dear friend James Sime. I know James is devastated, he has a lot of good times with Darwyn. Iím listening to the warm desert wind that easily gusts &
00h51 25  avril
Sandman art sale will be delayed
Hi guys. Itís Wendy, J.H.ís wife here. Iím posting to let you know that the next Sandman art sale will be delayed, not sure until when, due to some health problems my husband is having. What was suppose to be a minor surgery ended up with some fairly serious complications that we are still dealing ...
19h45 28  mars
Micronauts IDW Cover 2&
Iím having fun doing these. Here is the cover to number 2, with and without logo treatment. Already posted cover 3, and will post cover 4 soon.
20h35 25  mars
Sandman Overture 4 Art Last Shameless Plug
The select pieces for the issue will be up tomorrow March 26th at noon PST. This one is nicely strange&
19h29 24  mars
Sandman Overture 4 Art
A shameless plug for Sandman Overture 4 art being available this Saturday March 26th at noon PST. Here is one of the select pieces that will be up&
20h07 23  mars
Sandman Overture 4 Art This Saturday
Saturday, March 26th at noon PST weíll be putting up select pieces from Sandman Overture 4. This piece features the first ever appearance of Morpheusís father, Father Time.
18h41 04  mars
Here is another of the Micronauts covers Iím doing for the nice folks at IDW. This will be issue 3. The cover to issue 2 will appear later, did things out of order&
18h33 26  fťvrier
Sandman Overture 3 art Tomorrow& depending when youíre looking at this.
Sandman Overture 3 art: available Saturday, February 27th, noon PST in the store
05h16 09  fťvrier
Sandman Overture 3 Original Art is coming SOON & finally
Itís been a short while since the last round of pages went up. Our lives dissolved into chaos as we prepared to move house (move a life) to entirely another state. An exhaustive task is an understatement. But now weíre settling in, getting back to the drawing table, and ready to set the date for &