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21h08 17  janvier
Little Seen 60’s Superhero art by Jack Kirby and Marie Severin
nbsp;I recently created a post collecting all the Spider-Man art by Jack Kirby I could find. (It can be seen here.) Then, thanks to Stéphane Beaumort and Franz Hens, I discovered more The new-to-me art can be found in the September 1966 issue of Esquire.I found a beat up (cheap)...
23h14 15  janvier
Mr. Fantastic and His Private Viewscreen
I recently ran across an interesting panel from an old Fantastic Four comic. I tried to STOP MYSELF from turning it into an animated GIF. But, I couldn’t.If you’re curious (and you are), here’s the original panel.
18h16 02  janvier
A Gallery of Jack Kirby’s Spider-Man Art
nbsp;The way Jack Kirby drew Spider-Man has long fascinated me. I love Kirby’s inventive and powerful work, but his Spidey usually seemed a bit off model. The webbing on his mask was usually different from the standard renditions and he was often missing a spider icon on his uniform. For the...
16h02 31  décembre
Fun with old postcards I haven’t animated anything in awhile. :)
20h43 30  décembre
Man-Thing in the Woods
nbsp;You know you’ve raised your children correctly when your son hikes and takes a picture of dried sap because it looks like Marvel’s Man-Thing.
21h43 08  novembre
Super Antics #15
nbsp;And now, for no real reason--
02h29 19  octobre
Happy Halloween - MORBIUS STYLE
I’m a huge Steve Ditko fan. I’m also a fan of Morbius the vampire (a character that came along after Ditko had stopped drawing the Spider-Man comic). I recently thought, Too bad Ditko never drew Morbius. That might have been cool. So, in the spirit of Halloween, I thought I’d give a Ditko Morbius...
17h11 07  août
Black Cat Judo Tricks
Black Cat was a popular superhero in the golden age of comics. Not only did she keep the kids entertained with her stories, she also taught them Judo I thought one of these features would make a fun shirt. I reworked it from the original art by Lee Elias. You can get it here at my TeePublic store ...
20h54 03  août
Super Antics #14
I haven’t taken the time to do something purely for fun. So I did Should I add tags to my post, so that if people are hunting for things, they can find them? Hourman and Ourman. Atom and At ’Em. There.
20h23 31  juillet
Swamp Monster
Not only does the comic Weird Mysteries #5 have one of the creepiest covers ever, it has Swamp Monster by Basil Wolverton inside of it. You can read it below.But first, since Halloween is near, I thought it would be fun to turn a panel of it into shirts and such Click here to take a look at...
21h47 24  juillet
What Artists Think - Blue Bolt Edition
I’m currently on a streak of turning old, public domain, comic images into T-shirts, and such. My latest can be seen above. Available by clicking here. I’m very happy with the results, but this image was filled with a few challenges. Click on any image to enlarge.The original cover, from Blue Bolt...
23h00 20  juillet
Bigfoot vs Clown, Again
I put up a new shirt at TeePublic. It’s actually a bit of a rework from art I did a while back (seen below), which never seemed quite right. Looking at it fresh, I realized the clown was too big I also wanted to help with the storytelling by adding the clown’s angry word balloon and the heart...
20h37 19  juillet
The Brain-Bats from Venus
I really love Basil Wolverton’s old sci-fi comic work Most of it is in public domain, so I decided to design a shirt using his Brain-Bats from Venus story. The story first appeared in Mister Mystery #7, in 1952.Here’s my design Order it on a shirt or or products at TeePublic, CLICK HERE...
22h37 17  juillet
Genius has limitations. Stupidity has none.
I have several new images up at TeePublic Click here to see my store. I just finished the above art for an Albert Einstein quote, Genius has its limitations. Stupidly, sadly, has none. I really debated whether or not to add the distress texture. Ultimately I decided to, since I wanted it to feel...
00h05 14  juillet
This Looks Like a Job For... Crap
Another new shirt at TeeFury. Sorry for the watermark. Out of all my art, this image is the most bootlegged. So, I’m finally releasing a OFFICIAL place to buy it on product. Oddly enough, women seemed to like this more than men. Get it here
20h41 13  juillet
Okay, I won’t post every time I put a new shirt on TeeFury, but I sorta love this one The spiderosaur is from an old Spacehawk comic by Basil Wolverton. So great. CLICK HERE TO GET IT Here a link to the original story, from Target Comics #12) if you’d like to read it
20h35 11  juillet
Weird T-Shirts
I’ve been adding new designs to my TeePublic store. I won’t post every time I do, but I’d like to create a new one everyday for a while. Here are the most recent additions, based on Fletcher Hanks old comics Also, I’ve had my zombie balloon art on Threadless for years. I’ve been very happy with it...
15h48 09  juillet
I’m trying something new I love reading old, public domain comics, and I often wish I had a cool shirt or two. Not a mere old panel on product, but something actually DESIGNED. So, I decided to make a few myself and place them on TeePublic. I uploaded my first one. This artwork is based on various...
15h55 04  juin
Vintage humor
I was raised in the Northern hills of Arkansas, during the 60’s and 70’s. I was a hillbilly I suppose. That means a certain type of person probably springs to your mind. But, I did not marry my sister and many people still had all of their teeth. Today found a letter that I wish I knew more...
15h34 14  mai
Golden Age Showdown #1
This idea occurred to me, so I drew it to see how I felt about it. I might do more. Maybe. I did the easiest one first. :)
16h29 06  mai
DIRTNAP is back
If any of you read my webcomic, DIRTNAP, it’s back on after a hiatus It updates every Tuesday with only 10 more pages until the final page. I feel everytime I take a break and come back, my art gets a little better. :)
01h07 26  mars
Mr. Monster vs. Captain Monster? ?
I’ve recently had the honor to do some trading of artwork with Michael T. Gilbert-- Mr. Monster writer artist extreme Michael asked if I could create a Mr. Monster cover in the style of the old Batman covers from the late 1950s early 1960s. I said, Sure I’ve posted it above.In return, Michael...
22h46 24  mars
Super Antics #13
This occurred to me, so I had to draw it Man, I need to post more. Do people still look at Blogger content?
00h58 20  janvier
Superman Smoking
I recently discovered the above panel from a 1958 comic, Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #30. The man is actually a thug who is imitating Superman, but I still HAD to animate it I almost added a word balloon, That sounds like your problem. I don’t really give a #% . At least I stopped myself from...
20h33 05  janvier
Blinking Baby Yoda
For no reason whatsoever.