17h53 15  janvier
Final Packaging for the Aliens - Kenner Tribute Rhino Alien Variant Figure by NECA
Joe Moore
NECA has released final packaging images for their upcoming Ultimate Rhino Alien Version 2 Figure. The 7 scale figure pays homage to the variant Rhino Alien from the Kenner Toys Aliens action figure line from the 1990ís. While the original Rhino Alien release was a mix of reds, and oranges, the...
17h23 15  janvier
EXO-6 Announces New Star Trek 1 6 Scale Figure and Statue License
Joe Moore
A new assortment of fully licensed Star Trek 1 6 Scale Figures and Statues are coming from a new company called EXO-6. They have sent over a press release announcing the new license, and have provided photos of the first figure. The line is kicking off with a Star Trek: First Contact Lieutenant...
15h00 15  janvier
Robocop Battle Damaged ED-209 by Hiya Toys
Joe Moore
Hiya Toys is going to be releasing a variant of their ED-209 figure. Solicitations have gone out for a Robocop Battle Damaged ED-209 Figure. This 1 18 scale release stands about 5.53 tall. It features a heavily damaged left arm, other damaged bits, and new foot sculpting to depict the scene with...
14h44 15  janvier
The Chosen Prime Newsletter for January 15, 2021
Joe Moore
Toyark sponsor The Chosen Prime has released their latest newsletter. Check it out below. Greetings from The Chosen Prime We have new arrivals and pre-orders available this week including those presented below. Let us know if thereís a particular figure youíre looking for that isnít...
14h12 15  janvier
DC Comics Harley Quinn Life Size Bust by Sideshow Collectibles
Joe Moore
Pre-orders are live from Sideshow Collectibles for their new DC Comics Harley Quinn Life Size Bust. The fully sculpted bust stands at 28.53 tall, on a classic style pedestal. The bust is priced at 895, with optional payment plans available. It is due for release between November 2021 and January...
17h29 14  janvier
Voltron ReAction Figure Available Now from Super7
Joe Moore
Super7 has released a new Voltron ReAction 3.753 Figure. Based on the classic 80ís cartoon, the lion Voltron figure includes a Blazing Sword accessory. Obviously, at this scale, the figure does not convert to individual lions. Voltron is priced at 18. You can order the figure directly from the...
16h51 14  janvier
Big Trouble In Little China Jack Burton Q-Fig by QMx
Joe Moore
Quantum Mechanix has switched things up today, swapping out a Disney reveal for a cult classic one. They have posted up the product page for their Big Trouble In Little China Jack Burton Q-Fig Elite. One of director John Carpenterís best films, Big Trouble In Little China follows Jack Burton ...
16h15 14  janvier
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Lair and Villains Retro Box Sets by Playmates
Joe Moore
Solicitations have been released for two new retro Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles box sets from Playmates Toys. Included are a Sewer Lair Box Set, and a Villains Mutant Module Retro Box Set with reissues of the classic 53 Playmates TMNT Figures. The Sewer Lair Box Set is packed in a soft carrying...
15h30 14  janvier
BBTS News Marvel Legends, Scorponok, Goku, Pac-Man, Witcher, Zootopia, ThunderCats, Anime, Wrestling and More
Joe Moore
Toyark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has sent out their latest newsletter. Check out the latest pre-orders below. After the jump, you can see some of their latest arrivals. Click either image to see their full newsletter for the week. NEW PRE-ORDERS She-Hulkís comic versions is now a part...
14h39 14  janvier
Dark Nights: Metal The Grim Knight Statue by Prime 1 Studio
Joe Moore
Prime 1 Studio has posted the product page for their upcoming Dark Nights: Metal The Grim Knight 1 3 Scale Statue. On an alternate Earth, after his parents are killed by Joe Chill, a young Bruce Wayne picks up the gun and kills the murderer. Bruce spends years training to be a hardened killer,...