Cap’n’s Comics
17h45 18  janvier
Conan by P. Craig Russell
nbsp;First time I saw this was when I bought Savage Tales #4, and gotta say I was a little miffed. This is a mini poster that is on the inside covers. I bagged and boarded the mag years ago, so I see the great Neal Adams cover a ton, but hardly ever see this, and only by holding up the...
16h01 18  janvier
Ink n Jack Kirby
nbsp;First is the Spidey pencils for the Marvelmania cover that I know and love, then the art as it exists today (I dunnae who inked), then a copy from a late seventies fanzine with Sam De la Rosa and Willie Blyberg inks. Both those gents had nice careers in fanzines and comics, and I dig...
23h05 16  janvier
Some Random Favorite Covers
nbsp;The last two have an interest’n tale. Twenty years ago, I was new to ebay, and discovered Fantastic Fanzine #12 (the Kline cover) was for sale for a low opening bid, and nobody else bid on it, but I received Fantastic Fanzine #11 (the Steranko cover) instead. Even back then, FF #11...
02h10 15  janvier
Watch’n The Orb by Gil Kane
nbsp;Awesome splash from Superman ( ) Special #2 in 1984.  The classic use of perspective alone made me glad I chanced upon this in a shop’s discard box.  Very water-logged, but not sumpn I would have ever seen otherwise
05h22 12  janvier
Wonder Man VS The Vision by Jack Kirby
The cover to Avengers #158 was 1977, but Jack still put a lotta pop into his art, and his fistful of Avengers covers were che georgeous.   I was a junior in college, but still enjoyed pronouncing versus as the letters V and S 
05h09 12  janvier
Fate Now On Sale by Berni Wrightson
We’ve had Fate come along on here before, except for the ad 
01h30 12  janvier
Three Things To Come by Frank Frazetta
The sci-fi book club had all kinds of awesome goin on 
22h50 11  janvier
The Art Of John Buscema Cover
05h23 11  janvier
Batman VS Ra’s al Ghul by Neal Adams
16h10 09  janvier
Back To The Future With Overstreet Price Guide #9
nbsp;The fun has arrived, just 42 years too late. Few posts back I said I was spring’n for this, and che glad I did. Not only the Wally Wood cover and his Wizard King Ad (compare how I can see clearly now), but right next to the ad is this beautiful Al Williamson intro to the EC covers...
02h17 08  janvier
Mister Miracle And Big Barda by Jack Kirby
Scott Free and Barda are a couple, and just a couple of the bazillion characters that make up Kirby’s Fourth World.  Cannae wait to see John Morrow’s Fourth World Companion (JK Collector #80), but it’s still 2 weeks away 
01h07 08  janvier
Another Fanzine Illustration by Jim Pinkowski
17h05 07  janvier
High Adventure by Bob Kline
nbsp;This original art is on ebay right now(cheap, by the by), but I’ve only seen it as an ad for Kull magazine (in Kull magazine). My subconscious recalls originally a fanzine publication, so help the forgetful elder out here, if you know where it was at firstLater that same day....Gary...
00h36 06  janvier
Squa Tront #4 by Roy Krenkel
Roy only had two illos in this amaz’n fanzine, but they were primo 
01h10 05  janvier
Thor #159 Cover by Jack Kirby
01h05 05  janvier
Heros by Barry Smith
nbsp;First is a creators’ universe trad’n card from 1993, then an ad for The Young Gods from Previews in early 1996,  then a published mug from Storyteller later in 1996 
00h57 05  janvier
Dragon Rider by Bob Kline
and another opportunafish to put up the Jack Kirby dragon rider 
23h33 04  janvier
Conan by Jim Starlin
nbsp;Yep, the same guy who eventually gave us Thanos did an early 70s fanzine illustration of everyone’s fav barbarian
23h30 04  janvier
The Wizard King Ad by Wally Wood
nbsp;Saw this in Overstreet #9 (the 1979 guide) years ago at Hayley’s Comics (yep, the Hayley family went there), but dinnae buy a useless guide just for this.  Wish I had, and will now obtain it at exorbideant price.  stay tuned
05h27 03  janvier
Coupla Conans by Frank Frazetta
Barbarism is the natural state of mankind. --Robert E. Howard 
15h03 02  janvier
Lightray Of New Genesis by Jack Kirby
nbsp;As we get closer to Kirby Collector 80, I’m stoked to see more about all that Fourth World crowd, but especially this guy
05h40 02  janvier
The Fireball XL5 Lunchbox by Wally Wood
nbsp;I was nine and jelly of my buddy Toby, who had this, but then I got tall handle bars and a banana seat on my bike, so....
03h47 01  janvier
Happy New Bob Kline
Yeah, yeah, just new to me, this was nestled in the 1970 fanzine Fantastic Fanzine Special #1, which I never bothered to get cause the cover was not my cupa.  Dumb on my part.  If you havenae, please search Kline on here for my ode to the best fan artist 
06h42 28  décembre
The Visual Theory Cover by Jim Steranko
Lotsa other Sherlock Holmes on here, and The Complete Sherlock Holmes remains a favorite read 
06h28 28  décembre
Fantastic Jack Kirby
Probly said this in the way back, but Wayne and I were both long-time parents in our early forties when these cards came along, and both think of ourselves as fairly suave, debonair guys, so we cracked up when we found ourselves geek’n out with admiration when we looked at these one day when they...