Slay Monstrobot of the Deep
13h00 19  décembre
Dial E For Eternity--No, Not That Orion
The title was cut off this text piece in the only version available to me. It’s called King Of The Jungle, so, no big surprise, there’s a lion.3 4 done, and really, not a thing has happened. Why are we here? ?Orion--not the new God, but the Hunter Cute ending, I guess, but like most of the text...
13h30 14  décembre
Great Moments In Overly-Complicated Death Traps
Because Batman and Robin are not very good at their jobs, the Joker has captured it’s time for a overly-complicated death trap Wait...not just starving vampire bats--but starving vampire bats with poisoned teeth and claws Geez, Joker, why not infect them with the Clench, too, and...
13h00 14  décembre
Dial E For Eternity--A Day At The Races
It’s love and horses for Kid Eternity this time out Kid has fallen hard for a woman’s voice...And the lass and her family are facing a crisis:You know, if your whole mortgage comes down to a horse winning a race, you might need some help with your financial planning.And apparently, the Civil War...
13h00 13  décembre
Phoenix Vs. Beyonder--No Contest
Because some need to see John Romita, Jr. draw the nuPhoenix fighting the Beyonder, just because...But first, a cosmic interlude...I’ve always liked JRJR’s art, especially the way he lays out pages. In some ways, he’s a better whole page artist than an individual panel artist. Your...
13h00 13  décembre
Zatara And The Dead Presidents
Yeah, yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of Zatara storys lately--I go wherever the comics winds take me.Also, sorry for the muddy panels here. Hey, DC, how about a Zatara Omnibus, so someone can clean up the surviving art a bit? Hmmm?Anyway, there’s a gang of counterfeiters running about town Yup, when...
13h00 12  décembre
Dial E For Eternity--Zuvembies
Our tale begins on a dark and stormy night...Well, the Haitian authorities aren’t too broken up about Redd’s escape:Yup, pass the problem on to some other nation What are Dr. Redd’s crimes? Well, our first clue comes in yet another bookkeeping error in Eternity Oh, come on, Kid. We’ve seen plenty...
13h30 11  décembre
Bozo The Robot Is No Ichabod Crane
Strange things are afoot in Unnamed City What does the coroner have to say?No, I have no idea what the hell that weird effect is from his head mirror. Has nothing to do with the story...International man of mystery Bozo The Robot is called in...Well, word gets out that he’s on the job:No pressure...
13h00 11  décembre
Law & Order: Carnival Victims Unit
Happy Terrill, the Ray, is at the circus with his orphan pal Bud But he notices...Oh, well, whatever. On with the show Saaaay...Yeah, right, whatever.Hey, look up in the air Great, now we’re gonna have another Dick Ric Grayson on our hands Happy and Bud return to the circus the next day to...
14h00 10  décembre
Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Zatara Invents 3-D TV (And Ends All Hunger And Crime Everywhere)
There’s a gang of thieves about, and Zatara has used his shrewd deduction skills to figure out how to find them Look, they were talking about watching the game on TV wasn’t as obvious a possibility in 1945, so don’t get snotty.But how can Zatara use this information? Well, at the next Dodgers...
13h30 10  décembre
Manic Monday Bonus--If They Had Done This Story, Netflix Would Have Never Canceled Their Shows
All I’m saying is, if Power Man And Iron Fist #81 (1982) has been used as the basis for a crossover story, the Luke Cage and Iron Fist shows would never have been cancelled by Netflix.Because as fine as the two seasons of Luke Cage were, they never had this:Some guy tried to kill Luke with a...
13h00 10  décembre
Manic Monday--The Worst Best Death Trap Ever
Robin is after a gang of children who have been carrying out audacious robberies He finds them stealing some radium--and the fighting is on But wait...Thank you, helpful dotted line and arrow But what could that mark mean?Sure, sure, Dick Ric. A child has never had his collar buttoned, in...
13h00 09  décembre
Nobody Laughs At Mr. Fish
The moat important thing about this this word balloon here.Because on the splash page......they repeat it for us.And when we finally meet the titular Mr. Fish?...they reiterate it one more time The funny thing is, though, that nobody--not a single solitary person--laughs at Mr. Fish...
13h00 08  décembre
Bold Fashion Choices--Enough With The Chest Sparkles, Already
As I’ve mellowed in my old age, I’ve come to grudgingly accept most of the elements of Geoff Johns’ Captain Marvel reboot--and that’s a good thing, since the movie’s trailer makes it appear that it will be virtually a direct panel-by-panel adaptation of that take.But there’s one thing I’m still...
13h30 07  décembre
How To Impress Batman
Some thug stole an old lady’s necklace right in front of him, but Kyle Rayner couldn’t go Green Lantern on the guy because of secret identity stuff.He was, however, able to get the guy’s license plate, and so with a quick call asking J’onn to use the JLA’s computers...Uh-oh.Yup, he won’t even know...
13h00 07  décembre
Dial E For Eternity--Be Prepared
nbsp;No, not Thunderclap Newman...Settle in, it’s going to take a while until we get to any actual story in this text piece:In fairness, it is kind of cool to see Kid Eternity being, well, a kid, using his powers to cavort in the middle of a thunderstorm. OK, boys in trouble. We’re getting...
13h30 06  décembre
Same Problem, Different Approaches
If you want to crystallize the difference between Superman and Batman......these two pages pretty much nail it.From All-Star Superman #10 (2008) and Batman: Shadow Of The bat #75 (1998)
13h00 06  décembre
Best Cover You’ve Never Seen--Power Of Shazam #4 (1995)
For what it’s worth, when I’m appointed Commissioner Of of my first acts will be to give Jerry Ordway all the money to do another Marvel Family series.Who said nothing good ever came out of the 90s?
13h00 05  décembre
Dial E For Eternity--Godwin’s Law
Buckle up friends--we’re in for a bit of a crazy ride We start with the most important thing I’ve learned from comic books:Don’t piss off crank inventors Especially when they’ve invented......a super-video-telepathizer Um...what the hell is a super-video-telepathizer?OK, just a kooky TV?Nope.WHAT...
13h30 04  décembre
Sic Semper Tyrannis
Because some need to see Steve Rude draw the living hell out of Reed taking down a Galactus-sized Doctor Doom while yelling Sic Semper Tyrannis You’re welcome.Also, Rude drawing giant Doom taking on Fin Fang Foom, It The Living Colossus, and others...From the same issue, Jorge...
13h00 04  décembre
More Reasons You Should Teach Your Children Morse Code (And Old Songs)
Batman was posing as a taxi driver (don’t ask) when he’s captured by foreign criminals who thought he was someone else (please don’t ask).He’s awake now, but he has to feign unconsciousness, otherwise the crooks will quickly realize he’s the wrong guy and kill him He can reach his radio belt, but...
14h00 03  décembre
Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Taking A Shine To Luthor
Speaking of henchpersons, it’s not like an internationally-infamous evil scientist can just walk into Supercuts.So, aboard his hidden flying fortress:Umm...I hate to mention this...But Lex, in this continuity, you’re kinda permanently bald--no hair at all So what the heck is Wanda doing?Ahhh......
13h30 03  décembre
Manic Monday Bonus--That’s Not How Hybrids Work
A tricky day to be Lorna The Jungle Queen Girl and her monkey Mikki:No, that’s not the hand of’s much, much worse What the hell is it? ?WHAT? ?WHAT? ? ? ? ?OK, now try to get the images of crocodiles and apes mating out of your mind’s eye. Good luck.Because I know you’re curious--no,...
13h00 03  décembre
Manic Moday--The Legion of Doomed Sidekicks
Did you ever wonder why super-heroes get sidekicks, but super-villains don’t?Oh, super-villains have plenty of henchmen, mostly faceless droogs to do the grunt work and get beat up by the heroes.But generally, they don’t have costumed partners, sidekicks in the classic sense. Why?Well, Penguin is...
13h00 02  décembre
Everything Wrong With The World--1952 Edition
You could always rely on the Patsy Manners strip--and particularly Aunt Eileen--to tell you everything that was wrong with the world.Let’s see, for example, the bleak hellscape of 1952:Here are the answers from the following issue...Oh, but we’re not done yet. Let’s continue our scathing critique...
13h00 01  décembre
Ambidextrous Archie
Archie has serious game:Fact: Betty’s bikini straps being off her shoulders in probably the most risque thing to ever appear on an Archie cover...From Everything’s Archie #69 (1978)